Patricia Liles: August Blue Moons and Astrological Forecast

Aquarius Full Moon
Sun in Leo ~ Moon in Aquarius at 10º
August 1, 2012 at 9:28 PM MDT

By Patricia Liles

Ascension for All

Uranus that unpredictable genius, rebel Trickster and Awakener, is brought to the fore because of its rulership of the sign of Aquarius.  Richard Tarnas (a personal hero of mine) astutely associates the myth of Prometheus with archetypal Uranus.1  Prometheus, a Titan immortal, created mankind out of clay according to Hesiod’s sixth century B.C. myth.  Pallas Athena assisted Prometheus when she breathed life into the clay and taught Prometheus the many skills including mathematics, astronomy, medicine, navigation, architecture, science, and metallurgy to gift to mankind.  To assist civilization, he manages to rebelliously steal fire from Zeus who has denied Man such gifts.  Thus, putting at our disposal the qualities of insight, creativity, and questing curiosity that are the gifts of fire consciousness and saving us from a perpetual raw foods diet!  Prometheus/Uranus represents the willingness to risk everything to challenge the powers that be, in our case the institutional, omnipotent forces of government, corporations, or any form of tyrannical rule representing denial of gifts/opportunities for all.  Let us not forget Prometheus paid a high price for challenging Zeus as he was tied to a rock and an eagle feasted on his liver by day and it regenerated by night in an endless excruciating agony until he was rescued by Hercules eons later.

Aquarius is the fixed, power, air sign of this Moon, opposite the fixed, power, fire sign of the Sun in Leo.  Aquarius, being an air sign like Libra and Gemini, quickens our minds.  We analyze clearly, reason coolly, form independent views unique to ourselves, and yet remain idealistic, hopeful and focused on the big picture and ahead of the status quo of our times under this influence.  Aquarius energy helps us hold a vision of how we want this global community to look.  Freedom and independence are so necessary for our eccentric Aquarian brothers and sisters.  Sudden and unexpected change is the preferred method used by Aquarius’ ruler, Uranus, to challenge the status quo and keep the social fabric egalitarian and progressive (hence, the symbol of the lightning bolt).  Uranus bestows intuitive intellect, fair-mindedness, loyalty and the capacity for lifelong friendships to the usual Aquarian.  Yes, this Moon may bring out a desire for privacy, make one a little remote and absent minded, and tending toward objectively viewing the more emotional meltdowns going on around us, and we may find ourselves enslaved to our technological devises as electronics, computers, television, electromagnetism, even astrology is ruled by Uranus-Aquarius.  Uranus expands our horizons to a cosmic, galactic view shrinking our personal pettiness and concerns and embracing the social welfare of the diverse collective.

In our Full Moon chart, Uranus-the ruling planet of our Aquarius Moon, is closely aligned with Pallas Athena just like in our Prometheus myth.  They are one leg of a very beneficial fire Grand Trine with the Sun-Mercury in Leo linking our thinking and communication to our solar hearts.  The other leg of the trine is formed by the North Node where we are reaching to open our beliefs of how things have been and lift our hearts to a new frequency of understanding, somewhere where we collapse the separation of duality, competition, and hierarchy into an embracing, united oneness as so many are aspiring to and are practicing in their personal lives.  So, this Moon is an energized opportunity to get Prometheus and Athena working for us to blow life into the new vision that we will soon enough manifest and become.  These two representatives of creative intelligence and skillful manifestation (Uranus in the technologies and Athena in the arts and social justice) are both retrograde.  The cue here is to go inside and do this envisioning internally preparing for the next cycle.  You are being handed an opportunity.  If you don’t take the time and use this Moon-expanded energy to direct it and focus it, you will just feel the swell of juice that comes when the Moon opposes the Sun and receives its full vitalization – always yummy, but you can, with great benefit, transform this juice for your own purposes and increase your personal power.  The Full Moon window is the perfect time for ceremony and meditation in any form and watch for those intuitive messages and synchronicities zinging into your awareness like the shooting stars of the Perseids meteor shower on August 12.

Just don’t be surprised if Pluto’s ongoing square to Uranus brings up your resistances or obstacles to what you want to create or become in your life.  Pluto’s purpose is to transform the shadow into renewable energy and to release the calcified parts of you to gain more power and psychological freedom.  That can be painful and make us appear pretty dismal and unappetizing to ourselves.  This current Uranus/Pluto configuration (rebellion and transformation) so powerfully played out in the French Revolution as well, is helping us (forcing us) to confront and set free the shadow side residing deep in our cultures and our personal past lives in order to transition us into the next level of human evolutionary consciousness.

I was very impressed with the handling of the themes of the balance of the masculine and feminine archetypes and the portrayal of the wounded masculine and feminine in the recent film, “Snow White and the Huntsman”.  Portland, Oregon astrologer, Tony Howard, wrote an in depth review of the film in the August issue of the Mt. Astrologer magazine that aligned the release of the film with the recent, potent Transit of Venus in early June and detailed the revisioning of the Snow White myth with the feminine heroine taking back her power from the negative, dark feminine Queen.  Also check out this yogini’s review of the film.

Mercury in Leo turns direct on August 7th on the same day Venus moves into nurturing Cancer.  We are being gifted with an extended period of learning to think, communicate and take actions via our heart centers that are ruled by Mercury in Leo.  It will take Mercury until August 14 to regain the degree where it began to retrograde, so expect a slow restart for your Mercury based activities.  Also there is another Full Moon in August on August 31 and that would be called a ‘Blue Moon’ because it is the second Full Moon in a calendar month.

This Aquarius Full Moon has the potential to bring us inspiration, insight and innovation and the eagle’s eye view that can lift us above the challenges of a human existence and give us the lion’s courage of heart to focus on the cosmic view.

1 Richard Tarnas, Prometheus the Awakener, 1993, Auriel Press, Oxford, England.

08/07 Mercury goes direct 11:40 PM MDT
08/17 New Moon in Leo 9:54 AM MDT
08/22 Sun moves into Virgo
08/31 Full Moon in Pisces 7:58 AM MDT Blue Moon

Written by Patricia Liles.  Contact her at

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  1. The article entitled: “Patricia Liles: August Blue Moons and Astrological Forecast” seemed promising, but mentioned virtually nothing about the “August (31st) blue moon(s)”. Oh well.

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