Judith K Moore: The Quantum Energetics of the Transformation


The Quantum Energetics of the Transformation of Gaia’s Living Hologram and the Apocalyptic Forces

I was awakened with extreme electromagnetic energy last night and images of the axis of the Earth trembling, and very powerful solar energy moving through the planetary energetics. But particularly, whatever is happening with the solar force right now is affecting the axis of the planet and the core energetics of the Earth.

We focus now on the Source of Infinite Oneness, Universal Light and the Source of Love at the very core of Creation and the Galactic Source, and open to the wisdom of Universal Oneness for this message.


The living hologram of Gaia is stabilized because the light that is being generated from your light bodies and the light body of Gaia herself is resonating with the harmonics and frequencies that enhance the manna in the living hologram of the Earth.
Many of you are light beings from the future and you have come here, in this time-space, specifically to open the light spectrums, the frequencies from the Earth in transition to the light of creation that is generated from the living Gaia in her future timelines.

Remember all time is now. It is a simultaneous reality, and your light body is already actualized in the higher dimensions of Earth in the New Heaven New Earth.

You are feeding energy into this time-space from the planes of consciousness that are high vibrations, vibrations charged with cosmic particles that restructure the very nature of existence on this planet. Those of you who are here to build the bridge of light for the future Earth are able to project from the depth of your being a holographic force of love. Love sustains the Earth during this last Day of the Apocalyptic force.

The challenges to the Earth now are at an extreme. Your perceptual fields are charged with light particles, high vibration frequencies, that sustain the illusion of stability in the living hologram of reality of the Earth. But the dynamics of the deteriorating hologram of the Apocalypse sends shock waves into the living hologram creating chaos patterns. One small cataclysm, such as the superstorm Sandy, is truly a microcosm of the extremes that the old holographic Earth is going through right now as it transcends through the Apocalyptic forces.

It is by the grace of your light that the Earth’s hologram is maintained right now. This can be extremely exhausting for your light body, causing you to have unprecedented feelings of exhaustion. Because your DNA, you, the light workers, the ascension workers, your DNA, is already an advanced holographic system. It engages with the living hologram of the planet to sustain perceptual reality.

The solar force is charging the microcosmic particles with high velocity solar intensity that is truly a solar creation power, and the height of the cosmic solar frequencies have reached a maximum continuum. It truly has superseded anything the Earth has ever experienced. You truly are living in the End Times. Because of the quantum energetics of your light bodies, the living hologram of the Earth is sustained.

The Apocalyptic forces are cyclic. They rise and fall with the energetics of consciousness. The individuals on the planet who are imbued in hatred are reinforcing the fulfillment of the devastational energies that truly had the capacity to offset the delicate balance of the Earth and bring extreme Earth changes.

But your light bodies are basically the antidote. All that you have prepared for as Emissaries of Light are now in high-performance level of quantum energetics. This certainly is disorientating for your logical mind, because your logical mind cannot read the patterns and interpret the sequence of inputs that you are receiving as rapidly as things change. So the collective holographic mind of the God-self has created, through the light body, through the Christ-Light energy, a sustainable field that balances the Earth’s harmonics. This is quantum energetics in its purest form.

You are not just receiving waves of energy from one area of Galactic Source. It is vast beyond your comprehension. There are cross-patterns of energy that move through the planet at different angles, creating geometric grids. That is an extreme cosmic force.

Yet, truly, Gaia is prepared, and you as part of her living body, and certainly in partnership with the elementals and the cetaceans, (the whales and the dolphins), you are elements of Creation now, and you are manifesting the New Living Earth. You are the force of One.

Truly the dimensions of light, through which the unseen masters work through the veil, have melded with your energy to such an extent that you are in constant communication and cooperation with the spiritual forces beyond the veil. You can look into the years of when you were contacted by the terrestrials, contacted by the ancestors or the divas, by the ascended masters or the angelics, and you are so far beyond that contact. You are in cohesion pattern with them. They are working through your light body constantly to sustain the physical reality.

The water element is the superconductive field of physical manifestation that sustains this vibration on the planet. Because water is a spiritual force. That is why it gives life.

Prepare for continued intensity. The greatest challenges are yet to come. But you have met the challenges with your love. And each of you are in your own realities, resolved energetics of duality, with the constant force of love. This is the quantum power. You no longer need to wonder how the mechanisms of quantum energetics work. You are living it. You are demonstrating it, and it is sustaining you and the world.

Truth grows stronger. Be aware of that. Betrayal is more evident as the facade that once protected the thought forms of secrecy and greed crumbles. And those forces that puppiteered humanity from the dark realms of despair are exposed now, seen and no longer an invisible force that controls the destiny of your planet.

These are the essential shifts. Take time to evaluate how these play out in your life, personally. What is your personal experience with all of this? It is important. Everything you say, hear, think and do right now is important. It all has to be acted out through the playing field of the 3rd-dimensional reality to sustain the living hologram for the majority of humanity that are not awake.

The waves of compassion are moving through the human souls in ways and places that are unfathomable.
The Great Picture is phenomenal at a time in the history of the planet that is unprecedented.
Your faith is the food for all of this, sustaining you and sustaining your world.
Blessed be. You are the Children of Light and you are risen on this first day to greet the sun of Creation and receive the blessings of life.
So be it and so it is.

Note: The transmission, JKM 10-14-11 Emotional Dynamics of Interfacing of Apocalyptic and Ascension, is very complimentary to this reading. It describes the 1st of 3 Days of the Apocalypse.
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  1. Isn’t it the most awesome feeling?!!! I was awakened in the night on 8/8/12 completely emmersed in electromagnetic static after an intense and very real dream of being “pulled” into the air by an invisible force. I won’t get into details as not to take the shine off your account. But the feeling was sooooo tingly and strong…I can still feel it in the palms of my hands sometimes—and then my cellphone sticks to them or I can feel a wave of magnetic energy pass through them sometimes.

    What to do with it? don’t know, it’s just there. If only I can openly speak of all the “adventures”( not all are adventuresome, I do wake up tired sometimes from much work) I go on in sleep state. But sometimes, not often, I lose time in wake state as well—like living a Sunday on a Saturday and not noticing until a Monday—only because someone says the day. lol..#smh

    I’m happy to hear another person experienced such a feeling. Such a feeling can only come from off earth.

  2. You started out saying solar force was causing the darts axis to tremble then dropped it. Why?
    The rest is good but please make clear the gravity of these solar “events.”
    Believe the sun and earth being externally harmed and the solar CMEs may cause many problems.
    What do you mean in your constant reference to holographs of earth and others things? Do you mean they are generated and not real?

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