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The Law of Love has been given.

This Awareness is available and asks now for you to proceed with the questions that you have for It. There is no opening message at this time.  Thank you. The first one concerns general questions regarding the physical body
that were mentioned in the previous session. Would you please discuss some general questions related to the terms previously used concerning the physical body, the Light Body and how this relates to the astral body, and how does each affect the other and if in fact these do ? Your comment please? That which is known as the Light Body, that which was referred to by this Awareness recently, has been known by many other terms indeed. The astral body is one term that is to refer to that which is the spiritual body, spiritual body yet another term. One could also understand the Light Body to be the template of the soul, underlining the physical incarnation.
The middle self is very connected to this Light Body and is non-corporeal in nature, but comes into the physical body where it is hosted so that it might have a physical incarnation, a physical experience. But on a nightly basis, that which is the middle self, that which is the consciousness that is the aspect of the soul having the physical experience departs the body, leaves it for the freedom of the higher realms of consciousness, returning often into fourth dimensionality and beyond. The playground of the middle self, once released, is non-corporeal. That it is not in the physical, it is in that realm beyond, more often the higher fourth and fifth dimensional levels, where it often returns to do its work on that level of Spirit. Work related to the Ascension of Mother Earth or other individuals, work related to Divine plan and the soul’s purpose, but this is a slightly different topic. There is that which would be understood to be the template of the soul that is formed that contains the consciousness of the soul’s purpose and the aspect of the soul that is having the physical-material experience and the third dimensional
reality that is planet Earth. This template is also that which is the Light Bodyrocess. It is the consciousness of the fifth dimensional aspect of soul that very much understands the truth of its purpose.
This Awareness has so often stated that all human individuals are spiritual beings having a physical experience, but due to the requirements to partake in this physical realm of experience there has been agreement to forget one’s spiritual nature. This is of course referred to as the Veil of Forgetfulness but it is more an agreement so that the spiritual consciousness of the soul aspect having the experience does not remove itself when there is hardship, when things are difficult, for the intent of the soul is to have a total immersion in the physical experience, whatever that may be. Therefore the escape clause of remembering one’s soul being and one’s Divine nature is removed, for many would not partake in earthly existence if they understood it is only an experience, an illusionary experience, and that they can just as easily return back to the soul, back to the Divine fabric of consciousness, and many would do so. But when one enters into the physicality of this universe and of this planet it is with the intent of having the full experience from beginning to ending. The length of experience may vary considerably from individual to individual and the quality of experience is unique and indeed individualized to the soul aspect that is having the experience. Because this is so it was agreed that that which is the soul’s template, the Light Body, the astral body, or the middle self, would not remember itself, would mask itself, for if it was known that it is of a higher dimensional quality, it could, as this Awareness has stated, choose not to remain in the physical state.
But there is another aspect that is now relevant that has to do with that which is the Light Body, that being that the Light Body does contain the knowledge and wisdom of the fifth dimensional level of consciousness. It is a fifth dimensional being that knows its connections to all levels beyond the fifth dimension and into the third. Therefore it has the ability to supersede that which is the physical order of things, to not be affected by the Veil of Forgetfulness, to not be curtailed by the laws of physicality that are in effect in third dimensionality. What this means is that those who awaken to their Light Body, who allow their fifth dimensionalonsciousness to be available to them and come from that level of consciousness, will be able to have a physical experience without the laws of physicality applying as they do to those who are asleep, those who are unaware, those who think they are governed only by the physical laws they have agreed to follow while in the incarnation on this third dimensional realm of consciousness.
What this means is that as a template it is possible to change, for example, one’s own body. One would be able to use that template of perfect health, perfect body and restore those elements of the bodies that may have been removed through operations, for example. It may restore vision, hearing, and health. It might even choose to restore the body to a younger state of health and well-being. All are within the capacity of the Light Body, for it is the template. It is the original form of the body and even supersedes those bodies that might come into reality deformed or broken from the beginning. This is also a possibility for those who have been born with congenital illness or damaged DNA. For the Light Body is that which supersedes the physical DNA structure. It contains the perfect form of the DNA structure and can make any adjustments to the DNA that will allow the body to re-materialize itself in perfection.

That this is all part of the Light Body’s process and abilities and it is for this reason that working towards the Light Body is very much part of that which is the Ascension process, the reawakening to the higher realms of one’s own consciousness, one’s own true being. As the times progress many are now starting to find that their body is encountering aches and pains and conditions that are very difficult. Many are having digestive issues, many are finding themselves to be exhausted continuously and many are finding that they indeed are experiencing joint pains and aches all of the time or most definitely at certain times. That this has much to do with the universal energies that are being shifted and moved and manipulated. This Awareness will talk further to this when It talks about the K ratio, the proton fields, the magnetosphere, but at this time It simply wishes to say that the Light Body is in the process of manifesting itself in many.
Many who think they are having extreme situations of health and bad well-being, a lack of well-being, are indeed actually experiencing a transformational process that is known as the Light Body process. Another extreme hint of this process is the many who are starting to feel heart palpitations, where there is an irregular rhythmf the heart beat. That this of course is very frightening to many and this Awareness must quickly add that It is not saying one must not go to the doctor if there is a true concern over such a situation. But this Awareness is offering an alternative understanding of what is happening. The vibrations in the body, the frequency of the body, are gearing up. It is as if the new energies will require a slightly different vibration or frequency and often this affects the heart itself. For those who have such experience this Awareness recommends that you immediately center your being into that which is the center point. This is a point approximately 2 inches below the belly. That you breathe in at that point the energies of your Divine being, of your Light Body. That you tell yourself that you are relaxing into this experience that you allow the experience but you are relaxing into it, allowing it to flow into you with a lack of resistance. More often than not there is fear. Fear creates resistance of this unusual event and therefore the fear
leads to a much more stressful situation. As you ask your heart to calm itself, focus also on the heart chakra while you breathe in the energies from that center point below the navel. Feel the energies of the Divine flowing into you, feel them supporting you, feel your own Light Body as it is assimilating the body, the physical form, into the higher frequencies. Know that you are well and ok. At the same time do release the fear and know that this process is that which is part of your Ascension process. Any who still have fear, any who are not comfortable with this process, must seek out medical authorities on the matter.
This Awareness is not saying that they should not do so. It is simply suggesting that at that moment when they are most experiencing such an event that they try to relax, that they try to allow the Light Body to assist and help in the process and understand it is indeed a process. If their concerns are strong enough afterwards, after the event occurs, that they may indeed meet with doctors, take the pharmaceutical prescriptions and receive their drugs for this. For doctors will of course interpret this in their physical paradigms, those definitions of illness that they subscribe to, and must then treat you in this manner. They have no understanding of the spiritual nature of one’s being or that which is the Light Body process. But for all to know, that if this is their requirement, this is that which they must do. There is no judgment here; it is simply that this Awareness has a slightly different version of events to offer here, the version of the Light Body process.side from this major concern that many are starting to experience, this Awareness says that the Light Body process is that which is an integral part of the transformational process of those beings who know and are seeking their Ascension. There is the need to undergo this transformation, for this Awareness has spoken before of a vibrational signature that each must attain if they are to work with the ascended energies. There are those who see themselves as passing through portals. This Awareness has in the past described that a vibration of a certain level must be present in order to use the portals and vortexes.
This is part of that which is the Light Body process, altering the vibrational resonance of the body and of the soul so that it may match those of a portal or a vortex, so they can pass through if this is how they are to experience Ascension. Even if they choose to ascend through their inner development and through a process of enlightenment and self-awareness, reaching a new level of comprehension, which would be that of the ascended being, not even needing then to pass through a portal, still the Light Body process will be part of that journey, will also be in effect at the time of transition and before. Thus it is that many at this time are experiencing physical symptoms and that they need now to understand that this is indeed part of the transformational journey, part of the preparation for Ascension and part of that which will be the new reality, no longer confined and constrained by the stringent laws of physicality and third dimensional thinking, but truly that which is the spiritual energies availing themselves to one and all and indeed in creating the new body of those who would still seek to have the physical experience while accessing the heightened levels of consciousness at the fifth dimension and beyond.
May I ask a question with regard to this please?

Please do.

If the Light Body is a template of the physical body, would it be possible to rectify previous operations where parts were removed? Would that have to be done after Ascension or could this be done before Ascension, and if it can be done, how can that be done?

This Awareness already stated at the beginning of Its answer that exactly this would occur, that the Light Body is always present. It must be understood it islready in existence, that template of the body already exists for one and all. But it is turned off, therefore it cannot be used. It is like going into a house and seeing a fridge that is in the house, but if that fridge is turned off it would not be functional, but it can always be turned on and the purpose of the fridge then restored, freezing food and keeping it cool and fresh. That the template or Light Body contains the original blueprint of the body itself. It would be able to restore missing organs; it would be able to restore optimal health and well-being for the individual. It can even change the DNA structure so those who were born with any deformity or problems, such as a cleft palate, for example, or clubfoot or whatever the problem might be, do not any longer have that problem, for the original template or blueprint would not include that or would have been altered so it is not a requirement any longer.

Therefore in direct answer again to your question, indeed organs can be restored that have been removed. Teeth that have been extracted, physical symptoms, such as blindness due to illness from a childhood illness, for example, may be removed and sight restored, hearing restored. This is the nature of the Light Body, but the agreement that each soul makes as it enters into the physical experience was not to remember this, not to know this. Thus one would have to go through physical experience where these physical situations occurred and could not be reversed. That in accordance to the physical paradigm of belief of one’s health and wellbeing that it is conceived that the body is like a machine, a bio-mechanical apparatus, and that the belief system is that machines break down and they must then be repaired or altered or scrapped.

This is no longer a viable belief system for those who are here ready to awaken to the greater truth of their actual being, of their greater expanded being. Once the Light Body is established these procedures of repair can be initiated, that manifestation of organs and senses and health can be accomplished very readily and easily. It is also mentioned here that there are certain creatures who already can do so, that are a mystery to the medical researchers. The salamander, for example, can lose its tail and then regrow it out of nothing, apparently. It is not nothing at all, the template of the tail still remains and all that happens is that the physical-material substance of the body is replaced within the outline of the template that is the tail portion.any who have lost limbs suffer from that which is known as the “phantom limb”. That many feel pain in the part of the anatomy that has been removed – a hand, a foot, and would swear that the hand or foot still remains. What they are experiencing is the template that is still in effect. It is as if that outline of the hand or foot or leg or arm is still there. It is simply that which was within that outline has been removed and they are experiencing the sensations of that phantom limb because it is still there, in a manner of speaking, it is simply not there in a material manner. When the awareness and understanding of one’s true nature is restored and the true nature of the Light Body, then such things as missing limbs can be regrown, replaced, restored, and that the template is that which would make it possible. But more even than the template is that spiritual consciousness that physicality is illusionary, that one can manipulate the laws of physicality, materialism, quite easily and thus restore missing limbs or the senses or one’s health and well-being, even restoring one’s youthfulness. Does this answer your question?

Yes, I do understand it now and I do thank you for that. It’s very, very clear, thank

That what is most important to always remember now is that even when one is going through aches and pains, it is not always simply that their body is defective, that there is a process underway. Again, this Awareness cannot say that one must not go to one’s doctor if they are truly concerned, and it is indeed the power of the physical paradigm for health, the power of allopathic medicine and modern medicine that it holds such a grip that many need indeed go to their doctors. Many cannot believe that they can heal themselves, but that there is such a power within each and every individual.

This Awareness would be remiss if It just simply said one need not go to the doctor, simply work with this understanding. Many are not quite ready and even though this is a process it does not mean that if you are concerned about your physical health you should not go to your doctor. As this Awareness stated a moment ago, be aware there is this Light Body process that is starting to become more and more a factor in the journey towards Ascension, but that if one needs to visit the doctor and needs to have prescribed drugs or an operation and that it will make them feel better, then please do so.ecently the Interpreter, for example, had an infected tooth. He tried with various
alternative approaches to heal the tooth but it would not heal. Indeed the infection was causing that which is known as staph infection, which has a serious effect on the whole body. With reluctance he did finally realize that he did need to have the tooth extracted, which has been done. But with that which is the Light Body process, when he is ready, when the Light Body that he is forming is strong enough, the tooth that was replaced can be re-manifested. The outline of the template still includes that tooth, it simply needs to be reconstructed. He is not at that level, nor was it an easy decision for him, for he has such faith that the Light Body process is underway and that there will be the ability to self-heal in the future. But he is also human and needed to deal with this situation in a human manner, which meant that the tooth needed to be extracted. Luckily it is not a front tooth, so he still has a tremendous smile…

(Laughing ) Yes he does! Thank you that was very, very good, a good example.

Ultimately this Awareness is saying that even though It can describe that process that is known as the Light Body process and can state it is part of the Ascension process itself – at this time of physicality where many are still living within the paradigms of belief regarding one’s physical form, one’s body, one’s senses, organs, etc. – that many will still have to have physical solutions until they have reached their place of understanding and acceptance of the Light Body process, then it becomes another thing. Also energetically the planetary logos of the human masscollective mind has not yet totally accepted such a thing, and therefore one would have to struggle against the planetary collective consciousness on such matters and this is still a very difficult matter indeed. Therefore, in conclusion if one does understand they have physical conditions that need to be treated by the allopathic procedures and medicines, rather than to feel guilty that one is going to this method of treatment, indeed energize it.

That this too can be helpful to you at this time and that as your Light Body becomes stronger it may indeed be able to do healing and restore limbs and the like. But right now it can be used to strengthen the effectiveness of the medicines one uses without negative effect, without the effects of the pharmaceuticals. That they are simply used to heal the situation, that an operation that is needed will solve the problem with the assistance of the Light Body to quicken healing.herefore one does not put oneself under undue stress because they know of the concept of the Light Body and self-healing and yet are faced with the dilemma of having to have a physical procedure done or take drugs that they would not normally wish to take.

That one can still shift the emphasis of those particular procedures or those particular drugs and make them such that they are beneficial, for your belief is that only that which is to your highest good will be allowed. Thus if you are in a situation where you do need to take the allopathic approach, then energize it as that which will help you, knowing that your spiritual nature is becoming more and more aware and that the Light Body that is now beginning to much more become part of the new reality is there to assist even if one needs to take the allopathic approach to restoring health or treating a situation.

That was very, very interesting and helpful, very helpful! I can see what you were
talking about, thank you so much.

This completes this answer. Of course it is seen by this Awareness that there may be many more questions but this contains a large part of the information on the Light Body process. This Awareness as always welcomes any and all future questions on the subject.

Very good, thank you. Carrying on, the K -index was referred to. Could you please discuss what this is, its use and what effect it has on humans, animals, etc.?

The K-index is only one measure of that which would be understood to be the solar energies, energies that are released from the sun through massive solar events such as sun flares. It is simply one index of the energetics of the planet and its magnetosphere that is being recorded and is available. There is also that which is the proton index. These are those energies that are responsible for affecting the human body, and many of the aches and pains, many of the situations individuals are finding themselves in, such as being exceedingly tired, are the results of the Kindex or the proton index, the K-ratio, the magnetosphere being compressed etc. That when the cosmic winds blow, when the radiations are delivered from the sun, they are met with resistance, if you will, by the geomagnetic sphere that surrounds the planet. There are layers of protection, such as the ionosphere, that are meant tohelter the planet and its inhabitants from these excessive radiations, but now there is a definite increase in them and as well the planet Nibiru is affecting matters, it is itself having an effect on the magnetosphere, for example, and the additional heightened energies of the solar winds and solar events thus have a stronger influence than normally. That for example that which is the magnetosphere is the lines of magnetic force that emanate from the top of the planet, the North pole if you will, down to the bottom of the planet, the South pole. Of course these terms are arbitrary for there is no up or down. In truth it is simply that there is a flow of the energies out of that which is the North pole down and around the planet and up into that which is the South pole.

This is that which is known as the Torus figure and that this is an energetic model that even surrounds human beings but this is a slightly different matter that this Awareness will discuss at a different time. That returning to the subject matter, that the magnetosphere is being heavily bombarded in certain regions which causes a compression of those lines of force. It is as if they are being pushed down towards the planet’s surface. This is that which is the compression effect of the heightened solar radiations and solar powers that are hitting the planet and that are being amplified through Nibiru and her approach. Thus it is that many will feel themselves in a difficult physical condition when the K-ratio, the proton index, is affected or that the magnetosphere is being compressed. There is information about this on the CAC forum site where there has been discussion about the Kratio, the proton index, and the magnetosphere and other measurements.
These are indeed scientific measurements and for those who are scientifically inclined and wish to have even more information, the site is recommended to investigate these phenomena and to see in real-time what is happening out there and on the planet itself. One will be rather amazed to see that often when one is feeling lethargic or full of aches and pains or has certain other conditions happening or even notes that there is an increase in seismic incidents on the planet, or human behavior goes awry, that there is often a direct correlation to the K-index, the magnetosphere, the proton index and that this is all available at and other sites. That those who are interested can do research,an find further information for themselves, but generally that which is of importance here is to know that humans are not isolated and are indeed affected by many, many things that cannot be seen. They cannot see the gravity of the moon, yet it lifts the waves of the planet’s oceans daily, it affects the flow of the water within the body. That even though one cannot see the effects of the moon’s gravity on the planet, still it has an effect, just as the sun has an effect and that this is indeed increasing now on a daily basis as the planet Nibiru comes closer and closer. It is indeed this which will cause the extreme events that have been predicted by so many. Those who wish to experience those events may find that they are on timelines where the effects of a foreign body in space have direct effect on their physical planet that is beneath their feet. Therefore this knowledge and awareness of these things such as the K-ratio or index, the proton index, the magnetosphere compression rate, are relevant to those who wish to know and are relevant to those who are not as interested but at least know that there are events underway that are having effect, even if they are unseen.


Exactly. That was really helpful, thank you for that information. The last one already discussed photon belt and the magnetosphere, so I think we’re ok on that topic.

It is the photon belt, indeed the proton index as well. There are various terms that are used but the information is available for those who are interested and wish to do more research.

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