Emmanuel Dagher: The Energies of the Fall Equinox 2012

By Emmanuel Dagher

Magnified Manifesting

The Equinox window of Sept 22nd we are about to pass through in conjunction with some of the astrological configurations will require us to maintain in our hearts as much as possible. As we move forward, things within & around us that are not in alignment with heart-centered principles will continue to come up in the collective & in our personal lives to be healed, resolved & transformed. By simply being aware that this is what’s happening, it becomes easier to remain neutral so the healing can be a more smooth experience. If we’ve been feeling a bit off balance or not our usual selves lately know that it’s normal. We can use these experiences of feeling a little ‘off’ as feedback to guide us in anchoring more balance in our lives. For example: If we’re someone who works a great deal or our minds are always on the go, some play & relaxation might really be beneficial to us right now. Or, if we’re someone who has been more passive & in hibernation mode for a while, maybe it’s time to take action towards our highest visions once again. Whatever it may be, anchoring more balance into our lives will really help us navigate through these heightened energies we are moving through.

The Equinox is a miraculous time that gives us the opportunity to reflect on & re-evaluate what’s important to us & what we want to continue carrying forward in our bodies, minds, lives & in the world we are creating. Because we are moving towards ‘no-time’ or ‘zero-point,’ whatever we are focusing on, is showing up almost instantly. So a great question we can ask ourselves is: “Does what I think about & do come from a place of love or fear?” This instantly helps us get clear on what type of reality we are creating & allows us to either continue on with it, or fine-tune it so that our experiences begin to mirror what we really desire most for ourselves.

Happy Equinox!

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