Nassim Haramein: New Mayan Artifacts Revealed by Mexican Government

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Finally Nassim Haramein’s ancient star-gate artifacts makes some news! Watch his youtube presentation with Klaus Dona and make your own judgments on the “pre-mayan artifact”.
July 31, 2012
“This is really good news. Because just recently at a recent conference, Dr. Nassin Haramein gave a presentation with others on previously classified Mayan tablets found by the Mexican government. The government has now released some of the information for humanity, concluding that the events depicted in the tablet could either be an event from the past or an event to take place in the future.The information which has been protected for 80 years was expected to reveal the Mayan beliefs in future catastrophes and wisdom characterized as “shocking,” also the information about Mayan contact with extraterrestrials has been awaited, this has now been verified.
I believe this is very important for humanity, not just for Mexico. And considering that this information has been protected for 80 years, and how important it really is for people to understand the series of events that are coming, and the consequences for all of us.” This is what they stated before the announcement to release this new information. (Raul Julia-Levy)
When asked if the release will involve aliens, mystical elements or doomsday scenarios that have fueled the popular imagination, scientist`s declined to elaborate on that point.
“I’m not allowed to speak about that,” he said. “Everything is going to come out in time, but I can’t comment on aliens or on 2012.
“I can just say that the Mexican government is preparing to tell humanity and the world things that are critical for us, for the way we live, for the way we’ve been handling the planet.” This he said then, now it`s very much verified.
The tablet shows clearly a planet with some type of habitable atmosphere, several ships, an extraterrestrial being, and more. This could quite possibly be a message from the Mexican government in wake of the Mayan date December 21, 2012. In the tablet one can make out a ship headed toward the planet (Earth) following a comet or massive object as another UFO or ship tries to deflect the object. The UFO is emerging from the sun, this could signify a future change in the sun. What is most interesting is that, these images depict contact with another race of space travelers.”
Update: “These Artifacts were found 55 years ago by a tribe in central Mexico. They have been using many of these artifacts around their necks as decorations, necklaces, etc… Re-discovered to the world in 2011! Carbon dating revealed that they pre-date the mayans. A documentary is to be released by the Mexican government at the beginning of December..artifacts will also show a landing pad that has been found in the jungle plus much more.. “
– with Yesika Ceron, Brien Foerster, Erna Sif Arnfjörð Smáradóttir, Moira Murphy O Mahoney and Sævar Geir Hallvarðsson.
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  1. This is truly amazing, but what is more amazing is the picture of the sun taken by NASA SOHO in March of the exact triangle opening. NASA has removed the pic. An article showing the pic can be found at Also, the triangle sunspot can be seen at 13:33 on the you tube video “2012 something is going on” by It’s worth checking out. Shocking similarities.

  2. Check your sources, bad reporting for sensationalism slow the search for truth and make the authentic seem absurd. Some of these items are fake.

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