Aisha North: Everything is Speeding Up in the Inner and Outer Worlds

By Aisha North | The Manuscript of Survival (Part 210)

As you have all noticed by now, everything is speeding up, and both the outer and inner world is almost as in a blur at times. You may feel yourselves as if suspended in a runaway train, uncertain about the direction, a bit fearful about the speed, and with no idea when you will arrive at your designated destination. As we have said on so many occasions, the task you have taken upon you is not for the faint of heart, because this journey entails literally going into most of it blindfolded. And when we say blindfolded, we mean that in the sense that you have no idea as to what the next stage will bring with it, and you have no idea how your physical body or your mental body will react to the things you will be exposed to on the way. You just know that you HAVE to do this, as in your heart there is a calling so strong for going ahead with it you just cannot ignore it.

And so you have all cast off into the unknown, just guided by that light you all carry inside, and you have done so without even any guarantee that you will make it all the way to the end. You just know that your heart is set on this, and you will give it all you have in order to be able to fulfill this calling from the heart. For some, the journey will seem to be far too long, and you decide to step off at the first possible station and mayhaps resume your journey at a later stage. There is no prejudice against those of you that choose so, because in all of this, you are the ones setting your pace and deciding on your direction. Remember, you are all on your way to the same ”end station”, but some of you will choose the express train, while others will choose to search out the byways and hop on and off a few times. That is all in your right, as you are only fulfilling your own destiny in this. We cannot tell you what is right for you, because that is something you have full control over. However, there are some checkpoints on the way that you all need to pass, and if you try to continue your journey without complying with this, you will find that your train will remain at the station until you do.

You see, this is a journey of discovery, a journey of acquiring new skills, and a journey of letting go of some old baggage. So even if you will all do this in your own unique way, there are some things you will all have in commom. The timing for all of these ”key points” will not be identical to any of you, so even if you have some fellow travellers at your side, we remind you again not to be too interested in comparing journeys. At least, not if you go about it in order to establish if you are doing it ”the right way”. For there is no ”wrong way” in any of this, except when it comes to resisting the changes that this journey will be all about. Because you cannot complete this by being the exact same person you were when you left off from your starting point. When you arrive at the end, you will have made yourself into a very different person, in every connotation of the word. For you will have had to let go of so much that constituted the old you, and you will also have acquired so much light on the way that you will in all aspects be shiny and new.

We speak in parables as always, but we think you get the gist of this message anyway. Namely the fact that even if you do meet up with resistance on the way, either from yourself or from someone or something on the way, learn to see that it is indeed a vital part of your journey. So we ask you to look carefully into each challenge you meet on the way, the better to be able to ascertain what lies behind it. Are you being challenged by something or someone trying to hold you back, or are you being challenged in order to help to speed up your journey? So again, the same message: always use discernment whenever you come across something that triggers you in any way, and try to figure out what the message in it really is. It will help you tremendously in sorting out what is necessary for your journey, and what is only acting as a hindrance to your development in any way. That way, you will find your journey easier to accept. Because the challenges you all meet will not just disappear, but they will take on a meaning that will give you ample opportunity to really connect with who you really are becoming.

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