Dr. Joshua David Stone: The 40 Golden Keys to Becoming Financially Wealthy (Part 2 of 3)

The 40 Golden Keys to Becoming Financially Wealthy (Part 2 of 3)

Law 16: The next law of prosperity is to find your security within yourself, not outside yourself. To remember this myself I use the affirmation, “God and the Masters, my personal power and the power of my subconscious mind are my stocks, bonds and financial security!” This way, even if everything was taken away, I know I can build it all back up again using these same inner laws and powers!

Law 17: Whatever form of manifestation takes place, bless that experience and thank God for it. Always remember, God gives you the perfect lessons and Spiritual tests you need at any given moment. Sometimes God may test your faith and Christ Consciousness before giving you the keys to the Kingdom!

Law 18: Practice perseverance, for this prosperity program is a continual lifetime process. You will always be manifesting things. As the Bible says, “Be ye faithful unto death, and I will give thee a Crown of Life!” Many times people give up moments before the actual manifestation is about to take place. It also must be remembered that these are laws of God and they work every time if applied accurately, consistently and in a persevering manner.

Law 19: The next law is to hold the energy and etheric form of that which you are trying to manifest. So in other words, if you are trying to manifest the lottery, see the energy of the lottery embodied within you and see yourself having already manifested the lottery on the etheric plane. So it is just waiting to manifest on the Earthly plane any moment.

Law 20: When you pray always ask for this or something better. It is always good to say that, for God may have something even better for you that you had not even thought of!

Law 21: The next law is to release all guilt, and thoughts or feelings of being undeserving. Forgive self for all mistakes and let go of the past. Know that God wants you to be prosperous so you can be of greater service. Your worth comes from the fact that God created you and God does not make junk!

Law 22: When you complete the prayer, surrender the prayer to God and visualize it floating up like a bubble merging into God’s Heart.

Law 23: Before doing the prayer, clear all negativity in yourself and clear all negativity in your relationships. If you have any old debts of any kind pay them off, or make a plan to pay them, and make sure things are clear between you and the other person or people!

Law 24: The next law is to experience yourself as inwardly rich. The person who is an inner millionaire is the one who lives their life in Spiritual / Christ / Buddha / Krishna / Moses / Mohammed / Mighty I AM Presence / God / Goddess Consciousness in an integrated and balanced way! Many people have money but they do not have happiness or inner peace, and are not at one with God. By developing this first, we develop the Midas touch and everything turns to gold. So in your life, act like a millionaire. This does not mean being frivolous and wasteful with your money, but rather just having that air and Aura in total humility of being a millionaire. This will help attract it to you!

Law 25: Realize that any money or material thing you receive is not really yours, it is God’s and so use it in a sanctified manner. God wants you to have money and be a millionaire, for the more money you have the more you can give to others and the more you can use that money to help others.

Law 26: The next law of prosperity is that of completion. This is an interesting law. Let’s say you are trying to manifest a new house. One of the laws of prosperity is that to manifest a new house you must complete the old house. Before you move you must completely clean it whether the landlord requires it or not. You must get everything organized and leave that house better than it was before you moved in. This is the same law that campers and hikers know about. Whenever one leaves a campsite they always leave it in better condition than when they found it. This is crucial to the manifestation process in terms of accelerating it.

Law 27: The next law of prosperity is to get rid of all negativity on every level inwardly and outwardly, which leaves room for the new energy to come in. If you have a trash can filled with trash it just makes sense that you throw out the trash first to make room for a new energy to manifest. One must die to the old self to allow the rebirth to take place. So what you are attempting to do in this law is to create a vacuum for this new energy to manifest into. This is the law of precipitation.

Law 28: The next law is the law of equivalency. Let’s say you are trying to manifest a trip to Hawaii. When you pray, don’t limit the prayer to just asking for the money so you can go to Hawaii. Ask to go to Hawaii and God may have someone give you a free ticket or you may win some prize, or you could win some money or be given some money. We do not want to limit the ways God can give us what we want.

Law 29: This law of prosperity deals with the law of generosity. If you expect God to be generous with you then you must be generous with God’s Sons and Daughters and your brothers and sisters.

Law 30: The next law of prosperity is that you must be happy for other people’s prosperity. For if you are jealous, envious, in competition and bitter or upset when other people gain prosperity that you do not have, this is the number one quickest way to block yourself from ever having any. What you give to another is what you give to yourself. Your brother and sister are incarnations of God and there is only one being and we all share that identity, so if you are not happy for another’s abundance, even though you do not share it, you have only succeeded in sabotaging your own abundance. Does your left hand become upset at the success and health of your right ear? This is literally how absurd being jealous, envious or unhappy about another’s success is.

Law 31: See money as a very Spiritual thing or commodity, not as a dirty thing. Have you ever looked at the back of a United States dollar bill? It has a pyramid with a crystal capstone on top of it, with a Third Eye coming out through the crystal capstone. In the center of the dollar bill are the words, “In God We Trust!” If you think of money as dirty or the root of all evil, which it is not, you will block your prosperity. The creators of the American money were extremely Spiritual people. They were involved in very mystical orders such as the Rosicrucians and others like it. They put all kinds of esoteric symbols all over the money to Spiritualize it. It is very important to understand this! It’s a good idea that whenever you give money or write a check, to say a prayer for the money, or bless the money, or charge it with Spiritual energy or stamp your check with some Spiritual words or a Spiritual symbol to use it as a vehicle of Self and God Realization!

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