Powerpath December 2012 Forecast

By Lena Stevens | Powerpath

The theme for December is FORGIVENESS.

Since this is also a transition month and a time of intense completion and change, I toyed with other themes but forgiveness seemed to be the one that was the most important. There are subthemes of transition, completion and change as well as dis-organization.

Disorganization is different than chaos. Chaos is when none of it makes any sense. Disorganization is when it makes sense but is not in any order and therefore feels slightly out of control.

The image to work with this month is one of moving from one house to another. You have relinquished the old one and are on a deadline to move, as there is a new person moving in. You have to get all of your things out. As you pack you uncover all those things you forgot you had (or you wish you did not have) from the backs of drawers and closets and from the basement and the garage and other areas well hidden from your everyday life. You are astounded by the amount of accumulation over the years (most of you anyway).

As you go through it, memories and emotions come to the surface as you make choices as to what gets moved and what gets passed on, thrown or given away. After all the moving van is only so big and the new house is different, more efficient and you don’t want to clutter it up with unimportant or old stuff that is connected to some past dream or reality. For example if you lived in a snowy area and you are moving to the tropics you would likely eliminate most of your cold weather gear and equipment.

This is a time when you would feel slightly nostalgic, everything would be disorganized and no matter how well you packed you would still be living out of boxes for awhile. You would make sure you had the very essentials for living while you were unpacking: the minimum of clothing, furniture and kitchenware. You would rely on your friends and community to help with this transition and you would be somewhat excited but anxious at the same time especially if where you were moving was an entirely new landscape to you.

Moving is always stressful and it is challenging to keep grounded. These are the times. We are moving out of an old paradigm and into a new one. As we face the unknown there is excitement, there is anxiety and there is resistance and a desire to have something around that is familiar. There is also a feeling of being overwhelmed by the immense task of sorting, choosing, packing and moving. Timing and support are everything. And then the question during the shaky first months: Did we do the right thing? Did we make the right move?

So where does Forgiveness fit in?

I had a dream the other night where I went to my house but my house was a multi story old rickety thing with falling down front steps and a huge pile of renovation debris behind the front door so you had to enter through the back door. As I was going through the house I noticed how much furniture there was. Random chairs and beds everywhere and staircases that were barely navigable. So much clutter I could barely move or think.

We were to go somewhere the following day and I was expecting a house sitter who showed up a day early and brought all of their animals and the whole family and then some friends too to add to the clutter.

As I pondered the dream the next morning, I saw clearly that this was a symbol of the immense burden the collective carries at this time of karmic clutter. We truly do not know what to do with all the karmic clutter we have accumulated during this cycle we are just completing now.

The ONLY solution is to FORGIVE it. Therefore the theme of Forgiveness is not to be taken lightly this month, but to be worked with on a daily basis beginning with you personally. Using the metaphor of moving, as you observe your judgments come up about the clutter in your life whether energetic, karmic or physical, forgive yourself.

We carry such debt, most of it a collective karmic debt. It is a huge burden and time is running out. You can help the collective by forgiving yourself and then forgiving all others that “owe you”. Do you want to be left behind at the counter waiting for your change when a tidal wave is about to sweep in or do you forgive what is owed and get yourself to higher ground?

What is Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is an energy that neutralizes the charge attached to a person or an event releasing you and the person or event from the debt that is allegedly owed.

Forgiveness does not mean you condone the karma or make it OK to repeat. It merely takes the charge off and neutralizes it, so it does not matter in your life anymore. You can become neutral about it and therefore can let your attachment around it go. So work with the energy of Forgiveness rather than the emotion of it. This is not emotional. It is a complete letting go like breathing a sigh of relief or releasing the body in death.

This is a difficult thing for some of you, especially if you are a control freak or have Martyrdom or are intellectually centered with an emotional trap. Some of you hold on to things way too long. You know who you are.

We are currently a global society built on debt and operating from debt. Debt holds a lot of energy and blocks evolution and progress. There is as much of a sense of ones owing a debt, as there is a sense of being owed. Both need to be forgiven. What if it were all forgiven? The more you can forgive your own debt both ways, the bigger the influence of the ripple effect on the collective. This is imperative work if we are to navigate the upcoming change in a way that gets us to a new vibration.

How the month shows up:


We have a lot of work to do. How many of us are sitting in Martyrdom or Self-deprecation berating ourselves for the choices we did or did not make, and feeling resentful at those that “done us wrong”. We are waiting for the debts to be paid or bracing ourselves for the debt we feel we owe and have no clue as to how to pay it back. Before December 21, see how much you can forgive, as this is the only way to be clear of the burden that keeps you energetically tied to the past. It is time to move on, especially for those of you that have self-deprecation about not being good enough or suffer from self-loathing about the things you have done to your body, to yourself and to others. This is the time to forgive all.

On the other side are the potential for tremendous insight and a powerful invitation to step into a new vibration that allows a greater understanding of how to manifest and how to work with the quantum field. You should be greatly inspired with the possibilities and begin to get your energy back with every forgiveness you manage to negotiate well.


Forgiveness is a big theme here as most all karma is relationship oriented. And as we move into a new time where relationships and community and cooperation are more the norm than a system of competition and hierarchy, your connections and social desires may change. It is a perfect time to reboot relationships. You will find that most of the forgiveness related to relationships will be around the ones closest and dearest to you as they hold the biggest charge and attachment. It is the ones that you so desire to be different or better or that “owe you one” that are in need of forgiveness.

It’s a tall order but the rewards are great and many of you will find your relationships moving to a new level of intimacy and true essence connection. As you forgive and release the karmic glue holding some relationships together, you also may find those connections going by the wayside as they are released and neutralized. Bottom line, if it still holds a charge, it is not forgiven.


This is a big one. We need to truly forgive ourselves for how we carry the great karmic debt of what we have done to the earth. Enough already. We have no idea what is possible in a new paradigm with forgiveness at our backs, and as the quantum field provides us with endless possibilities to live right. The earth is much more powerful than we are and only mirrors back to us our own process and personal lessons. The earth is non-judging and emotionally neutral. We have projected our own guilt and it is time to forgive it, as old guilt has no place in the new cycle.

The times are still turbulent and disorganized. The weather patterns may seem that way too. Because this transition time is intense, the environment may reflect that intensity. By environment we mean your personal environment as well as the greater natural one.


Instead of feeling guilty, guilty, guilty; or worried, anxious and fearful, forgive yourself, forgive your body and forgive anything that you perceive has compromised your body.

And then be proactive with what you believe is good and healthy for your body. Do this from a place of neutrality so that you don’t repeat the same guilt around failed intentions. Give yourself lots of flexibility and permission to enjoy and have fun. We operate from the great paradigm of punishment as a path to salvation. We see this in the way we have starved and deprived ourselves of enjoyment leading only to greed, addiction and excess as retaliation.

Balance is what the body needs. All things in moderation. Be present with what you enjoy and eliminate the guilt. Forgive the paradigm. Pay attention to what the body truly wants. In creating the new paradigm we need to focus on eliminating the fear of predation and moving more into trust.

The challenge this month is how the body is handling all the stored patterns that have now risen to the surface to be processed. Remember the metaphor of packing up the old house and coming across things you forgot you had. The subconscious is throwing up into your consciousness a lot of forgotten accumulation and it is affecting the lungs and breathing, the kidneys and the joints. Be aware of this and keep the circulation moving through exercise and movement. And drink plenty of water.


Forgive the debt as you can and when you can. If you have someone that owed you money from way past, forgive the debt energetically. Then if they pay you back fine. If they don’t you are not losing sleep. In other words release your attachment to controlling how you get what is due to you. The universe is a place of ultimate balance. What goes up must come down, as above so below etc. In neutralizing the energy through forgiveness you free yourself to allow great prosperity to come in some other way.

I am reminded of a tale of a farmer that spent a lot of money developing a water source that over time was fraught with problems and a diminished flow. The farmer stubbornly and with a great deal of anger and resentment tried and tried to force water out of this system. The curious thing was that there surfaced a new spring nearby that had just begun to flow. But the farmer was so intent on getting a return on his investment that he failed to see the easy and abundant alternative.

Are we like that?

Are we trying to force something to be a certain way just because we feel righteously owed?

Do we believe that if we abandon our unsuccessful projects we have somehow failed?

This is the task this month. To forgive and let go. To release the unproductive partnerships and bad investments and stupid mistakes and all the guilt and shame around the ways that we were naïve or impulsive or addicted or ignorant.

On the other hand as community becomes more and more important and as you release and let go and forgive, look at what may be coming to you that is new, innovative and exciting. Take a chance on something that feels right and inspires you. Now is the time to have the courage to make the changes you know are right. You will never please everyone. Another’s Martyrdom is not your problem.


Politics has a long way to go and progress around global issues is slow. What we can hope for is that the new paradigm will begin to imprint a new pattern that little by little will filter down to how people think, react and cooperate with each other.

The best thing you can do is forgive any part of your local as well as the global political arena for anything you perceive has influences your life in a negative or oppressive way. Neutralize it. Have it not matter emotionally to you. In this way you will be free as well as provide a great service in supporting the energy of forgiveness that needs to move like a wave across the planet.


December 1-7: You are packing to move, and seeing what has accumulated over time that has been hidden from your conscious view. Watch your judgments, reactions and physical discomfort as your life unfolds before you for your review and forgiveness. Things feel disorganized and you certainly do not have all the answers. Nor should you yet. It is enough that you are willing to be in the trenches and willing to live in a bit of a mess as you sort the important from the unimportant and forgive whatever you can.

Keep “don’t know mind” at this time and make sure that you keep the circulation and movement going. If you get stuck, clean out a junk drawer and forgive yourself for letting the drawer get out of hand. It will make you feel better and set up a pattern to tackle bigger things like a job or relationship.


December 8-15: We begin to feel the influence of a higher centered energy that inspires a greater ideal of what we can become and how to do things differently. Listen to your inner voice and accept the ways the universe has of showing you what does not work. Follow the messages and do what is needed. Be with people that inspire you and surround yourself with beauty and little things that can remind you about that higher spiritual ideal.

Limit what you put on your plate and try and simplify your commitments. Don’t be afraid to say no especially when saying yes may be an automatic response to an old habit. Put yourself first and do something everyday that focuses on your personal well-being.

December 13: The New Moon is at 1:41 AM Mountain Standard Time. There is also a meteor shower that night. This is a time to be with your “tribe”, the people who really get you and who will likely be around even after all is forgiven and released. This is a community time to focus collectively and powerfully on some common intention. Anything done at this time will have a great ripple effect. Take forgiveness to include a larger scope expanding the reach of this neutralizing influence.

December 16-21: This is the final countdown to a time that marks a big change. Use this time as preparation and do the practices, the clearing, the forgiveness and the self-care that will place you in the right place at the right time. Make sure you plan to be somewhere that feels like a spiritual home and with people that you are aligned with for the solstice on the 21 if you can.

Many of you may feel a chaotic disorganized sense of anxiety like there wasn’t enough time to do something important or like you missed something. This is just the discomfort of the false personality and its sense of losing control. Take the position that everything is perfect and there is no wrong timing. As long as you practice forgiveness and listen to spirit, everything will be as it should be.

December 21: The Winter Solstice is exact at 4:11AM Mountain Standard Time. We do not need to tell you that this is a very important time and day to honor in some way. The energy is about honoring and forgiving the structure that has held life together up until this point. Move yourself into a place of trust that a new structure has been organizing itself in the quantum field through a collective intention of having a better world. It is on the brink of being birthed onto the physical plane. The best intention during this time is to be in trust.

December 21-23: We felt it important to mention this time frame of 3 days as the window of change around the solstice time. Take time during these three days and honor change, honor the past, forgive, and be in gratitude. There may likely be a shift in the magnetics of the planet that has been predicted by some. Beware of being too attached to your electronics working a certain way and don’t be surprised if you car does not start or the internet goes down. It is temporary. Be in trust.

December 24-31: This is a time of deep assimilation. It has an instinctive centered quality and some of the themes during this time will be centered on security, self worth and values. Make sure you don’t just squander your time in non-important social events and other people’s drama. Take whatever time you need in doing what you feel nurtures and supports you.

After the recent intensity, this New Year may feel anti-climactic. Watch a tendency towards being intolerant or short with others around their neediness. Set your boundaries in a loving way and serve through the example of your own inner work instead of getting preachy about what you think is right.

December 28: The Full Moon is at 3:21AM Mountain Standard Time. Stay close to home and be nurtured. Feed your security with some simple things that make you feel safe, protected and supported. Work with the element of fire as a life giving force. Small intimate gatherings are preferable to large ones for this moon.

Have a wonderful month and best wishes for the New Year and a New Time!



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  1. This author, Lena Stevens of Powerpath, who is this? Who are you if you read this but none of these comments seem to be read. Think just an exercise in our own assimilation or rejection of thoughts expressed. Anyway interesting article. Curious if the 3 day period pointed out that begins 12-21 is when 3 days of darkness begin on this earth?

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  3. I took fruta planta for two weeks. I had dizziness, light headed, dry mouth, speedy racing heart. I stopped getting them and since then I have been getting panic attacs. I DO NOT recomend them to anybody. I shed pounds on them, but my side effects were enough to make me stop using them. I will never get them again !!!!

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