Aisha North: A Time of Confusion

By Aisha North

The Manuscript of Survival

I was at my sitting at my computer as usual this morning, opening up to see if there was a message coming through. There was, but I quickly realized that this was not from The constant companions, and I broke off and “retuned” myself to connect with my source. This time, I managed to connect with The constant companions, and they gave me an interesting message I wanted to share with you because I think we all need to be extra careful in the time ahead regarding the information we are given, no matter what source it comes from. Here is what they said to me:

“There are many others out there trying to hijack the already opened channels, and this was one of them, so better be prepared for more of this in the future. Stay with the ones you know, and use discernment whenever someone else barges in your door. It will soon be a free for all out there, and many are trying to get their foot in the door so to speak and misuse those already in service for the light. As you know well by now, the signature is alwasy easy to read, and when in doubt, stop and take an extra check. This will hold you in good service as the days ahead will in many ways be very chaotic, and we also want to warn you that good intentions are not always what they seem. So again, take this as as small taste of what is to come, namely a very confusing time with lots of interactions between the dark side and our side. In other words, things will start to come up to the surface now that have previously been held under the cover of night as it were, and thereby, you too will be exposed to the forces of chaos that are trying to pull the rug from under your feet. They will not succeed of course, but they may succeed in confusing a large number of people and sending them into fear. So stay alert, and stay awake, as times are starting to become even more interesting for the inhabitants of Planet Earth. That is all for now, we leave. “

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