The Importance of Owning your Personal Power (Part 5 of 6)

The Importance of Owning your Personal Power – Part 5

Edgar Cayce, the great sleeping prophet, made another very important statement involving power. He talked about the importance of developing positive anger. I emphasize the term “positive” anger. Positive anger is controlled anger that is not directed at other people or yourself but rather at the dark force that is trying to push us down. It is used to catapult us toward the light and positivity.

There is enormous power tied up with anger. The idea is to channel this power constructively and creatively. Jesus turned to one of his disciples when he started to complain and said, “Get thee behind me, Satan.” I think positive anger has to do with having some real emotion and feeling behind your power.

When you say the affirmations to yourself, say them with emotions and real power or they won’t work. The subconscious mind and other people will victimize you to the degree that you do or do not own your power. As soon as you mean business the subconscious will become your servant. You have to make it serve you, not ask it to serve you. It should also be noted here that God is not going to control your subconscious mind for you, no matter how much you pray. That is not His job. That is your job.

Every morning when get up, claim your power, and commit yourself to becoming the master of your life. Be loving, serve God, and have a great day, and let nothing in this universe stop you from your appointed task. This is how to live properly. Once you have established your power, then pray for God’s help and do some affirmations and visualizations to program your subconscious mind the way you want it to work for you. This is the ultimate power in the universe.

Do you realize the power that is at your disposal? How can you not win this war? How can you not eventually get to the top of the mountain? How can you not be successful with all this power? Add to this the fact that we are each the sons and daughters of God in truth and are each one with God. Can God and the sons and daughters of God lose a battle with Satan, which is another name for ego, illusion, negative thinking?

My Two Favorite Spiritual Affirmations

1. God, my personal power and the power of my subconscious mind are an unbeatable team.

2. Be still and know that I am God.

Another method of charging up your power is to visualize some symbol you are holding that denotes your full power maybe a sword, a crown, the Rod of Moses, a baseball bat. Combine this kind of imagery with your affirmations and you will feel even more power. Psychological Disidentification and Identification Exercise

Suggested instructions:

Every morning and every night for twenty one days repeat this page of affirmations out loud three times until they fully sink into your conscious and subconscious mind.

Disidentification Exercise:

I have a body, but I am not my body. My body may find itself in different conditions of health or sickness. This has nothing to do with my real self, or the real “I”.

I have behavior, but I am not my behavior. All my behavior comes from my thoughts. If I have not developed self mastery and I am operating on automatic pilot, I sometimes behave inappropriately. Even though I behave well or poorly, I am not my behavior. This has nothing to do with my real self, my real “I.”

I have feelings and emotions, but I am not my feelings and emotions. If I have not yet developed self mastery, my feelings and emotions are sometimes negative and sometimes positive. As I become more of a cause, creator, chooser and master of my life this will change. Though a wave of feelings and emotions may overtake me, I know I am not my feelings and emotions. My true nature will not change. “I” remain the same.

I have a mind, but I am not my mind. My mind is my tool for creating my feelings, emotions, behavior, and body, as well as what I attract into my life. If I have not developed self mastery, my mind sometimes runs me, instead of me running my mind. My mind is my most valuable tool, but it is not what “I” am.

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