Aisha North: Look Beyond the Seeming Normality of the 3rd Dimension

By Aisha North | The Manuscript of Survival (Part 216)

We greet you again on this fine morning, and we want you all to feel that even if your circumstances might in some ways be described as less than ”fine” at the moment, we want you to know that underneath this layer of third dimensional woe and despair, things are certainly starting to pick up. In other words, the movement forward is once again picking up speed, and much is changing for the better as each day passes by, even if to most of you much seems like the same old, or maybe even worse.

Let us explain. We know that this is a message that will seem repetitious to so many, as the heavy burden of straddling two worlds can be more than worrisome at times. You feel the pull of the new world calling you, while at the same time you feel mired down in all the trappings of the old. At the same time, you can observe so many around you blithely going about their daily chores without so much as a frown on their faces, like they are totally oblivious to the pressure you feel mounting inside. And so, keeping your focus and keeping your faith in this process is not an easy task. But again, that is why we are here, to remind you all again and again that you are not struggling in vain. And you are certainly not delusional, even if that at times seems to be the only sane answer to your dilemma. So again, we remind you that this superficial layer of third density ”reality” will literally feel more and more uncomfortable to you, and at times, you will feel like shouting out in desperation and give up this whole process of ascension. But you see, the only reason that the level of irritation seems to become more and more untolerable to some of you, is that the realization that undernenath it all there is a whole new world coming through is becoming more and more apparent to your subconsciousness. Therefore the more friction and irritation or impatience you feel at times, the closer you are to breaking through it all, just like a whale breaching the water and hurtling itself aloft in joy and celebration. So again, do not feel bad about yourself if you do feel annoyed and less than patient at the moment. Just as these large aquatic mammals will feel annoyed by those little parasites boring into their skin, so too will you feel the gnawing of all of the old and outmoded particles hampering you in your efforts to be free. But they are nothing more than irritations now, as they have been reduced to a mere shadow of their former selves, and as such they cannot impede you in the same way they used to. So just keep scratching yourselves if you need to dear ones, but know that these minor ”infections” will soon occur no more, and you will feel this whole layer of irritation sluice off in the same way the snake sheds its old skin.

But just as a mosquito bite, these irritations can seem to take up a large part of your awareness, so try to remind yourselves to feel into the whole of your being, and you will soon discover that these irritations are nothing but skin deep. And they will soon be just a memory, just as the old and fading traces of old lesions cease to occupy your mind once they have stopped making themselves noticed by chafing on your skin.

Again, we say this as a reminder that this part of the whole process can be frustrating, because there is so much annoyance being kicked up by that departing density, and it will likely keep you occupied for most of your day if you let it. So try to let it go, and instead focus on the not so irritating aspects of this process, and as usual, they can only be found if you manage to go beneath this upper layer that is still sticking to your consciousness.

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