Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 174

By Aisha North

The Manuscript of Survival

First of all, let us just say that today will be an important day in many people’s life, as today will signal the start of another important inducement of energy. It will not be apparent at first, but the underlying current of this transformational energy is of such a magnitude it will literally blast off the covers of all the hidden layers of untruth still lingering in the corners of mankind. We talk in riddles, as always, but trust us when we say that this seemingly quiet morning will soon take on a life on its own, and soon the undercurrents will become visible to all. Much has been done to restore the future of mankind, but still much has been left untouched. It will not be so for long, as the powers that will be unleashed very soon will enable a total reassessment of everything.

You see, so much has been kept hidden from the eyes of the citizens of this little planet, as the powers that rules over you have had so many benefits from this charade they have been playing out. You have only seen the tip of the proverbial iceberg in the goings on around you, but that is to be forever changed by events that will literally turn the light on in even the darkest corners of your homes. This will not be an undramatic event of course, and many will fear the consequences of all of this disclosure, to call it that. But just as an infected wound needs to be exposed to clean air and sunlight to be cleansed, so too your civilization needs to face its innermost, deepest and horribly infected wounds in order to rinse out the particles of miasma collected there before becoming whole again. The process in itself is never a comfortable one, but it is indeed vital. Otherwise, the corruption will never cease, and the wound will never heal.

So stay calm sweet ones, and witness as the first rays of light touches that inner sanctum in all of mankind, and starts to work its magic on all of the suppuration that has been kept hidden for so long. Time has come to literally let the light and air into the most densest and darkest of corners, and remember that those who seek the dark will put up a mighty fight indeed once they see that their favourite hiding place has been discovered. For a fox trapped in a corner will fight viciously while trying to find an escape route. So too these cunning foxes that have made your planet their own hunting ground. They will not give in lightly, but we will not give them any chance to slip away under the cover of darkness. They will be flushed out of their hiding holes, and with them, all traces of the infection they carried to this planet in the first place.

The cleaning is about to start, so do not get surprised if your feet get a little wet in the process. As long as you keep your head above the waterline and face the light, all will be well. But those that desperately try to dive back down into the darkest caves will be innundated with the lifeforce coming in, and they will not make it to the ”safety” of their old hiding places before the force of this cleansing tide literally flushes them out into the open again.

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