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If you maintain a negative limiting belief about your reality, such as a belief that this reality is insane, crazy, violent, indifferent, apathetic, etc., then your attitude will absolutely cream you. You can’t expect to get anywhere good with a belief that this reality is anything less than heavenly.

You’re not actually judging reality with such beliefs because you only have access to your limited perceptions of it, and those are 100% within your mind. So by labeling reality negatively, you’re actually labeling a part of your own mind in the same way. That’s a trap — a huge trap that you must avoid at all costs. Subconsciously your mind will respond to such beliefs by crippling your self-esteem and strangling your ability to leverage your skills and talents. Some people who go this route even kill themselves in the end. It’s a completely foolhardy way to deal with reality. No good can come of it. Well… no good other than the eventual realization that it was a rather lame idea.

Once you realize that your perceptions of reality are all you have to go with, the most sensible approach is to permanently rule out the idea of casting aspersions on your reality, since you’re actually ridiculing your own perceptions, which can only make you go a bit insane. You can’t afford to do anything of the sort. That cannot possibly do any good whatsoever — it can only take you down a path of self-destruction and ruin.

What’s the alternative? Do the absolute best you can to cultivate a harmonious and supportive relationship with your reality. Settle for nothing less. If anything conflicts with your efforts there, ignore it as best you can, and refocus your attention on re-establishing a harmonious and supportive relationship with reality. You cannot get anywhere in this life if you do otherwise.

Some people have the belief that this reality is something of a proving ground between heaven (bliss) and hell (torture). They’re mistaken. When those people experience physical death, if their consciousness continues, they’ll only continue recreating more of the same flavor of experience they had here. They won’t suddenly ascend or descend just because they drop the connection to this particular physical plane. When you disconnect your computer from the Internet, it doesn’t suddenly upgrade or downgrade itself. If you want to upgrade your life experience, you must be the upgrader.

This reality is actually as good as it gets. You’re already in heaven now, if you believe such a thing exists. There is nothing better. Whatever you think you can create in heaven, you can create and experience here. This doesn’t require magical powers or magical thinking. It does require taking full responsibility for how you relate to this reality. Since that relationship exists entirely within your mind, it’s under your control… but only to the extent that you believe it is. If you think that’s a Catch 22, you’re also right, since that’s just another belief. The benefit of this particular Catch 22, however, is that you can choose to be on the side with the unbeatable advantage, so no matter what happens, you win.

I maintain the belief that reality is 100% on my side. This is not based on evidence. It is based on choice. The evidence comes after the choice, not the other way around.

I even believe that reality conspires to go out of its way to help me, and I see evidence of this constantly (again, only after I chose this belief). And so this is what my experience of reality becomes. It’s full of pleasant surprises.

Today, for instance, I received an extra $900 out of the blue that I didn’t even know was coming. Reality loves to bring me gifts like this — financially, socially, experientially, etc. And because I maintain this belief, people frequently help and support me on my path. No one is going to do that for someone who thinks their reality is somehow lacking or damaged — that belief will only get you drained, beaten down, and abused.

If you seem to have a love-hate relationship with reality, then who’s the abuser? It can only be you. If you wish to continue suffering, then by all means, do so. I won’t stop you, especially when you do it in such an entertaining and educational way. In my reality the benefit of those people is that they provide such wonderful contrast. Their mind-numbingly boring lifestyles and perpetual stagnation serve as easy-to-heed reminders about why I wouldn’t want to get mired in thoughts of scarcity, hardship, and that whole “woe is me” mentality. These people are fabulous warning signs regarding what not to do. Consequently, one can only be grateful for their dedication to broadcasting such lessons so loudly and clearly. Sucks to be them, but great to learn from them.

What if the whole time you’ve been here, reality was conspiring to bring you the most heavenly experiences imaginable, and all this time it’s been waiting for you to get with the program? Reality has been functioning perfectly — within established parameters. But perhaps you’ve been slacking off in the imagination department. Have you been dwelling on what you’d love to experience and willfully summoning it, or have you been muddling your mind with thoughts of perpetuating more of what you don’t want?

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  1. Nice article. Law of attraction at it’s best. However what happens on a collective scale with regard to a collective experience on this planet? That is changes to the earth and to its both negative and positive passengers?

  2. Author is only partially correct. He hasn’t fully grasped the holographic reality that is implemented in this dualistic plane for us to experience. We shape our reality – which is true, but there are limitations placed due to the energetic structure of the conduits of this dimensional space.

  3. I agree with Sam.
    When I was very young (say 5-6) I used to have difficulty comprehending that people outside my immediate realm really existed (for example. people in Africa, Australia etc) because I never interacted with them directly.
    And now, when I see all the violence popping here and there on the globe (most of the time totally unwarranted) I try to return to this innocence of my young years and I simply can’t.
    Yes, the concept that every thought one has can come to fruition (especially if it works for that person) is very appealing. But if one’s to do that all the time – I believe one becomes the ultimate EGOCENTRIC and cuts him/herself off from what is actually going on.
    Yes, you’ll say that’s exactly what Duality and living in 3D are – but cutting yourself off from the rest of the world and what’s happening in it – just isn’t MORAL by my book!!
    The whole idea of the ONENESS that’s being conveyed in these blogs has to include the ‘souls?’ (I’m talking about the ethereal selves) of all of us. Just like the ‘force’ in Star Wars’!

  4. Steve’s rant lacks compassion toward those who are still experiencing emotional attachment to this world. It sounds like he delights in the misery of others around him to his benefit. I hope no one with suicidal thoughts actually takes his words out of context. We must be mindful of all our sisters and brothers. Steve, would you actually say those words to a family member? I think not! Lise is right, morality must be included in our dealings with others who are on their journeys right now. Kindness, compassion, understanding, treating others like you would your own self. Are these the words you would like to hear if you felt like killing yourself?

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