Cosmic Awareness: Current Affairs Update in These Shifting Times

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghof | Cosmic Awareness


QUESTIONER: Is there any topic or current event or any matters we should be aware of at this

particular time?

COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness says that there are indeed matters to be aware of at this time. The leaders of the world have recently been secretly brought together, many canceling their agendas so that they would be available for consultation and planning. Even Barack Obama has withdrawn from his campaign in a more active way, saying that he had to prepare for the debate that is taking place even now. But it was not so, for this individual is a gifted debater.

It is that there are events taking place at this time where those in power need to circle the wagons, to put up defenses and come up with plausible courses of action for there are activities afoot now that are meant to bring out the truth more and more. There has been much talk about disclosure especially since the Olympics. The Power Elites were given a deadline at that time and that deadline is rapidly approaching.

Also, with the different events of the magneto-sphere, the different forces and energies that are being projected on the planet, both from the sun, such as the photon energy, as well as the bending of the magnetosphere around the planet. These are all actions that are taking place now. Thus even if this message goes out later it is to be understood that this period of time upon reflection will be seen to have been an active period and for those who are sensitive, they will continue to feel those energies that are playing on them and on the planet.

The final part here is that Awareness wishes again to say: Bear with it, stick in there, and hold on. Even though one may often find their lives are full of aches and pains or they are extremely tired, or events such as heart palpitations are occurring, this is all part of the shifting energies of these times. They are shifting on the political front, on the economic front, on the geophysical front, the mental and emotional as well as spiritual fronts; a great movement across the board.

In these shifting times one is often personally affected through the most mundane and physical of ways or in emotional conflict, mental upheaval. To put one’s feet up when one is stressed, when one is tired; to have more sleep, to use naturopathic remedies, alternative approaches if one can, for the answer is not in pharmaceutical drugs or tranquilizers or such. There is a course to be followed here that must be followed – that of allowing the body to shift and change into that which is the Light Body, a process this Awareness has not talked about extensively, yet there will be more information soon.

This process is underway and will continue for some time, as those who are reaching higher levels of conscious awareness are also building the Light Body. There are physical effects of this – the aches and the pains, the fatigue, the irritability, the challenges to one’s concepts and beliefs – all

of this is part of the unfolding. See it within yourself and then extrapolate it into the world around for it is obvious that it is happening to the world around you at the same time. As above, so below. As within, so without. Therefore be patient, be diligent, and be trusting that you are still on your path and that path is still leading you forward toward Ascension. This completes this opening message.

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  1. Just wanted to say thank you for all you do to get this information out there! I would so love to hear from others, anyone, who is awake now. I have been trying to prepare my loved ones for the wonderful things to come, and to inform as to what has been going on, but so far I have only succeeded in making people mad at me. It would be so great to talk to someone who is no longer buying the illusion and wants to talk about our new story!!!

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