Cosmic Awareness: 5th Dimensional Thinking – How to Make it Work in the 3rd Dimension

HJ: One of the longest running channels of all time, with archives going back to the early 1960’s, Cosmic Awareness is one of the best sources of information we have on the nature of reality at this time.  Profound, concise, complex and insightful, Cosmic Awareness has all the hallmarks of a truly authentic off-world source of information.  The source of many books and literally thousands of pages of writings and channelings, Cosmic Awareness is without a doubt one of the premiere channels at this time. – Truth

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

Cosmic Awareness


Thinking from a 5th Dimensional Reality Level and Making Magic Happen on the 3rd

QUESTIONER: Does Awareness have an opening message please?

COSMIC AWARENESS: The opening message from this Awareness at this time is a message of hope at a time when many are now starting to truly experience the conditions and events that have for so long been spoken about and even prophesied by many, and these times will indeed be times of stress and difficulty for many, of fear and hopelessness.

This Awareness, as It has so often said in the past, would remind one and all that these times are simply the times of transition, the changing up from the old guard to eventually the New Guard that is ready to take its position; the New Guard of beliefs, the New Guard of under-standing, of hope and of the knowledge that what preceded is done and complete and what is beginning is indeed a new beginning.

While the events that are beginning to unfold may not be recognized by many as the events of these End Times, others do recognize them as such. For example, the heat and the dry conditions that have been hitting the United States and Canada and even Mexico – these are part of the times where the weather warfare that has been going on for years is reaching a maximum. The storms that are also hitting- the wildfires, the geophysical events of earthquakes and such are all part of the energies of change as Mother Earth shifts herself.

Often there are those who are the Powers That Be, the Elite who are magnifying or amplifying the effects so that many will be affected, and many will have personal experiences of difficulty at this time. But again, this Awareness reminds one and all that as these events of shift and change come into one’s life, not to energize them with fear and stress but to rise above the events, reminding yourself that you are in the transitional times and it is only a matter of time before you come through them, and to look rather to more positive events and the expression of events, so that you feel that you do have something to look forward to.

This applies mainly to those hearing this mess-age or reading these words, those who are feeling the effect of these negative shifts and changes that are affecting them. To those who are not experiencing them as dramatically or even not at all, this Awareness congratulates you, for it indicates that you are already on track, that you as creator beings, whether in full conscious participation and awareness of this, or even at a more unconscious level, are successfully creating a reality where those predictions that so many have set out are not part of your reality. As such you will experience the onslaught of the changes in a secondary way, or if you are truly successful as a creator of your reality, not at all.

But this Awareness would still say that the emphasis would be on a focus of allowing the highest experiences to enter through that come from Divine Source, and trust and believe in the magic of the high spiritual energies manifesting themselves in your lives in allowing the miracles of divine nature to be part of the nature of your own consciousness and your own reality. These are indeed times to not dwell in third dimensionality or the consciousness of third dimensionality, but rather to step into fifth dimensional thinking and beliefs. This can be done very deliberately.

When one is in a situation of stress, of challenge, where an opportunity is presented to go into a third dimensional fear-based response where one can experience great stress and discomfort, great upheaval and suffering – one can stop this process by recognizing that one has a choice whether or not to choose to be immersed in third dimensional energies of reaction or whether one chooses to view this as an opportunity to step into one’s fifth dimensional consciousness. In fifth dimensional consciousness alternative solutions are imagined and created that supersede the third dimensional actions that one may be experiencing.

One will simply experience what one has imagined as the example of their lives they wish to experience, and not be the victim to third dimensional events that surround them. An example of this occurred recently with the Interpreter and his wife Callista on the day of their marriage. The event where the couple was locked out of their home when they returned to get ready for their marriage was reported by the Interpreter in the newsletter. What was not so much reported was that both the Interpreter and his wife were in a position where they both understood and recognized that they could choose to go into complete meltdown and stress, being locked out two hours before their wedding, being unable to enter into their home so that they could get ready and prepare for the guests that were coming.

Instead, they both decided to hold a space for one another where they did not go into the panic. They openly discussed what they could do, whether they would choose to panic and be stressed out or whether they would actively image themselves in the kitchen area beyond the locked door. They did so knowing that they were evoking from a fifth dimensional level, creating from that level of consciousness, and the events then followed that did allow them a half-hour later to enter the home stress free and ready to prepare for their marriage, which they did indeed do.

This Awareness says this is the type of example on an ordinary daily level that is constantly occurring, where individuals will be given situations where they could simply unconsciously slip into a fear/stress response or they can consciously look at the situation they are in and determine and decide that they do not need to play it out that way. They can instead go to a place of 5th dimensional awareness where they deliberately imagine an alternate result and energize this result. Many may say that this does not make sense for it does not work that way, but this Awareness says it is exactly how it works, it is exactly how higher awareness, higher conscious- ness begins to emerge in 3rd dimensionality.

Those who would decline and deny that this is possible are themselves completely stuck in 3rd dimensional thinking and therefore they will experience 3rd dimensional results. The challenge now in these End Times, in these final months as the changes are becoming more and more obvious and more and more extreme is to come from 5th dimensional thinking, 5th dimensional consciousness.

Remember also that these times are speeding up and this also creates a situation of instant manifestation or at least very quick manifestation of what is thought about or believed. As always, if one believes negative results then one will experience those negative results very quickly indeed. If one chooses rather to go with 5th dimensional conscious awareness and imagine instead alternative results that are beneficial, wondrous, magical and miraculous then those will be the experiences that will be brought to one to experience.

This too will help many who are in doubt at this time as they begin to experience the results of positive thinking, 5th dimensional thinking. It is the challenge of these times but this Awareness would say it is better to understand it is also the opportunity of these times to become 5th dimensional, living in 3rd dimensionality, free of the victimhood and control and enslavement that is common to these times, for one has ascended their consciousness and is now coming from a heightened awareness.

In many ways this is Ascension, and it is not simply about passing through portals and vortexes. It is as much about bringing higher 5th dimensional consciousness to bear in third dimensionality. Many are starting to experience this now, and many are starting to see that perhaps they would like to stay in a 3rd dimensional reality, where they come in as 5th dimensional beings who can play in 3rd dimensionality instead of suffering through it. This is the hope and the promise for these times coming for those who are so inclined. This completes the opening message at this time.

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