Dr. Joshua David Stone: Live the Impossible Dream (Part 1 of 2)

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My Beloved Readers, it was Don Quixote from Man of La Mancha that sang the song “Dream the Impossible Dream! Fight the Unbeatable Foe! Bear the Unbearable Sorrow! Go where the Brave Dare Not Go!

On this day of our Lord, Spirit, the Masters and I say to you, “Dream the Impossible Dream!” The impossible dream, with the help of the inner and outer Earthly plane I AM University, is for you to become a 22nd degree Planetary Christ, Mighty I AM Presence and Fully Integrated Ascended Master! The impossible dream is for you to achieve your resurrection and physical ascension as the Master Sananda/Jesus did.

Fulfill your highest seed potential in God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Mighty I AM Presence. Fully manifest your Spiritual mission on Earth. Step fully into Spiritual leadership and Planetary World Service. Develop and refine your consciousness into the Christ, Mighty I AM Presence and Integrated Ascended Master you truly are. Make this the lifetime of all lifetimes! Make this lifetime the collective dream of all humanity to turn our Earthly civilization in to a Christ / Mighty I AM Presence / Ascended Master Civilization.

This is the “Impossible Dream” my friends, that is now made possible through the help of the inner and outer plane I AM University. The Aquarian Age is for all to become the Christ within, the Mighty I AM Presence within, the Integrated Ascended Master within. The impossible dream is to help our Planet, solar system, galaxy, universe, multi-universe and God/dess ascend.

“Fight the Unbeatable Foe!” The unbeatable foe is the negative ego and self, for life is nothing more than self meeting self. We each cause our own reality so no one does anything to us, we do it to ourselves! Adversity is a gift. All problems are caused by the negative ego / fear-based / separative / dualistic / illusionary / selfish / lower-self / materialistic mind. The I AM University gives you the wisdom, insight, understanding, guidance and tools to beat the unbeatable foe!

“Bear the Unbearable Sorrow!” The I AM University helps you to realize that one can have pain, but not suffering. Suffering is of the mind! Pain is of the body. Sananda/Jesus did not suffer on the cross but may have had some physical pain.

Was it not Buddha who said in his Piscean Age Four Noble Truths that all suffering comes from attachment? Let go of your attachments and you won’t suffer. Lord Buddha also said all suffering comes from wrong points of view. We feel the way we think. Happiness is a state of mind, a perspective on life. We can choose a Spiritual / Christ / Buddha / Krishna / Moses / Mohammed / Mighty I AM Presence / God / Goddess Perspective rather than a negative ego / fear-based / separative / dualistic / illusionary / selfish / lower-self / materialistic perspective. The key to bearing the unbearable sorrow is to see it is all in your attitude! Sananda/Jesus even laughed on his way to the Cross, it is written in his Book of Life and Akashic records. Everything that happens in life is a blessing and is there to Spiritually test, and teach and provide opportunities to grow. The unbearable sorrow can be overcome by seeing there is no sorrow, for sorrow is the negative ego interpretation of the mind. The Christ and Mighty I AM Presence interprets all things as opportunities to fully realize Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness. Sananda/Jesus’ crucifixion became his greatest glory, for without the Cross there is no Crown! Without death, there is resurrection! The supreme lemon in life is really lemonade if you will but just see it that way.

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