Cosmic Awareness: Spiritual Awareness and Discernment is Critical in these Last Months Before Ascension

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff | Cosmic Awarness

Questioner: The Law of Love and the Law of Light have been invoked.

Cosmic Awareness: That which is Cosmic Awareness is now available and asks the Energizer Joan Mills to please proceed.

Questioner: Thank you. Is there an opening message, please?

Cosmic Awareness: There is indeed an opening message. That this Awareness through other channelings of recent times has stated that the all-out-attack upon the United States has indeed begun. First, this Awareness would reiterate, that this is in reference to those timelines, where this experience is essential to move the energies forward. For it has long been predicted, not only by this Awareness, by countless sources, that these are the End Times and that those in power will do what they can to ensure that they come out on top in as many of the timelines as possible. That the timelines of all are converging now into this bottleneck of experiences of timelines, where many will need to go through the upheaval that has begun. In order to make their choices to clearly define their direction and to commit themselves fully to reaching the highest level of conscious awareness, the levels that will bring them in alignment with the spiritual and divine energies, which are also flooding the plane of existence, that is this present Planet A/B and all timelines as well. That this is indeed a time to draw the line and make one’s choice, as to whether or not that they wish to experience the highest level of spiritual energies that will propel them forward in their ascension experience or not.

That the Powers That Be rely not only on covert actions, hidden and in the dark, but they also rely on many false prophets, false leaders, false spiritual gurus, who are at this time proclaiming themselves as the ones that know all, that have the only answer, the only true answer in their minds. This includes some very well known sources, that for some time have been considered the spokesperson for the forces of light and good. While the messages of many ring highly and speak of wondrous things and wonderful times, they also do speak of the fact that one must ignore any and all events that seem to be negative or seem to be fear inducing. Thus, many of those voices that are allegedly speaking for the highest sources, are also asking those who are hearing or reading or following them, to ignore the events, to pretend that they are all just natural events. While they are natural events, they are also manipulated events, and the evidence to support this is available to those who truly wish to dig deeper, to truly come to the ultimate truth. Remember also, that even though many of the events, such as the attack on the American coastlines, both East and West, are indeed being affected by the HAARP technology and other technologies that the Powers That Be are employing, does not mean that ultimately there is not a higher purpose that is being served. That it is this higher purpose that one must be totally committed to and aware of, but one must also be aware of those who are the manipulators and their actions. For if one chooses to disregard any information that is uncomfortable to them, the receiver of this information through the various agencies that are presenting this information, then they can be waylaid, they can be distracted, they can go down a false path thinking that they are indeed on the right path. Those, who would practice the ostrich principle, that of sticking one’s head in the sand, still expose their behind, their posterior, and thus they are not doing themselves a favor, for they are subject to attack, they are subject to events and actions that will cause them ultimately harm and misdirection.

That this Awareness has said so many times that one must question all, even this Awareness. This Awareness further stipulates, this most definitely refers also to those ones who are portraying themselves as being servants and agents to the light forces, to the angelic realm, to disincarnate spirits channeling through those who are able to access them, as also in need of being questioned, and that one ultimately does take the highest truth from even those who are false prophets and uses it for one’s own advancement and growth, always committed to High Spirit, to Divine Mother, to the energies of that which is the Divine God Essence. But one must also always be aware, that sometimes things are not what they seem and are not what some say they are. This does not mean that one rejects everything, but one is then discerning, one is able to see where the misdirection and deception lies and thus will not be distracted, will not be waylaid and led astray, that rather they will know the truth, the whole of the truth, and they will not indeed be light in their perceptions, light in that sense of being flippant, being arrogant, being ignorant, being asleep to the truth on all levels. That this Awareness is completely aware of those timelines where such events are occurring, where many of the lightworkers, many who are here to receive that higher information, are receiving false information, and because they do not wish to be challenged by negative information as they see it, anything that is dark, anything that is uncomfortable, anything that is as they interpret it negative, they shut the door to this important information and stick their heads in the sand. That one has, of course, the right to do so.

That one always has freedom of choice to believe only what they wish to believe. This Awareness does not deny this choice for those who chose thusly. It simply says, that because something is uncomfortable and is not that which is light and fluffy and without substance, that is challenging, does not mean that this is the right approach. Rather bite into that which is uncomfortable, taste it, feel it, know it and then spit it out. When you have an awareness that this dualistic reality at this time most definitely contains those forces that act through deception and lie, covert actions and cowardice, then one will begin to truly comprehend the importance of being available to such information, without it affecting them negatively. To be aware, that there are forces there that are working against ascension and do so by keeping one asleep, ignorant and unaware, will help them reject this matter entirely, reject those thought processes that do not allow them to question more deeply. For it is in the questioning that one sees the extent of the darkness, and in doing so one makes the full choice of being of the light and in the light. It is all light for the dark ones to play their games. What this Awareness would say is, that one needs to always be discerning to this, so that they can make the deeper choices that will truly guide them on the ascension path to the highest level.

The entity Jesus The Christed One was not ignorant of the dark forces that were available at that time, that were in charge, that had control. He did not hold back in his opposition, in his questioning, in his teachings, but taught rather that all must find the light within, find God within. He spoke of turning the other cheek. This did not mean that one was not to ever look at dark information, or at that which would challenge one because it did not sit their beautified concept of the light and the lightworkers’ roles and tasks. It was more that he chose to confront that which was the darkness. Thus the saying to turn the other cheek does not mean that one ignores an attack, or one does not respond in some appropriate manner. But rather, that one does indeed do so. Furthermore, he himself went into the desert for forty days and forty nights, as the story goes, in order to confront his own personal demons, in order to confront the devil and the dark ones, and find his truest light within. He did not run away, even though he knew upon his return that actions would be taken against him that would be most devastating and painful and difficult for him. Even on the cross, the story relates that he did question God, did ask why God had forsaken him. God, the Essence, the Divine, has never forsaken a single soul who is having a physical experience.

That which is the divine light and the divine love is always available, even in the darkest of times, and that these dark times that are now upon humanity, upon this dualistic Planet A/B, are indeed of such a nature that one must not run away from them any longer, must not ignore them or deny them, but face them, face them completely and totally.  Find the darkness within themselves, those areas of deceit and ignorance, that lie within. Where there is an unwillingness to look at that which is unfavorable to them, unfavorable to their pallet of the light ones. That the concept of lightworkers has also been infiltrated, so that many feel they must never allow any negativity into their lives, for to do so means they might be subject to those powers, and they wish not to be subject to them. While this is an intent that has a pure nature, it is also an approach that is not terribly effective, for these who are the dark ones, these who are the archons, the Orions, the Reptilians, know how to manipulate, how to present their information in such a way that the feel-good information is that which most wish to hold onto, and not the un-feel-good information, that is information that would make one feel bad or negative or fearful. However, simply playing as a lightworker without confronting the dark ones, meant what they are doing, without going within one to root out within one’s own being dark beliefs or negative thoughts, or ego that dominates and waylays, is not the way forward to a level of higher consciousness and perception. It is not the way towards ascension. Simply asserting that one will ascend, because one only chooses to look at the light, is not the path to true ascension of the highest nature. Indeed, while it may move forward one in their journey, one does ultimately need to look at that which is uncomfortable to one, which challenges one, which is the darkness, and move through it. Also one moves through it by sending love and light to those who are misled, those who are misleading, those who are pawns of those darkest energies, knowingly or unknowingly. Ultimately, the true experience of ascension is an individual process, one where one goes deeply within oneself to see the truth of one’s own being, both the light and the dark. Buddha did this, Jesus the Christed One did this, Krishna did this, and many other ascended masters have done this.

Therefore, to put one’s head in the sand and say “I will only acknowledge that which is light and airy and feels good,” is not the way of an ascended master or one seeking ascension. It is somewhat more the case of one playing at being a light being, an ascended one. But the truth of the matter is, that true ascension involves looking at even that which is unfavorable, uncomfortable, and challenging.

Therefore, one needs to look at the events, that are starting to happen, the attack on the United States as more than simply a natural event. While it uses the forces of nature to create upheaval, these forces are being manipulated by those who have the power to do so, the knowledge to do so. They have an agenda, they wish to declare Martial Law in the United States of America and take even greater control than they have now. They wish to attack many regions of the planet, but the falling of America is a keystone to their plans and the attack has now been launched. To simply believe the reports on the 6 o’clock news, that these are natural events, or to believe those who are saying that this is a natural occurrence, nothing to worry about, need indeed to take their head out of the sand and stand up and look clearly at what is happening. It is not the time to go into panic. It is not the time to run away and hide. It is the time to look at this and know the events have truly begun that will bring the planet itself finally to that point of ascension, that point of release from the old way, the old reality, into a bright new dawn, a new way of life, be it at Planet A or at the new balanced, harmonized A/B levels. Even those who would face death at this time will be transiting back into their higher spiritual body. Nothing will be destroyed, nothing will be lost, even through physical death.

That of course, this Awareness has been saying for quite some time, it is a matter of choice as to which timeline one would wish to experience. But now It adds that it is also a time of choice of whether one wishes to be in ignorant understanding or enlightened understanding of the forces that are, including the Divine Force itself. The Divine Force, that which is the essence of God and Spirit, indeed are present. They will manifest as even stronger energies to those who are truly understanding and aware that it is necessary at this time to go through this dark period, to allow the corrupt ones their play and allow them to fulfill their agenda, without being at effect of this agenda or their actions. It is as if one is now given the opportunity to choose truly to be a light being, to open to the light body process just as Mother Earth is doing, and to move into the highest energies, even though the dark ones are playing their game and are trying to enslave as many as possible in as many timelines as possible, so that they, when they emerge on Planet B, will still be in control of the planet and see things going their way even then. That these ones are not of a high spiritual energy or vibration that could ascend to even the balanced, harmonized Planet A/B, that is ready to be reformulated and to be born. They know this, and it is indeed part of their plan, a major part indeed, to create as many opportunities for themselves that will ensure their continuance on Planet B. But this does not mean those who are drawn to the higher energies, the divine energies, the energies of light and love, need to be their victims, need to be dragged with them simply because they would not look at that which was unfavorable, that which challenged. One and all will be challenged, one way or another, during these times. Do not run away from the challenge.  Stand strong. Invoke the love and light of the Divine, which are there for one and all, and face the challenge. Know the enemy, and move on into the light. That these times are not necessarily only about death and destruction, chaos and catastrophe, but they are also about the new divine energies becoming more anchored onto the energetics of the planet and the energetics of each and every individual who is seeking ascension, who is seeking to expand their consciousness to become enlightened and illuminated. The promise of God is that even at this time of upheaval, It is present, It is the light, It is love at the highest level. It is willing to look at that which is the darkness, to send Its light even to the darkness and accept it for what it is, a spiritual force still seeking to have experiences still in the darkness.

The choice that all face now, is whether they wish to consciously move into the light, facing that which is uncomfortable to them, which is the challenge to them, or to stay ignorant and unaware, even with a small bit of spiritual awareness, to how one truly must advance, how one truly must move forward at this time.

Be not afraid, do not give in to those who speak with the silver tongue and present information that coddles one, but denies one the truth at the same time. Be willing to see that which is in front of one, that needs to be seen, needs to be understood, and needs ultimately to be vanquished. When one is of such a state and has such courage, then nothing can hold one back from true ascension. When one simply is playing at being a lightworker and only looking at that which supports a limited knowing, a limited belief system, then one indeed is in danger of being entrapped and dragged down a sideline, not arriving at all where they thought they were going, where they were promised to arrive, but rather in a place much different. It will still be in accordance to the spiritual lessons one needs to have. But when one is given such opportunity, why squander it? This is the responsibility of each and every individual on this planet, going through these experiences at this time. There will be much turbulence, there will be much upheaval, but it will also be the chance to break through those restricted beliefs and thoughts, those attitudes and philosophies that many hold as being correct. All must be questioned, even this Awareness. But at least this Awareness presents the choice and the challenge to look deeper. It is now up to each and every individual who is seeking expansion, who is seeking enlightenment and illumination, who is seeking ascension, to truly look at all and make the determination of what is really happening. The evidence is there to be looked at, and now is the time to look.

This completes the opening message.

Questioner: That was excellent, truly excellent.

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  1. Thank you. Awareness presented excellent information. Bless

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