Navigating the New Time through Dream Downloads and Dimensional Travels

By DL Zeta | Celestial Vision

Dreams are one way our mind goes “off the grid” to commune with other aspects of our consciousness, but dream states are not the only portals available to us.

As we develop our “inner technologies,” our psychic abilities open a doorway to greater communion with our past, future and parallel selves. We don’t have to consciously understand the workings of this information exchange between aspects of our consciousness, but it is important that our beliefs embrace this source of knowing so we can open to it.

For some it may be helpful to understand how this waking form of information transfer takes place. One way to understand our inner technologies is through the lens of outer technologies.

Inner Technologies Correspond to Outer Innovations

Inner technologies can be likened to the development of technology in the physical world. In fact, every new piece of technology we engineer in the physical world corresponds to a counterpart in our inner world. The great innovators of all timeframes were able to perceive facets of human consciousness and translate them into physical representations.

An example of this correspondence between inner and outer technologies is a camera, which relates to the creative ability of visualization. Our “inner snapshots” can be compared to our material-world ability to take photographs and store memories.

Wireless Technology Reflects the Transfer of Intuitive Downloads

The ability to receive downloads from other parts of our consciousness can be compared to wireless technology, which allows the transfer of information over a distance without the use of wires. Wireless is a “method of transport” using signals or radio waves. We can’t see the waves of energy being transmitted but we receive information sent over these waves through various “receiving devices”.

When we embrace the idea that we’re more than just our conscious self in this lifetime, we’re able to perceive other facets of our being operating off the grid of our current identity. These other selves exist in other timeframes and dimensions. These aspects are able to observe our past and future in this lifetime and in others; they see the future potentials we are creating in our present moment. As we move forward, we formulate questions. These questions are often about the realities we encounter, or how to harmonize the contrasting perspectives within us. These questions are “wordlessly broadcast” to other aspects of our being. The aspect with the needed perspective sends back the information we have asked for. The information sent to us over our ‘wireless network’ depends on the questions we formulate.

Receptivity is Key to Information Transfers with our Other Selves

Our ability to receive information from other aspects of our being depends on our receptivity within the moment. Just as with the wireless networks in the physical world, our degree of receptivity is aided or impeded by a number of factors.

Intuitive perception is enhanced by being in nature, especially near water where the “flow” corresponds with the flow of life experiences. Being around people with open and positive energy is also helpful. Environments that are energetically enhanced by crystals, feng shui and uplifting art and music raise our frequency and therefore our receptivity. Good health is important; if we are experiencing physical problems this adversely affects our energy field. Unresolved emotional baggage is also a drag on our energy, so clearing up past energies is essential to becoming a clear receiver. Taking responsibility for everything in our reality helps empower us, making it more likely we will trust and act on the intuitive information we receive.

As we cultivate our receptive qualities, we’re able to enhance the “wireless capability” of our inner networks, communing with our “selves” throughout time and space and collaborating in the great work of art that is our own becoming.

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