An Explanation of DNA and the Ascension Process

HJ: I came across this article recently and found it to be an excellent source of information on Ascension and the role of DNA in that process.  This summary of the complex process of ascension highlights some important points and concepts relating to the physical changes that we undergo during that transition.  – Truth
By Sal Rachele

Sal Rachele

Ascension is one of the most misunderstood processes throughout the world. Known by many names, including “rapture” and “harvest”, ascension involves two steps: (1) the translation from a third-dimensional dense body to a lighter fourth-dimensional body; and (2) the transfiguration of the fourth-dimensional body to a fifth-dimensional body of light. There are actually two kinds of ascension: spiritual ascension and physical ascension. Spiritual ascension involves the liberation of the soul through dropping the physical body. Any soul who has progressed sufficiently in awareness and understanding can go through spiritual ascension. The simplified equivalent to this is “going to Heaven after you die.”

Physical ascension has, in the past, been reserved for a select few souls who have mastered the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual facets of life and are able to take their bodies with them into the higher realms. At the present time, a major change in the Divine Plan has been implemented, which allows for a large number of souls (up to 20 million) to go through physical ascension without having mastered every detail of physical life. This Divine Dispensation normally only occurs at the end of a Great Cycle (every 26,000 years). In early 1991, in Sedona, Arizona, I spent a lot of time meditating. I received information telepathically through the filter of my “God Self”. The information was quite specific and involves what I call the “master template.”

The Master Template

In Life On the Cutting Edge, I wrote about the building of the “crystal light body” and how our cells are converted into light through a complex process I call the “master template.” DNA is the biological component of the master template or the Divine Program for creating sentient beings in lower densities. The secret to ascension, rejuvenation, perfect health and immortality is two-fold: (1) Embrace the Love of God within the emotions and mind; AND (2) learn to reprogram the DNA to align with the Tree of Life (Kaballah, Sacred Fire Letters, or whatever other name you have for it). The Tree of Life is the divine configuration of atoms and molecules that gives rise to intelligent life in the Universe. The message I then received was that the light body conversion process had started in my own body (the specific trigger was an event called 11:11). Some people I knew at the time had begun their conversion process earlier, and some would begin later. This conversion process does not show up immediately in one’s appearance. Also, any physical, emotional or mental blocks in the individual must come up and be released in order for the process to proceed smoothly. But the process is pre-determined by the structure of the DNA and “sacred fire letter” codes (DNA keys). The soul/oversoul of the individual determines the timeline based on what the individual has learned and whether or not they understand how to transcend karma.

The understanding I received directly is that each embodied soul has a master template encoded within the DNA that determines when the “trigger” is activated. At the time of the activation, the cells of the physical body begin to mutate into the light body form. My trigger occurred in 1991, and as of 2004, I am approximately 0.2% (2/1000) complete in my ascension process. The ascension accelerates logarithmically, so it starts slowly and builds momentum. At this rate, it will be complete within 20 years. There are techniques that can manipulate the master template, although the timeline is usually pre-set by the soul prior to incarnation. The ease with which the process occurs can be greatly influenced by the level of understanding of the soul and the type of techniques used to increase awareness. In my meditations and personal counseling, I try to increase awareness of what is happening, although the actual templaste program is very complex and nearly impossible to understand. As stated above, the template is activated by each individual soul at a particular point in his/her evolution.

One meditation I like involves visualizing the strands of DNA being activated, going into a special power place (Halls of Amenti) and activating the sacred fire letters (patterns of energy that form the DNA). The entire meditation takes 20 to 40 minutes depending on the situation. This meditation is available to advanced students in its entirety in the Meditations section of this website and is available on cassette.

The Merkabah

The Master Template creates a field of light around the physical body. This field is often called the “merkabah.” There are conflicting accounts of how the merkabah works and how it is activated. Two of the pioneers in this area are Drunvalo Melchizedek and Ashayana Deane (Anna Hayes). I am not an expert on Drunvalo’s technique, but I am somewhat familiar with his work. Since I do what is commonly called “ascension activation” meditations, I apparently receive some similar information. Drunvalo’s website is There are disagreements among merkabah and ascension practitioners. For example, Ashayana Deane severely criticizes Drunvalo’s techniques and offers her own version. Her website is I cannot stress strongly enough that we MUST get in touch with our own inner God presence and ask that presence to show us the best steps to take to build our merkabah vehicle (crystal light body and surrounding sacred geometries). Try Drunvalo’s and Ashayana’s techniques and see how you feel. Do they expand your awareness? Do you feel more balanced and integrated? I recommend you invoke psychic and spiritual protection before and after each use of the techniques. See my article on Psychic and Spiritual Protection.

As stated above, the Master Template is an AUTOMATED program that converts 3D cells into 4D cells by infusing light into the body. Eventually, these 4D cells become 5D cells (CO2 is converted to SiO2) and the crystal light body is manifest. This is the mechanical definition of ascension. The light body is impervious to the environment, immortal and disease-free. As David Wilcock has pointed out in his Convergence series (, the ascension process unfolds according to principles of sacred geometry. The merkabah is a sacred geometric configuration that enfolds the auric field and meridians of the physical body into the etheric blueprint of the soul. Each level of evolution has a specific geometric configuration. The Convergence series goes into this in detail.

An analogy can be found in ordinary water. When water is super-charged with an electromagnetic field, the molecules become hexagonal in shape. When a colloidal suspension is bombarded with EM waves, sacred geometries form in the suspension. As the human body (largely water) is bombarded with high-frequency EM waves, the sacred geometries of the merkabah begin to form in the auric field. Although this can be influenced by using techniques such as the ones presented by Drunvalo, Ashayana and this author, keep in mind that the master template unfolds in a perfect, timely manner, and if you try and force the process, you could experience negative results. Although time is of the essence, one should not be in too big a hurry to ascend. Your motivation for ascension should be the expanded level of service and experience of God’s Love that it involves. Your motivation should NOT be “I can’t wait to escape this hell-hole called Earth.” Such a motivation will hinder your spiritual progress, as will any form of making something wrong (judgment).

Everything is unfolding perfectly. Keep this thought in mind as you explore the mechanics of ascension.

Benefits of Ascension

The Light Body uses silicon as its primary building block (unlike the flesh body, which is based on carbon). CO2 is converted to SiO(which, as you probably guessed, is the formula of common quartz crystals). The crystal light body shimmers and sparkles to those who can see it but is invisible to those stuck in lower 3D. That is why, in the story of the rapture, people simply disappear (from the perspective of a 3D entity who stays behind). To the one who has just ascended, the world does not completely disappear, but takes on a radiance unlike anything previously experienced. It is as if a new world has been born. In actuality, both worlds existed all along, but one’s awareness was focused on the 3D/4D world. The 5D world is a place of indescribable beauty. Everything shines and vibrates. There is no birth and death, as we know them, no sickness, no aging, no worry and no fear.

Once we learn how to stop aging and remain eternally youthful, then we also learn how to create our body to be any way we like. If we get tired of it, we just change it. We dematerialize and rematerialize wherever and whenever we want (across any part of time and space). So the thought that we would get bored living forever in the same body is totally irrelevant. In higher states of consciousness, there is no such thing as boredom anyway.

This scenario need not take place in the far distant future. It is available in this lifetime if we remain single-focused on God’s Love and service to others. Ascension is here now in this incredible time period in which we chose to embody.

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