Maya White Astrology: New Moon in Leo

HJ: Maya offers us some of her wisdom and knowledge of the heavens in her most recent post on the recent new moon in Leo.  As we move closer to ascension, planetary movements are having increasingly potent effects on our consciousness and personal energies.  Understanding the energies being brought forth as well as the context can help us better cope with these sometimes uncomfortable changes and upgrades. – Truth

By Maya White

Maya White Astrology


What’s Going On * Leo New Moon  

The Sabian Symbol message for 26 Leo is:  “After a Heavy Storm, a Rainbow Appears”

The days before any new moon are a time of completion and contemplation .We turn inward In the same way that the moon decreases her light. The dark days before Luna is born again can bring us to a state of comfort, or they bring us to a psychological cave.

Because of the stressful planetary aspects on the days before this New Moon of August 17th, many were driven to face the depths of their inner storms. Hour by hour, people responded to the tensions of August 15th; the day when Venus dared to interrupt the stand-off between Pluto and Uranus, and Mars joined forces with Saturn. Our muscles were sore from unconscious tension, and our minds weary from unrecognized anxiety. And, now finally, like the fresh air after a storm, the New Moon comes as sweet relief.

The Sabian Symbol message regarding a rainbow after heavy storm is perfect. I am always inspired by rainbows. My most amazing time was in Acadia National Park in August of 2002. I was hiking on a short trail; a bit off the beaten path, but not very far from the mainstream hustle and bustle of regular tourists. I stopped to sit on a bench, a cloud suddenly developed no more than 50 feet away from me. The cloud was small, maybe 100 feet wide, and near a pine tree centered in a small meadow.  After a few minutes, it started to release precipitation. I could hardly believe my eyes as the cloud began raining – in front of me, but not ON me. Then, after gently raining for 10 minutes or so, it stopped, and next – a rainbow appeared!! This is a true story.

No matter how many times in my life I see a rainbow; I will never take them for granted. I nearly lost my life in an automobile accident 8 years
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