Saul: There is No Longer Need to Continue the Cycles of Reincarnation

Saul: There is no longer any need for you to continue the cycles of reincarnation

The divine schedule for humanity’s awakening was established the instant your apparent separation from Reality occurred.  Your Father could not let you delve into the mysteries of the unreality that you had invented, and presented as real to your collective mind, without ensuring that you could never get permanently lost there.  The Light of His Love was securely installed in each individual who chose to go with the collective into the illusion, and the timescale for your return was laid down, but with an enormous degree of flexibility built in to allow for any diversions or distractions which you might choose to engage with as you journeyed along your homeward path.

Over the eons of illusory time and place, you have all without exception endured much personal suffering and needless to say, you have also imposed much suffering on others.  It was illusory, it was self-inflicted, and it never happened. But the power of your collective imagination is enormous, and you have succeeded in convincing yourselves that your history of deceit and betrayal of, and violence to one another is absolutely real.

So real in fact, that to enable you to awaken from the illusion it is essential that you completely change the attitudes it formulated and encouraged, and release all beliefs that in any way conflict with your innate ability, desire, and intent to offer indiscriminate and unconditional love to all sentient beings.  It is innate because, like all of God’s creation, you were created in Love with Love as the energy that empowers and motivates you in every moment of your eternal existence.

To forgive yourselves for all the offenses and suffering that you seem to have caused to yourselves or to others is the first step that you need to take.  Then you need to forgive all without exception whom you believe have in any way hurt or offended you.  Many of you have been working on this for numerous Earth lifetimes, and are now also working as Light-bearers and way-showers because, having gone through much of what the majority of humanity needs to address individually, you are ideally suited and qualified to assist others in their awakening process — simply by demonstrating love, compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness in your daily living.

With the intensifying field of divine Love surrounding the planet and enveloping each one of you, there is also an overabundance of assistance available and constantly offered to you from those in the spiritual realms to ensure that you succeed in releasing all those inflexible beliefs that have served you so dismally.  If it is your intent to awaken — and it is the intent of each one of you to do so, even if that intent is presently hidden below your level of conscious awareness — then you will succeed, because it is divinely ordained.  Only a few, who still feel that they are not ready or willing to step out of the illusion, will remain asleep. However, when they are ready to take that step they, like you, will be afforded every opportunity to awaken, and will then do so.  No one will fail to awaken, no one will be lost, because Reality allows no loss.

Knowing, as you indubitably do, that you are divine beings having an illusory experience, then it is also impossible for you not to know that your existence is eternal.   Death is just an illusory concept that you have invented to describe the situation that occurs when you make the decision to lay down your physical vehicle and re-enter the spiritual realms.  Until very, very recently this normally then involved a self-assessment of the life you had just lived in the illusion, in the presence of your loving and compassionate guides, to enable you to choose and plan a further Earth life that would provide you with the lessons that you chose to have presented to you.

Always, within the illusion, you have had abundant opportunities to explore and examine the beliefs and opinions that are part of the life path that you had chosen, prior to your incarnation on the earth plane, to experience, and they constantly present you with the appropriate experiential lessons.  But frequently you were unable to take full advantage of these learning opportunities because the energy of the illusion is so dense and so dark.

Now, because of all the work you have done over the eons, and because of the intense and abundant help you are receiving from the divine energy field enveloping the Earth, and because your Father – Who has never ever required, demanded, or imposed suffering of any kind upon you – wants to see your suffering come to an end, there is no longer any need for any of you to continue those cycles of reincarnation that have been an obstinate, intractable, and painful part of the whole illusion.  You will finally be completely free — free from the exile you chose to endure within the nightmare that the illusion became — when you awaken, as you most assuredly will.

With so very much love, Saul.

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