Aisha North: The Apprentice’s Manual – Lesson 2

By Aisha North | The Apprentice’s Manual (Lesson 2)

This morning I had another visit from The teacher. This time, he showed me a bookcase, and asked me to think about how I need go to about it if I want to access the information in one of the books it contained. Of course, it was by doing the usual thing, lifting it out from the shelf, opening it up and starting to read it. Then, he showed me a huge library. I have never seen anything like it, it contained literally millions of large books. He said ”what if you did not need to go to the books, but the books came to you?” Then he held up a key and told me ”but in order to do that, you need the key.” And when he said that, the key changed into a crystal, and I remembered what happened two days ago during another meditation. Then The teacher gave me a large crystal, shaped like a diamond but flat on one side. He told me to hold it against my forehead, and it was like it disappeared inside my head, and suddenly it was like I was standing in this huge beam of light that was centered on my forehead.

Back to this morning. The next image he gave me is also one I have received earlier. I am in a group of about ten people. We are standing in a circle around a table, and in the middle of this table there is a large, shining crystal. We are all touching this crystal with our right hand. The teacher told me that there are several groups like this, and they consist of people who all carry the same frequency. In other words, they gather people who are ”tuned” to the same frequency as in those large crystals. These crystals are apparently carried on board their vessels, and they are all different, not only in frequency, but also in the information that they contain. These are in other words the huge library I was shown earlier, and these groups of people are the ones that will be used to literally carry that information back to our planet. The different groups will channel different information, but they are only able to carry the information with them and share it with others. They cannot use it for anything themselves as that is beyond their abilities to do so.

However, back on our planet, all of these channels or transmitters will be connected to people that can use this information for the purpose it is intended for. In other words, it is scientific information of different kind that shall be used to ”reconstruct” our planet in such a way that it is actually being reset back to an unpolluted, untainted phase, and the same goes for our physical bodies.

The teacher also told me that there is a sort of build in safety catch embedded in this information, so that it cannot be misused in any way by people ”tainted by the dark” as he put it. In other words, not the people carrying this information nor the ones that will be given it can take it and use it to their own advantage instead of what it was originally intended for. That is, for the benefit of our whole planet. First of all, anyone who gets in contact with this will only be people who are as he put it ”pure”, meaning people who are carrying the light already, and not still under the influence of the dark side in any way. Secondly, the information is just like other channeled messages in that it contains so much more energy than just the actual words. But unlike the energy carried in ”regular” channeled messages, this energy is literally an intelligent one. The actual word The teacher used was that it has a sort of ”bullshit detector” that is triggered whenever anyone tries to misuse this information, and then, the whole energy in it will change in such a way that it will be rendered useless to anyone trying to manipulate it.

He made one more thing clear to me, and that is the fact that there won’t be as he told me ”a spacecraft landing on the White House lawn anytime soon”. And what he meant by that, is this: many expect these beings from another world to land on ours and solve all our problems for us. That is not how this process will be. We must literally clean up our own house, but they will provide us with the tools to do so. And this information contained in these crystals are some of these tools. They will give us this information, but we must understand how to use it ourselves, and in that way, we take back our powers and learn to take responsibilty for our actions again. This is in other words a way of empowering ourselves again by saving our planet. Yes, we will be given much assistance by these representatives from other, more advanced civilisations, but they will not just suddenly appear on our shores. That would only result in two things: first of all, mass hysteria, and most important, it would only serve to once again make humans feel powerless, or even make us actually demand that others fix the problems that we have caused ourselves. The problems have of course been exacerbated by those manipulating us from behind the scenes, but if we expect to be ”saved” by outside forces without doing the actual job ourselves by finding our own strength and resources to do so, we will never ever escape from this prison we are already in. But then, we will stay behind the bars of powerlessness by our own choice. And that was the end of today’s lesson.

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