Cosmic Awareness: The Montauk Project, Timelines, and ‘Original Sin’

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QUESTIONER: You’re welcome, thank you so much. We are still on the Montauk. There are a series of questions, again from LK. He writes, “I’m going to quote a short chapter 36 from The Pyramids of Montauk written by Preston Nichols who designed some of the equipment used during the Montauk Project time travel experiments and will ask questions for Awareness at the end.” There are four questions, can I take these one at a time please?


QUESTIONER: “The Timeline” is the title. Most of what I write about Montauk is either technical or experiential but I would like to end it with a philosophical overview with regard to our consciousness of time. The first question: I discovered a number of years ago that the Montauk Project connected with a number of other space/time projects. These in turn connected back to other projects that extended throughout history and into the future. It appears that the Montauk Project itself reached directly back to 3.6 million years in the past and to about six or seven in the future. They sent these times back on themselves. What this means is that we actually lived this timeline twice. It is the
second run through and quite possibly we may have been through this timeline more than twice, because we really can’t have two different timelines for the same period. It means that one timeline 5must veer off and become an alternate reality. All this suggests that the first timeline was the timeline that God created; the alternate timeline is what became the Original Sin.” Any comments please?

COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness is somewhat confused by the latter statements, but this Awareness will start by saying that, in a manner of speaking, this individual is incorrect in some of his statements, that there cannot be two timelines at the same time, for example. There are never two timelines that are exactly the same. The principle that seems to be understood by this Awareness that this individual is claiming, is that the duplicity of the two timelines ensures that one must become an alternate timeline, for exactly the same timeline cannot be manifested twice. But this Awareness says the same timeline can only be manifested once but another that would seek to be the exact could not
happen, for there are such subtle differences that the second time around it would not duplicate exactly the first.

These subtle differences, even in a singular choice that seems to be of insignificance would alter the second timeline, and thus it could not be the first. If this is what the individual is meaning then he is correct in that there cannot be a duplication of the timelines, but it is not seen quite by this Awareness in the same way that this individual sees it. In other words, creating parallel universes occurs through choices made.

If a choice is made in the second that is different than the first, even in the most subtle of ways, it will create a parallel timeline, a parallel experience that is not the same. It is that which sometimes is called the Butterfly Principle, which was about an individual allegedly going back in time and stepping on a butterfly, a seemingly insignificant act. But when the time travelers in that story came back, all of their reality had been changed because of this small insignificant act. And so it is that the timeline that is original and unique can never be exactly duplicated, even if one thinks that one has 100% knowledge of everything, it is not so.

Furthermore it must be understood there is no future, there is no past, there is only the Eternal Now. What is considered the past or the future is simply a different vibrational level or frequency to the Now Moment. The Focus Personalities having a “past life” experience or a “future life” experience are having an experience that, when one removes the conditions of time, is happening in the very same moment as the present, only on a different frequency.

In the very same moment you are sitting in your room or your car or outside reading this material, there are many events happening all around you that you are simply unaware of because you are not in the frequency of those other events or those other personalities. A person sitting in the room may not be aware that there are several dozen other personalities drifting in and out of that space but they are on a different frequency, having a different life experience. They would almost be considered specters, or ghosts to the individuals living, sitting, reading Cosmic Awareness newsletters. Yet, even though this may be so, those individuals on those other frequencies would be experiencing their own timeline or their own focus experiences in their present moment and they would not be considering you sitting on the chair reading the CAC newsletter.

Finally, there is the latter statement of Original Sin and the choice of God, which is what this Awareness expressed to be confusing. What this Awareness would offer is that God sets everyone up at the beginning of the race. It is not a racecourse with defined tracks that must lead around the arena, but tracks that go here and there. When God shoots off the starting pistol, if you will, some will run forward, some will run backward, some will race across the inner field, some will go up, some will go down, as this is the nature of free will.

Once the race is begun many choices are then possible. Thus to say if one did not run the race God designed, one is of Original Sin, this Awareness sees this as erroneous. It is simply a different race 6that is being run and Original Sin does not play into it, not from a Christianized religious orientation at least. Is this clear?

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