October Energy Read: Evaluate – Adjust – Create

Power Path: October is Evaluate – Adjust – Create

By Lena | Ascension For All

The theme for October is EVALUATE-ADJUST-CREATE.

This month is much more intellectually oriented where much comes up for review and evaluation. It will be about making decisions, being practical, and doing what you know is best. For some, this time comes as a welcome relief from the very driven energy of the last couple of months; but for some, the month will present its own challenges of confusion, resistance, ambivalence and possibly feeling stuck.

You could be evaluating almost everything this month: Finances, work, environment, relationships, career, projects, health, practices, routines, home, your physical environment, your reactions to things, your beliefs, your spiritual life etc. The big question will be, “How important is it in your life, and does it serve you?” If not, there are adjustments to be made.

In order to evaluate anything you need to have the space and time to do it. There is a breather this month as the very yang action influence backs off a bit and allows us more clarity about what we have been doing and what we have involved ourselves in. If adjustments are in order don’t be afraid to make them. This is about putting yourself first and trusting that the right decisions will lead to the creativity needed to implement them.

One of the challenges will be to face the truth in your evaluation of something that may be a hard truth to see. If you allow yourself to be deeply disappointed, you will be. A great deal of neutrality this month will serve you better around facing some of these difficult but necessary truths. Remember that no matter how hard these adjustments are to make, they will bring great rewards of creativity and expansion.

How do you evaluate something in your life?

The first clue is that it does not feel right. It does not serve you. It gives you no satisfaction and it is an energy leak. When you put energy out, something has to come back. If it doesn’t, there is something wrong with the picture. If you feel drained instead of just simply tired after a day’s activities, you were not nurtured and fed by your experiences. Always ask yourself, “What am I getting out of this?”

True service towards others always feels good. Service offered out of ego, ingratiation, fear of rejection, Self-deprecation or Martyrdom is doomed from the beginning and will not end well. Learn to be discerning and to differentiate between right service and ego driven involvement.

The other big energy leak is getting overinvolved in other people’s drama. Evaluate this with neutrality and practical truth. Remove yourself from this unhealthy waste of time no matter how deliciously it may beckon you.

How do you make adjustments?

These will be different depending on each individual circumstance. The key is to adjust gradually by weaning yourself away from activities, relationships, practices and habits that do not serve you. Once in awhile it is appropriate to change something completely and dramatically but often it is too much for the ego to handle all at once.

Think it through. There is enough intellectually centered support to bring clarity and mental problem solving into the picture this month. Beware of impulsive decisions and give everything just a bit more time to sort itself out before making an adjustment. If there is no clarity, wait until there is before moving ahead.

You may run into something that needs to be adjusted that seems overwhelming to you. Start with the baby steps and do at least something towards a greater adjustment that may take a much longer time to accomplish. This would be the case in a huge change such as changing careers or making a big move or ending a long-term partnership. Sometimes just the decision to finally make this adjustment in your life is enough as long as you are committed to it.

So how does creativity fit into this picture?

We are still under the influence of the Artisan with Creativity as a major theme for the year. What blocks creativity is the encumbrance of all those things and activities that don’t serve you. Once you have cleared the decks and made space for something new, creating is the next natural step. In fact once you feel unencumbered, you may begin to feel more creative. Use your creativity as the inspiration and fuel for what you want to manifest.

The opportunities are for getting yourself realigned, for seeing great results in your creative endeavors and for manifesting more balance and well being for yourself. In other words, you could end this month feeling really great.

The challenges as usual will come from fear, resistance and confusion. As we mentioned last month, action always cures fear. Decisiveness around taking action towards adjustments will keep things flowing and not taking everything personally will keep you neutral.

How the month shows up:


This is a great opportunity to make profound changes and adjustments in your personal life that will serve you better. You have support for ending this time frame feeling better and in a better situation than you have ever experienced before. It will take stopping and taking the time to evaluate how you are, whom you are with, what you are doing, how you are doing it, where you are and why.

Make sure you practice not taking others reactions personally. Stay on track with your own experiences and work on wedding out and adjusting what needs change. Take some time for yourself and practice saying no to unnecessary demands from others. Find that place of internal peace from which anything is possible and then ask for what you want. Be creative in everything you do and have fun.


Relationships will go through evaluation, adjustment and creativity. The good news is that you will likely have more fun this month. The challenges will be in seeing the truth in some situations that are seriously in need of adjustment. Remember that you will never be able to please everyone and someone will always feel they have received the short end of the deal. It will take discipline to keep true to yourself and what you know you need to do. Recognize the energy leaks in relationships and adjust your involvement where needed.

The creative piece will spruce up tired relationships as well as bring in new ones on a different vibration. As you evaluate, adjust and change, what you magnetize to yourself will be vastly different than what you have been involved in before. Keep an open mind where relationships are concerned and don’t take others reactions personally. Strong reactions in others are always about them and never about you.


We’re going to focus here on your personal environment, which is an extension of yourself and ho you are. As you evaluate what serves you and what doesn’t, look to your environment as one of the most important aspects. What needs to be adjusted? What needs to be changed?

Your environment is also one of your canvases for creativity. Especially put some attention into parts of your personal environment that have not received any from you in a long time. What have you become blind to? What have you learned just simply to put up with and live with? If it does not serve you, make adjustments and in some cases make a greater plan for a bigger change.

Be creative in how you interact and use your environment. Especially see where you have gone into resistance based on a feeling of being trapped or a belief that you cannot change anything. The most powerful practice is to be present and to pay attention to all of your surroundings fully. In this way you will easily identify that which really does not work. Be neutral but practical and aggressive in your intention to adjust and create change.


As you evaluate where you are physically, be neutral about it. It is a good month to evaluate if what you are doing for your health and well-being is working or not. Are you feeling good? Are you doing what you know is right for your health? Are you getting enough exercise? Are you sleeping or not? What is your stress level?

If there are adjustments to be made, you do not need to know all the steps or the answers. All you need to have is the clarity and recognition of what needs adjustment. Then open yourself up to the inspiration of your own creativity fro the answers. Make it fun.

You have a great opportunity to set your physical well-being on a good path. It is important not to dwell on the past or buy into past definitions of conditions or what is possible. Remember that being creative includes what you can create for yourself in terms of physical health, energy levels and well-being. The most important practice is to keep things fun and simple. Most of us have over complicated our lives and everything in it. Think simplicity and gratitude, and be inspired by your body and what an amazing thing it is.


This is an area that desperately needs evaluation especially if you have been doing business the same exact way for a long time. Times are changing and practices have to change along with them. What relationships are you taking for granted? Especially evaluate the quality of your practices, projects and partnerships. It becomes obvious in these times that the relationships are the most important aspect of any business endeavor and they will need to be re evaluated first. Make any adjustments that need to be made.

You may need to adjust your own attitude towards something or perhaps the adjustment will need to be around finances or the scale of a project or a past goal that is no longer viable. Whatever it is, work with the creativity available to you and start thinking outside the box. Don’t be afraid to put your creative ideas forward. They may just bring in the adjustment needed.


This is a huge area of evaluation and unfortunately it can get bogged down in too many discussions, rhetoric, disparate ideas and no one really getting on the same page. On the other hand there is a great opportunity for seeing the truth whatever the truth may be. It is important to keep the trust that real truth will eventually surface and will always lead in the right direction even if there is tremendous resistance to it.

There are many layers being uncovered right now that have covered up various truths over past times. It is important not to react negatively to what has gone on before but to act positively and creatively to what is possible for the future. Negativity and blame are energy leaks especially when they are focused on something of the past.


October 1-7: Evaluation time. Watch the tendency to define a less dramatic time as uninteresting or even experience it as depressive. Be grateful for the deep breath you get here and take advantage of the void that beckons you stop and evaluate. Pay attention to how you feel and spend some time asking yourself some of the questions that will shed light on anything that needs to be adjusted. Watch for synchronicity and see significance in any experience that happens to you at this time.

October 8-15: A creative spurt of energy is available for anything that needs to change or be adjusted. This is also a time of facing hard truths. Be courageous in your decisions and neutral in your reactions. Beware of energy leaks and practice saying no to those people and things that you know don’t serve you. This is a time frame that supports getting all of your priorities straight. As we head towards the new moon think of something in your life you can simplify.

October 15: New Moon is at 6:03 AM Mountain Daylight Time. Take this day and do something to simplify your life. Do something creative and simple and fun. If you are making it complicated, notice that and turn to simplicity whenever possible. Spend a little time today just doing nothing but being in the void. Watch your reactions to this. Slow down. Sit. Think. Create. Simplify.

October 16-21: This is a time frame that can be incredibly joyful and productive and creative. How fun it will be will depend on what you have evaluated and adjusted. If you have ignored signs and signals of what needs change, those situations will not go away and things could come crashing down. But if you have been paying attention all along to what needs adjusting, you will be in good shape and this time could be really great for you. There is a window of opportunity for new projects, new relationships, new understandings and new appreciation for yourself and who you are. It is also a good time to do something new and different, to change it up a bit and be creative.

October 22-30: A more moving centered aspect comes in again during this time with a bit more action and less evaluation time. If there are adjustments in the works they will get some support and energy. Any creative project will also be fueled by the moving center. You can experience tremendous movement if things are aligned in the right direction. If not, you may feel like you have just been hit by a truck and all of your chaotic pieces of life are scattered all about the highway. If you are in this experience instead of the “everything seems to be working great” one, you may need to stop, evaluate and adjust.

October 29: Full Moon is at 1:50 PM Mountain Daylight Time. This is a busy full moon and a good time to get things done. If you have a project or something that can use a boost, ask for help. A community of people can really create something huge during this full moon time so don’t be afraid to ask big, think big and manifest big. You probably won’t get much sleep during this one but instead of resisting it, use it and have fun.

Have a wonderful month!


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