Cosmic Awareness: After Ascension – A Timeframe for Dramatic Changes

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

Cosmic Awareness

QUESTIONER: Interesting, thank you. His next question: “It is my understanding that after Ascension bodies will be changed to a lighter version that will be self-healing and no longer be subject to sickness. This suggests a much longer lifespan. Related channeled messages suggest many dramatic changes after Ascension. What is the timeframe for the dramatic changes? Will it┬átake years or even decades or centuries for these changes to become evident?” Your comment please?

COSMIC AWARENESS: It truly depends on the level an individual has reached in terms of their own progress and also how quickly they will experience the installation of such a way of being.

For example those who have truly worked on themselves, who have committed themselves to increasing their awareness and raising their consciousness will ascend to “higher levels”. All this means is that they will adopt the Light Body spoken of here, not so much because the body lightens but because they are coming back as 5th dimensional conscious beings that live in a non-corporeal state and are able to create instantly.

Thus when they enter into a physical state, even a physical body, that body that is created will be one of lightness where healing can instantaneously occur. Therefore those who wish to have this as their experience may, for example, reenter a body decrepit with age, prone to illness and disease – but if they have that higher spiritual awareness, the 5th dimensional consciousness, they can re-create the physical body and heal it, and they can make it younger. It does not need to be viewed or believed in at an age that it was when the Ascension process occurred. This defines those who have achieved a higher awareness and a higher level of Ascension.

Those who have not achieved that same level but are able to ascend to the lower levels of Planet A will find that they will learn quickly how to do this. Their learning curve, if you will, may take several months but it will advance quickly, as there will be those teachers from the higher levels of consciousness available to them to help them over the last blocks and hurdles that permit them then to step into an understanding of how to be 5th dimensional in a physical body, restructuring it, redefining it, re-creating it to suit one’s needs.

Finally, those at the New Eden of Planet A/B may take much longer to learn this. But again, teachers are prepared and ready even now to come back into physicality in the new paradigm of belief, and instead of being rejected they will now be listened to and heard far more than is currently the case. There will be “new religions” that will not be based on old war gods that misrepresented themselves but rather based on the higher level of one’s spiritual nature that is taught to those individuals who will be open to receiving these teachings.

They will have an accelerated learning curve, although there will still be free will. There will be many who resist this for they are not quite ready for this, but they are on a new timeline of development that can quickly move them into spiritual comprehension and awareness over a few lifetimes versus hundreds, even thousands of lifetimes in physicality. There will even be those in one, perhaps two lifetimes, who will get it, who will understand the truth of their spiritual nature having a physical experience and involve themselves in a personal Ascension experience.

It must be remembered that there are Ascended Masters, those who have been physical in their lifetime when they learned what the inner truths were, when they chose to ascend and achieved Ascension: Buddha, Krishna, that entity known as Jesus, are all examples of those who went through personal Ascension. In the new Planet A/B scenario there will be a quickening of the process that leads individuals into personal achievement of Ascension and they will ascend in a matter of years or a few lifetimes, and this too would be possible in that which will be the new way of things. This completes the answer of this Awareness.

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