Mercury Goes Direct: What It Means For You in the Coming Days

HJ: The Healers Journal is happy to present this thoughtful and profound astrological forecast concerning Mercury going direct.  Maya goes beyond the typical astrological forecast and delves into the esoteric nature of reality, bringing us a unique blend of philosophy, fact and her insightful analysis.  – Truth


By Maya White

Maya White Astrology

Mercury stations direct on August 7th, freeing us of delays and misunderstandings and clearing the way for speedy delivery of all that is promised for the 22nd when he/she waves a friendly hello to the planet of opportunity, Jupiter.

Of all the archetypical gods and goddesses, only one had the power to enter into the Underworld and return unharmed- Mercury, also known as Hermes. This busy winged messenger was able to transcend the boundaries of physical matter to travel through time and space. Astrologically, Mercury is the link between mind and matter, heaven and earth. The winged messenger’s astrological glyph consists of the cross, a circle, and a crescent; symbolizing the uplifting of humanity to receive spiritual nourishment. Mercury prefers no gender, leaving the issues of sex and sexuality to other planets.

Surely Mercury resembles its namesake, quicksilver, as he/she busily delivers important communications here and there. Active Mercury rules two astrological signs, Gemini and Virgo. A mutable or adaptable earth sign, Virgo is known for qualities of discernment, and rules our sixth house of health as well as how we interface with this physical realm as we express our soul purpose. As lord of the air sign Gemini, Mercury rules thinking and speech, which would include the power of language and spoken words. Body parts assigned to Mercury and Gemini are the arms and hands, primary tools of our minds, as well as the lungs and vitalization of the body through breathing.

Mercury may seem small and insignificant as a planet, but this swift messenger plays a mighty role in the scheme of our archetypical development. Just as the planet Mercury orbits most rapidly around the Sun in our solar system, astrological Mercury is in constant motion. The planet Mercury was revered because of its position in the solar system. Of all the gods, Mercury was closest to the Sun, or solar logos, and therefore most intimate with the source of life, as the sun was viewed by ancient people.

Changing Matter through Alchemy

Reality and mythology inevitably merge when blended by the relentless waves of time, and Mercury as Hermes is no exception. Hermes was accepted into Greek mythology, and later became Mercury. Even more clues as to the nature of Mercury come to light when one looks at the role of Hermes Mercurius Trismegustrus, or Thoth, the great teacher of alchemy. This Hermes was regarded by the ancient Egyptians as the embodiment of Universal Mind. Hermes (also known as Thoth) was credited as the author of 20,000 books, as well as a great teacher of medicine, chemistry, law, art, astrology, music, rhetoric, magic, mathematics and many other disciplines. The Egyptians also credited Hermes with the measurement and recording of time.

It is doubtful that the Egyptian deity Thoth was actually a living being named Hermes, author of 20,000 books; but the archetypical qualities of these characters have merged into one. Thoth is remembered as the Lord of the Divine Books, the most important of his works being the sacred ‘Book of Thoth’, the book that taught secrets of tarot, an ancient system of wisdom and divination.

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