Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 177

By Aisha North

The Manuscript of Survival

As the sun passes over the horizon, the energies are picking up speed yet again, and you will all be feeling this in your bodies as the time for another injection of these new levels of understanding and information is drawing near. This will in many ways be a very different round than the usual ones, and so it will manifest in very different ways in each and very one of you. Please remember to not feel ”left out” even if you do not have any direct sensation of this new upload, as this does not in any way imply that you are not part of this process. It only means that you have a slightly different set-up, and as always, you are all being given individual doses tailored to fit your special needs. We know it is difficult, but it is important not to compare yourselves to others, as this is not a competititon, but a process of integrating and adjusting that is unique to each and every one of you.

Again, the effects from this new round of energies will indeed vary, but they might be more forceful than usual, so please stay tuned to your own body and make sure that you give it what it needs in order to be able to stay balanced throughout this. So feed it well, and give it the rest or the exercise it needs in order to keep these energies moving and not getting stuck somewhere in your system. We know you are becoming very adept at this already, but we will remind you of it every time, because otherwise you might become trapped in the symptoms as it were and forget that this process is all about advancing forwards, not about feeling stuck inside another bout of physical discomfort and mental fatigue. So stay tuned and stay safe.

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