Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 169

By Aisha North

The Manuscript of Survival

Today, we would like to delve further into the topic of time, as this will be in the forefront in this upcoming period. Earlier, we have discussed the fact that you have all been well trained to think of time as a linear concept, where everything follows a set pattern, and where nothing can be changed once it has taken place. In other words, you have an image of time as a single line unspooling at a set pace, and where you are all chained to this line in everything you do. It is like you are all bound hand and foot by this timeline, and it governs the life of every being on this planet.

Well, let us just say that you are the single civilization in All of creation adhering to such a limited scope of time, and soon, you will literally be cut free from this restricted timeline and tossed into a sea of time and possibility. This may sound confusing, and we can assure that it will BE confusing, as it will be like being sent into a free fall after being used to standing still for eternity. Let us explain.

Earlier on, we referred to the fact that soon, your past, present and future will become apparent to you all, and by that, we mean that you will finally be able to access the full scope of time that exists in creation. In other words, you will literally come face to face with the fact that you are no longer bound by the strict confines of just one timeline, and you come from a source that is already immersed in this sea of timelines, and that will be more than enough to make your head spin. In addition, you will also be able to recollect your former lives, in other words, everything you have already travelled through in order to reach this destination, at the same time as you will start to discern all of the limitless choices of timelines you have stretching beyond you. So, as you can see, this will certainly tax your capability to digest so much information, especially information that will go against all you have been taught beforehand. Let us just say that you will at least be forewarned of this, and you will also already have had a chance to literally dip your toes into this vast sea of timelines. But for others, this revelation will come as such a shock to them they will have a hard time getting through it without losing their hold on their sanity.

So, as we were saying earlier on, you may be expecting changes to come gradually, and you have mayhaps already constructed different scenarios in your mind as to how these changes will come about. Let us just say that the topic we have touched upon today will hopefully make you start to think in other directions, and know that this sudden revelation of simultaneous timelines will indeed be part of this invisible tsunami we have referred to in earlier missives. In other words, do not sit and wait for major cataclysms to trigger the changes you so hanker for, but start to prepare yourselves for a major change in your perception of time. And start to prepare yourselves for the fact that you will soon have to let go of the concept of a single timeline, and with it, you will also have to let go of so much that has defined your lives as human beings. Because from that day onwards, you will be amongst all of your brethern, able to switch back and forth between the different layers of time, and with it, you will finally be able to switch beween those different dimensions you have all been waiting to access. From that day onwards, the doors will open up to a whole new way of living, unfettered by those crippling limits that has been holding you all back for so long.

But remember, with this freedom comes a whole new set of responsibilities too, and with it also comes a whole new set of lessons. Because without giving yourselves the time to take it all in and re-member the basics of living in a limitless multiverse, you will literally drown in this sea of opportunities. So listen well, and you will be given ways to start to learn to swim again. And remember these lessons will come in many shapes and forms.

Again, it is imperative that you remember to connect to that inner sanctum we have talked so much about lately, because that is where these lessons are given, and if you lose that focus, the din from the outside world will do all it can to mask out the call to attend class. So give yourselves the time and the space you need in order to be able to concentrate your focus inwards, lest you too should drown in that sea of noise and drama that is already starting to wash against you.

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