Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 182

By Aisha North

The Manuscript of Survival

For eons, mankind have been walking in the shadows, many of their own making, but now, finally, some of you have noticed that the light is shining just over the edge of the crater you have been wallowing in for so long. And you have therefore taken it upon yourselves to climb out of that dark crater and approach the light. By doing so, you have also made the light shine even stronger, and as such, your actions have brought the light to so many other people’s notice. In other words, what was once a dismal and dark abyss for many, has now started to stand out more clearly because of that light you took down into it whilst climbing out, so now, more and more of your fellow men are also starting to notice the difference between the two states.

Let us explain. We have often times mentioned the fact that you are not only heaving yourselves out of the morass you have been stuck in for so long, you are also, by your very actions, compelling others to join you. We know that this is not a new subject for any of you, but it bears repeating as you have a way of letting it slip from your memory. And when it does, two things happen. First of all, you seem to lose the focus on your own path, and think that you are lost on this ledge going from the dark and up into the light. In addition, some of you get a strong inkling to feel that you are somehow responsible for pulling many others with you up that path upwards towards the light, and as a result, you literally hurl yourselves off from the ledge and back into the deep dark hole you just crawled out of. Both things are very counterproductive, to say the least, and none of them are a true part of your quest.

Let us explain again what your true path is, namely to strive for the light and to anchor it in any way you can, thereby securing the light a much firmer foothold on your little planet. And as such, you have already made a formidable job of it, and even if you still insist on looking back into the darkness and avoid this ever brightening light that you stand in, you have come so far there is no turning back now. In other words, even if your feet seem to be tangled in the web of yesteryear, the rest of your soul is already out and breathing the fresh air of tomorrow. And when you do, wafts of this fresh air will also touch the lungs of those still stuck down in the old mire. As we said, by your mere actions of self-release will you set free so many others, but you will effectively entangle yourself back into that old snare if you think you have to stay behind and push others up from their chosen spot to reside.

You are to be the wayshowers, as we have already said on so many occasion, and now, that will come true in so many ways. As you know well by now, you are all heading for a period of time when the darkness will seem to outgrow its own size. Or to put it in other words, when the negativity will seem to swallow up most of what you hold for granted. It will do so in order to make itself seem more powerful than it really is, as this darkness has already lost the ground it has fought so hard to purloin. It has lost its ground, and it will never ever be able to regain it, but as it slips even further out of its grasp, it will certainly make a great show of trying to prove otherwise. So your light will be sorely needed dear ones, as you have already amassed sufficiently of this life-giving substance to breathe freely even when the rest of your fellow men feel like the last breath of freedom is being sucked out from their lungs.

And remember, just by breathing freely will you help others draw breath, you will not be asked to give your light away into the mouths and bodies of others. This is a warning, as there are many out there still feeling beholden to others, and still under the illusion that if they do not give their light away to others, all will be doomed. That is not the case, as only those choosing to stay under the surface will remain there. All of those wanting to come up for air will do so, and when they see you, they know that the air in that space is viable for them all. We speak in riddles as always, but the message is clear. Your only responsibility is to stay calm and focused, and to keep breathing in the light and thereby breathing it out again. Then, and only then, can others follow in your footsteps. They cannot do so if you readily plunge yourselves down into the deep to push others up to the surface. Then you will only drown in their drama and sorrow, and with you, so too will so many others. So stay where you are, and do what you do so brilliantly, namely embodying the Source in all of its might, and you will continue to be a pillar of strength in a crumbling world

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