Cosmic Awareness: The Cabal is Desperately Trying to Maintain Control; Stay Centered

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghof, Energizer Callista Summerfield-Berlinghof | Cosmic Awareness

General session for Cosmic Awareness on October 30, 2012

Cosmic Awareness: That which is Cosmic Awareness is available at this time for the purpose of this channeling. Please proceed.

Questioner: Thank you, Cosmic Awareness, for being with us tonight. I invoke the Law of Love and the Law of Light, and I ask you, Cosmic Awareness, if there are any messages you would like to give to our listeners tonight?

Cosmic Awareness: That this Awareness indeed has a message for those who would read the words here, the words of this Awareness at this time. That this Awareness does say that the times are now upon one and all where great changes are occurring, great changes in the world, great changes in the consciousness of humanity. That those who are the Powers That Be, those who have control over that which is Planet Earth at this time, are amassing their forces and are indeed putting into actions plans long held, long drawn out, for these times. That the United States of America is under full attack at this time. That the level of energy being directed at the country that is the United States of America is of an extreme nature. That which is known as HAARP technology is fully engaged in this attack. That which is the “Frankenstorm” on the East coast is not a natural event, but rather manufactured in nature through the use of HAARP technology. That which was to occur was meant to create a situation that would be so extreme that national emergency would be declared, a state of national emergency with the declaring of Martial Law for this attack was meant to provoke a huge catastrophe. Furthermore, this attack is not occurring simply on the East coast, but on the West coast as well, where there is also great HAARP activity under way. It is a two-pronged attack with the purpose of creating an effect in the middle of the country along that which is known as the New Madrid fault line. That there are indeed those sites available on the Internet for those who are interested in seeing how high the activity levels are at this time. There is evidence as well on seismographic sites that are showing great earthquake activity in the Northeastern region of New York state, as well as into the Canadian province of Quebec as well as Ontario. That there are many minor earthquakes that are occurring there, all part of this assault on the sovereignty of the United States of America. That the activity is equal on the West coast, where there are also many smaller scale earthquakes occurring, and that there is throughout the Pacific region generally a preponderance of earthquakes at different levels, all of which are designed to bring pressure on that region of the United States, the Western coast. That by assaulting both the East coast and the West coast simultaneously, it is hoped that this will cause the New Madrid fault line to become active and to cause a major catastrophic event to occur. The plan was for this to then free the Powers That Be through the office of the President of the United States of America to declare a state of national emergency, whereby Martial Law could be declared.

That this Awareness does use the term “was the intent”. In some ways it still is the intent, but there have been intervening actions by those known as the Galactic Federation to mitigate the circumstances, to lessen the impact and the effect of this HAARP technological attack on the United States of America. Thus the event that was scheduled for the East coast in particular, did not reach the full proportion that it was meant to reach, for a much greater catastrophe was planned for that region, and that the force of that which is known as hurricane Sandy was lessened. Still this Awareness sees that the results will still be considerable, the damage quite high, but it will still not be as bad as it could have been, should have been, according to those in power. Equally the effects on the West coast are also being mitigated by the Galactic Federation forces, so they too will not reach epic proportions and cause earthquake activity there that is extreme in nature. That the plan is that which constituted that which is known as the October Surprise, and the declaration of Martial Law due to natural disasters within the continental United States was indeed the plan, is still the plan, but those who are the Powers That Are are indeed being frustrated by their inability to create the level of catastrophe that they had hoped would happen. The reason for this is because the plans of the Powers That Be are to truly undertake and commence the plans that have been drawn up for many decades. These plans do call for the complete enslavement of the United States populace and the commencement of the withdrawal of dissidents and objectors, the creation of a situation in the United States so extreme, that only through declaring Martial Law would they be able to handle the problems. But these are problems of design with intent behind them, for if Martial Law is declared, that which is the U.S. presidential election will be suspended, the standing president Barack Obama put fully in charge until the crisis is resolved. The promise that will be given to the people is that the elections will be resumed again after the events are dealt with and peace restored.

This is the plan, this was the plan, but as this Awareness has already said, there are mitigating factors involved because of the intervention of those forces of the Galactic Federation. That this does not mean that the path is now cleared because it has not quite gone according to plan, for these ones have many alternative plans also to cover all events and possibilities, even when it does not quite work out. That this Awareness is not saying this lightly, for It does not wish to totally energize these actions, but It is expressing Its concern at this time so that many will become aware of the unfolding situation and what is truly behind it. Do not think that this is a natural disaster, no matter what is being said on the 6 o’clock news. That the design and intent of those in power is indeed to collapse the United States of America first and foremost, and then see this domino effect spread throughout the world, for the world itself is in great peril at this time. That this Awareness has always said, that it is important not to energize those negative scenarios, those negative timelines that are seen by this Awareness, and It continues to say this even at these very crucial times. Also this Awareness does declare, that with other plans that are still on the books, that are still being planned to occur, that simply because this situation has not quite achieved the results that are wished for by the controlling ones, that one does not simply think that they have failed, for in those timelines where their plans are to subjugate the American people to imprisonment and to Martial Law and control, it is imperative that they continue in their efforts.

On a positive side, this Awareness does also indicate at this time that the purpose for all of the plans for the manipulation of world climatic situations and geophysical events is so that before that period of time that is known as ascension can occur, that they wish to be in power in as many of the timelines as is possible. That they, those in power, are those that have access to the 4th dimension, and it is in the 4th dimension where time is irrelevant, where many timelines can be seen, that they have planned these actions. They see the results of many timelines where they are in control, and it is their wish and desire to enact these timelines on as many fronts as possible. What they would gain from this is that when ascension occurs they will be left in charge of as many timelines as possible in that which is Planet B, on that which is Planet B. That they, those in power, those of the Illuminati, of the cabal of power, of the elites, know that they cannot pass through those portals, those vortexes that would allow them to stay on this planet, this planet of ascension; that they would not be able to stay in control on that which is the new balanced and harmonic Planet A/B, that will also result as the ascension process progresses. As this is the case, they have decided long ago that it will be better for them to retain power on the Planet B timelines, as many as possible, for this would keep them in control and in power. They have deliberately manipulated human consciousness and over the last several decades have been moving to this point in time.

This Awareness has stated that this is a nexus point for that which is the evolutionary process of Mother Earth ascending to higher consciousness and of humanity as well, ascending or not. That many will not ascend.  Many will transfer from this physical dimension back into spiritual levels, back to the soul through the death process. This is one of the ways that the population of the planet will be reduced in size. But this would only be a return of many souls who are not here to have the ascension experience, to return back to the 5th dimensional level of consciousness, back to the soul. Then there will be the many who decide that they are not finished with a dualistic experience of physicality, of 3rd dimensionality. They will undergo a transformational journey, leaving that which is Planet A/B that is the present Planet A/B, to the new balanced and harmonized Planet A/B. Then of course, there will be the many, who decide through their efforts and intent to ascend to higher levels of consciousness that will be available on Planet A. These are teachings offered by this Awareness over the last several years, but now is the time when events will finally start to occur on all levels, moving the planet and humanity to that conclusion, to that moment of ascension. It is not a singular moment, it is a series of moments. Moments strung together to bring the planet and humanity to that climactic moment that is known as ascension on that which is the date of December 21, 2012. But this will be the conclusion of the events and circumstances, the planning and the machinations of many powers and many levels of consciousness. It is not simply the plans of the Orion-Reptilian faction, controlling humanity, subsidizing the elitists who are there at their command. It is a moment of universal importance, it is a shifting of God’s consciousness away from an old experiment where those who have been in control, those of the dark forces, the dark consciousness, who have been in charge for so long, to that which is a new state of affairs. There will be no place any longer on Planet A or the new harmonized, balanced Planet A/B for those who have been so long in power, so long at the helm. They do know this and as a result they are doing anything and everything that they can do to ensure their place at the top of the pyramid of Planet B and the many Planet B scenarios.

Furthermore, this is indeed a moment that needs to be seen as not only pivotal for those forces who wish to create such havoc and pandemonium, but also as a time of great opportunity, a time when the powers of the universe are participating in the affairs of this planet. This is indeed a time when one needs to stay in that positive frame of mind that will allow them to not fully participate in the events of upheaval, but only to the degree that is necessary for their personal growth and development, for the advancement of their own consciousness. This may be a most difficult task for many, when the world around one is literally coming apart at the seams. But do not let the events and circumstances that are unfolding and will unfold cause you to forget that you are still in charge of your reality. Your are requested, now more than ever before, to stay in that which is the divine light of consciousness, the divine light and love of God Almighty, the Supreme God Force, and not to succumb to the machinations of those Powers That Be, who have a vested interest in controlling matters. It is only control, it is only power when you give it to them, when you forget that you are a divine being. You are a creator being. When you give in to fear, when you give in to panic, when you give in to hopelessness, these are the times that those who are in power are most effective and most in control. That when you place yourself in the hands of the divine forces, when you align yourself with the highest light, the highest unconditional love, and when you go forward not in fear, but in great amazement and great hope and great conviction, that these times will bring forward the new epochal energies that will bring the new Planet A/B, that will bring Planet A into existence; you will remove yourself from the timelines of those in charge, those who have seen the events in the 4th dimension and have planned accordingly. You are all free of that which is the power of those who would control you if you know this within your being and trust the divine guidance and the divine energies that are now becoming more and more apparent. Trust and know that there are more things occurring here than the simple machinations of those in power, those who would destroy many, simply to ensure that they stay at the top of the pyramid. That there are indeed many events now occurring, such as the approach of Nibiru, such as the HAARP technology ramping up the events on the planet, such as the Powers That Be controlling political elections, and many more such factors.

But do not give them power. Acknowledge and be aware that things are happening, but also trust and believe in those higher divine forces that are truly behind all of these attempts at keeping the world in the hands of those who are in power. That there are many timelines that do not coordinate with those timelines that those in power know of. They are also aware of this. It is their primary reason for keeping humanity asleep and unaware. But this is indeed the time to awaken, to fully understand that forces well beyond those of those in power are also at work here. That the Galactic Federation forces are very much at play now and are very much starting to turn the tables. That recently there were events that occurred on Saturn, the power base of the elites, from which emanate certain energies that have gone far in controlling mass consciousness and keeping humanity asleep. That there have been recent battles in the planet of Saturn as well as in the Moon, and that this Awareness says that the Galactic Federation forces have been successful in overthrowing the power base on Saturn, in Saturn as well as the Moon. Those in power do know this, and know they now have a very limited window of opportunity to put into effect those plans that have been drawn up for decades already. They have come to the end of their rope, but they will not go peacefully into that dark night, not without attempting to affect as many timelines as possible. This is indeed a time of desperation for them. This Awareness has recently spoken of a meeting of the world’s leaders, both the official leaders and those unrecognized, those behind the leadership. It was revealed there that the Galactic Forces are indeed gaining an upper hand and that it was time to fully enact their plans, even if they were not fully prepared to do so. It is thus in an act of desperation that they are unleashing their plans and the results can now be seen, and the events that are taking place mostly in the United States of America, but around the world as well.

Therefore this Awareness does say to one, to all: Be prepared! Be alert! Be aware! Be ready to work at those deep levels. Be ready to summon your own personal inner guidance and assistance in these times. Ask for the highest assistance, the highest light of the Divine, to guide you, to protect you, to help in these most difficult times to get through them without going into fear and panic and confusion. It is only when one releases that which is the inherent power of their being to those powers that are in control, that they will win, that they will take the advantage, but again only in those certain timelines where they have seen that they will be successful. Rather than being part of those timelines, see yourself on a planet where these events pass, and that you and your loved ones pass through them safely and easily. Stay in the light, stay in the conviction of that which is your highest understanding that all will be well. Despite the unleashing of the Powers That Be to the events on this planet, and instead of panicking to them, giving your power to them, remember always that you are a divine being. Your families, your loved ones, are divine in their nature, and that all will come through in one way or another. Even those who will not survive in the physical will not be destroyed. They simply will return back to their soul essence. All will remain, all will survive at that level and also at those levels where one does not follow the timeline of the Lords of Darkness, who are attempting now to create total havoc and devastation, to declare Martial Law. Even those who might experience this, even those who may start on timelines where they experience such events, where they experience the declaration of Martial Law, need to remember that this is only temporary and that there are greater forces and powers at play here as well, that are seeking to continue the movement towards higher consciousness, higher awareness, and that to give up at this time would be that which would be the worst action of all.

That this Awareness says that as long as you know within yourself that you and your loved ones will be okay, that all will pass, that all will be resolved to the highest order, then you will have placed yourself on a timeline that will come through, you will come through.

That this Awareness is complete with Its message at this time. There will be further messages from this Awareness as events unfold, but at this time, 10/30/12,  this Awareness sends Its light and Its love and Its blessings to one and all in these most interesting of times.

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  1. I can truly appreciate your words. My home was not touched during Hurricane Sandy, even though every home around mine was flooded out and/or damaged. I owe more than enough gratitude to my God almighty, and this event has strengthened my faith in the seen and unseen. I did receive multiple warnings since early 2012 (in dream state). I had no idea of a hurricane until the day before (because I had not watched television in some time). I felt that I had not willed such a disaster nor did I want to experience it so I left ahead to a family members house.

    I fretted (even though I was “told” to “be still”). I cried and fussed, and even saw a sky vision of a cloud angel who poked a hole in the clouds so I can see the blue sky. I came back to my home untouched.Of course some things I am effected by through the mass experience (lack of utilities).

    I visited neighbors and surveyed my community and did wish them well. I am truly grateful to Heaven’s company for working with me and preparing my Self, your updates and for my little family which is truly blessed.

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