Hatonn: Those Who Wish to Evolve With Gaia Will Do So

Hatonn via Nancy Tate

Tree of Golden Light

Wake up Call: Hatonn, July 24, 12

I am here today to make an announcement. I am Hatonn and I am welcoming you all to the news of the day. There is to come a need for laughter and joy, for with this will be the overriding of what may in some cases be considered a dark day on earth.

What in reality it will be, is an overriding of the destruction of the planet and it will result in just a few minor occurrences that may seem to be serious in some ways, but that will be not only a wonderful thing for earth but for all who live on it, as well as within it’s beautiful body. As the circumstances come to fruition by those who wish to see a reoccurrence of what happened to Maldek, we are seeing to it that not only will their plans not be carried out, but instead they will be removed from the planet and from this solar system. They will be taken to a place that is out of the influence of anything on earth and they will be worked with for them to be able to return to their original sources of Light and Love. From that point on for them, they will be given the opportunity to express in that energy and to evolve their way back through the process of ascension in another timetable of existence.

What I speak of in the manner of occurrences on earth is the evolutionary process of Gaia being able to not only sustain her well-being, but to also allow her family of earth beings to grow and evolve along with her. She will see to it that there are no destructive forces that can harm any form of life on earth. She will evolve with all of you, all of life in any form, in the beauty and love expression that you all will be realizing in your lives. It will be in the form of some changes to the surface and these changes will be in harmony with what is to come for the expression of life not only on the surface, but within as well.

All those who have been residing within the earth will find that their evolutionary status will take a jump as well as those who reside on the surface. It will be a matter of being able to form the changes and the ability to create what it is that expresses the love, joy and peace that will be prevalent for all of you. As this evolutionary process takes place, it will be a matter of being able to see and feel within yourselves what it is that you desire, and then in the next instant to experience its manifestation.

This is already beginning for many of you. You have been seeing how quickly you have been able to bring something to you that improves your lives. You have seen how instantly your concerns have been answered, and have brought a smile to your face, and warm gratitude to your hearts and souls. This is but the beginning for you. Be aware of what it takes to bring your lives into the perfection, and then follow it, build on it, for it is your natural state of being.

As you are acclimating yourselves to this way of being, many of you are finding that your bodies are reacting in ways that may be a bit disconcerting. That is a temporary condition of the evolutionary process of changing your denseness to a crystalline state. It will be a short time in the whole picture of your evolution and as it comes to the state of perfection you will find less and less of the disturbances in your field, until at some point you will find no disturbances at all. All will be in perfect harmony.

So, for now dear ones, we are doing what we can to assist you to this perfection. We take care of the things that are within our reach to work on. It is through our agreement that we have set these boundaries in the working business with those who have being working in the darker energies. It is because of those energies that the boundaries have had to be set, for that is the energy of the darkness. That too is changing. As the status of all of you lift and become more crystalline, so too do the boundaries melt away. It is a matter of what can survive in the energies of complete Love, and what naturally melts away in the purity of Love.

I feel that I have said enough today in this message. This one, who is ready to go on with her mission in her new home, will be receiving information that she will relay to you in the times to come. In the meantime she and Bob will be carrying out a series of examples that will be conveyed through the Family Gathering Teleconferences that will resume in the next month. There is much to come in the next few months that will be examples of what I have told you in this message.

Remember that there will be only that which is in favor for the evolutionary process of all of you and Gaia as the steps are taken for the harmonic convergence of all of existence in this grand universe. It is all in the harmony of total and complete Love and Light forevermore.

Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate

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