Aisha North: There Exists Advanced Intelligence Far Beyond the Capacity of Humans

A new connection, a new task and the preface of The apprentice’s manual

By Aisha North

The Manuscript of Survival

As you all know by now, the messages I channel come from a group calling themselves “The constant companions”. I do not know how many members there are in this group, the only thing they have told me is that they are “more than five”. This collective of entities seems to be put together in order to convey different kinds of topics, and the energy, content and wording in the different messages changes according to whom it is that connects with me. Some have been with me a long time, some come in less frequent, and sometimes they introduce a new “member” to me in a private message. They did that two days ago, and I was told by this new member that “he” ( a very masculine energy) was going to start to work with me on a new project. The manuscript was going to continue as before with regular installments from the rest of The CCs, but in addition, I will be given new information meant for “professional ears and eyes”. I have to say that this seems to be a daunting task, because “he” told me that they would give me information I would not understand myself, but that they would put me into contact with someone who will. So, I guess I have to stick my neck out and just go for it! I do not know if any of this new work will be posted here as well. As usual, I will be given clear instructions as how to handle it all. But at least I have been told to post the preface of this new work here. It is called “The apprentice’s manual”, and it looks very similar to the first part of The manuscript. No “big news” here yet, but it seems to be a kind of mission statement that confirms that we are in for some interesting times ahead. So here it is:

The apprentice’s manual

Todays missive will contain interesting information, information that will not be understood clearly just yet, as it is indeed at a level that will challenge even the brightest amongst you. You see, this will in many ways be a revealing of the unseen, where we, by using this channel, will divulge information that will come in handy in the times ahead. You as a species have brought yourselves to the brink of destruction in so many ways, but as this has been deemed to go against the rules of the Universe, we have been given the task of bringing you back from the precipice and helping you take a turn for the better. In other words, you will be given instructions that will help you to literally sort out the mess you have already made, and that will also help you see your future in a much clearer light. This will sound silly at best, delusional even, but let us just say that we represent a taskforce that has been given clear instructions as to what will be allowed to happen on this planet in the next few years. And our task is clear, you will be allowed to stay on here as long as you comply with the instructions. In other words, mankind must relinquish the thought that they possess the most advanced brains in existence, and they must start to open up to the fact that there exists an intelligence that far surpasses anything you can muster at the moment. This intelligence is not only all-pervading, it is also set on recapturing your planet back from those dark usurpers that have held it captive for such a long time. But in order to do just that, we will have to set aside the old edict of non-intervention that has been declared at the beginning of time when this planet was set aside as a training ground, and we will have to come in and help you rectify the wrongs that have been made throughout the eons because of this. You see, mankind on their own would not have caused all of the troubles you see around you at the moment, you have been helped on the way by beings with far more sinister ideas into becoming the in many ways hapless and helpless species you are today. Make no mistake, you are not unintelligent, but your intelligence has been thwarted in such a way is has led you into taking so many desicions that are literally detrimental, not just to you, but to your whole planet. So let us just say that finally, the game has been called, and you will no longer be allowed to let this destructional behaviour run rampant any more. Hence, the opening up of all of these channels whereby we have started to instruct you in a better way of management.

We are well aware that these messages will fall on many a deaf ear, but we will also accompany not only this, but also the multitude of other messages like this that are being distributed through channels such as the one we are utilizing, with some serious injections of energy that will make an impact on even the blindest and deafest amongst you. In other words, the time has come for the whole of mankind to awaken, and the wake up call will be loud and clear. We will not give any details, but we will start to amp up the volume in this upcoming period to such a degree it will be impossible to ignore. So, to all of you already sufficiently awakened to hear these messages at this time, we say thank you, as without you, this next stage would never ever come about. So be prepared for some monumental changes indeed, whether you believe in us or not, for the time has come to sound the alarm bells that will wake up even the most sound asleep ones. It is time to open the eyes, ears and hearts of the rest of humanity, as you will not be allowed to continue to sleepwalk over the edge and into the abyss.

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  1. Wonderful news! I can hardly wait to read more and actively participate in any way!

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