Aisha North: Dreamwork is a Time for Powerful Transmutation

By Aisha North | The Manuscript of Survival (Part 226)

The days are becoming short for many of you, but the nights are not only lengthening, they are also intensifying. We have touched upon this subject before, but let us elaborate a little bit on it. You see, the nights are when you are doing the hard work, and for many, that will be very apparent indeed by the way you feel whenever you wake up from this rather disturbed ”sleep” in the mornings. You will feel more than a little wrung out, and for many, it will take a long time to literally pull yourselves together to get ready to face another day in this physical body. So what do you do on all of these nightly forays into the unknown? Let us just give you a few examples, as we know there are many an inquisitive mind ready for some explanation into this.

Some of you will be well aware of what we will discuss here, as for some, the memories from these astral travels will start to solidify more and more, and you will find it even more difficult to restart your ”earthly life” as it were whenever you wake up in your bed after another of these visits behind the veil. For that is where you are all heading whenever you shut your eyes and get ready to sleep every night. Yes, we do mean every night, because now, as time is becoming more and more compressed, you are not in any way given any reprive from your hard labour. But remember, this is a labour of love, especially to you, and even if your physical body is somewhat miffed by all of the demands this puts upon it, you are all overjoyed by doing what you see as your reason to exist. Because you are fulfilling the promise you made before you came here, and now, you can see the fruits of your labour becoming manifest in front of you. Of course, as we have already said, so much of what you do is still shrouded in the mists of ”sleep”, and as such, very little remain in your consciousness whenever you awake from your slumber. Therefore, we would just like to give you a short summary of some of the assignments you are undertaking at the moment.

Time has been mentioned already, and time is indeed an important task that many of you are more than a little preoccupied by at the moment. You are the weavers of time, the ones making it at all possible to restore this separation from that vast sea of time that you have had to endure for so long. For you are no longer prisoners of a singular set of time like you have been for so many lives, but in order for you all to be able to once again take a swim in this ocean, you need someone to be your swimming teacher as it were. And this is what some of you are already doing nightly, as you have been picked as the guardians of this sea, and you will help your fellow men take their first supervised dip into this vast sea of possibilities. We use the words as metaphors of course, but it is important to know that although you all have previous knowledge of swimming freely in this unlimited body of time, your sojourn here on this planet has made you forget the basics of it. Hence, the need for someone like you able to reach out and give you all a steady and guiding hand when you take that first dip. It is a position much coveted, because the joy being experienced by anyone being allowed back into these waters again after a long, long separation is a treasure to behold. So yes, some of you are first rate swimming coaches, and you have much fun introducing your fledgeling swimmers in the do’s and don’ts of free swimming.

For others, the task is more challenging indeed, as you have the role as the cleaners of the old. In other words, you are the warriors still up in arms, ready and able to search out the last vestiges of dark entities still hiding away on your little planet. For remember, even if a consensus has been reached that from now on, the light has taken over the reins, not all the subjects swearing their allegiance to the other side are willing to give up the fight that easily, and they need to be dealt with, and firmly so. So there are still many of you out there, lifting your swords of light to the sky again and again, and you will continue to do so until the last stowaway has been found and made to disperse.

There are other, less defined roles indeed, as much of what you do under the cover of night as it were is varied indeed. You are the ones influencing the rest of mankind, and you do so both directly and indirectly. Let us just give you a few examples. As we have told you before, some of you act as antennaes, and by that, we mean that you receive the signals we transmit, and by way of downstepping the energy you are also able to convert the ”current” and send it on to other, less aware beings. Let us just say that you have a very beneficial influence on powerful people around the globe, whether they be of a scientific mind or whether they be of a more political one. For make no mistake, the changes we have talked about earlier occur on every level of your society, and the light is indeed penetrating into many minds, also those currently in a position to make decisions that will affect the lives of millions of others. So you, by way of giving yourselves as distributors of light, are doing an important job indeed. And even if this is something that is going on continuously,the nighttime is when you are most effective, as then, your mind has been literally switched off and you can do your work unhindered by your brain. Your brain can slow you down in so many ways, and in this, it is certainly true that whenever you manage to disengage it, the work you do becomes so much more powerful. So rest assured that whenever you rest your weary head, your spirit works even harder.


Let us just close off this missive by saying that this is only an excerpt of what is going on during your so-called nightly sojourn. Much of your time will also be taken up by reconnecting with your roots, in the way of several meet-and greet with entities hovering above you in different kinds of vessels. These meetings are not only social meetings, they are also utilized for gathering and dispersing various forms of information, for individual guidance and fine-tuning, and for mass meetings where additional information is being given. We will, as usual, refrain from giving you any details just yet. Suffice it to say that you are indeed working hard whenever your physical body takes a short rest, but what you do, is not to be considered as wearisome at all. It is, as we just said, a labour of love, and you will continue to revel in every little task you are being given, as this is just another confirmation that you are finally achieving what you have dreamed of forever, namely the right to be what you already know you are, a citizen of the multiverse, not only the Earth. And with this comes the realization that for you, work is no longer anything you have to put up with in order to pay for your bills. Now, work has become what you once knew it would be, namely the foundation of the togetherness you have always seeked. You are but a small part of a vast ocean of beings, all come together to create heaven on Earth, just as it was once set up to be. And thanks to you, this creation is being built, piece by piece, soul by soul. So keep it up, you have only started on this wonderful project known to all as The re-emergence of mankind.

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