Saul: Do Not Engage With The Moods, The Emotions, The Anxieties

Saul via John Smallman – July 18, 2012

John Smallman’s Blog

As the most definitive moment in human history approaches, many of you are experiencing tiredness, irritability, mood swings, health issues, relationship issues, etc., so be aware that everything you need to address before you awaken is being brought to your awareness, and it can be rather uncomfortable for you.

Stick with them – the moods, the emotions, the anxieties – but do not engage. No reasoning: “Why this?” “What does it mean?” “What I said/did/thought was right/wrong.” Just observe . . . feel . . . allow . . . and release. No judgment, no blame, because it truly is all illusory and therefore there is no need to become unduly upset.

Yes, it can be difficult for you, but remember you have boundless assistance from those in the spiritual realms who long to help you in any way that they can – just ask!

Forgiveness is the key. So often you blame yourselves for all manner of things, because your various cultures have taught you that you are not good enough, when mostly what you are blaming yourselves for are just moments in time when events have happened – “If I had or had not . . . such and such would/would not have happened.”

Second guessing and blaming yourselves or others is a pointless and pain-inducing exercise that solves nothing and reverses nothing. After all, nothing really happened. It may seem very real, but part of the awakening process is to come to a fuller awareness of the illusoriness of the illusion.

As you release all this stuff that seems to be pouring into your emotional minds, you will find your stress levels reducing and moments of peace will ensue. You do need to spend time quietly, alone, processing all this stuff by just watching it pass. But there is absolutely no need to justify anything. It has all passed. It is over.

By trying to use your reasoning powers to sort things of this nature into meaningful events and occurrences in your lives you are merely focusing on them, holding on to them, and continuing to anchor yourselves in the illusory dream of which they are inconsequential aspects

As so many enlightened ones have told you time and time again, “You are all spiritual entities having a momentary experience as humans.” That is all it is, and it will pass, so do not distress yourselves by worrying about it or trying to change it – just change your attitude, your perception and enjoy the relief that brings you.

You are where you are for a purpose that you chose in order to learn lessons about Love and forgiveness, and to help others learn from your example. In Reality there is only Love, although it has many beautiful aspects and expressions, and forgiveness is just a lesson that needs to be learnt on the path to awakening.

Forgiveness is the realization that no one has offended you, hurt you, betrayed you, or damaged you, and that is very difficult for most of you to understand, let alone accept. You all exist eternally in God’s divine embrace, and the illusory experience that you are presently undergoing is a choice you made individually and collectively when you seemingly separated yourselves from Him. But it remains purely illusory, however real it may seem to you.

The only way out is through the power of God’s Love for you, which is offered to you constantly. For eons you have been ignoring that offer and immersing yourselves in the distractions of the illusion, disagreeing and arguing with one another about who is right or wrong, and then going to war to prove how right you are and how wrong the others are.

Now, of course, most of you on Earth have realized the futility of this inflexible and arrogant way of living. It is becoming ever more apparent to you that you are indeed one, that the actions of one affect all, as you look around with horror at the damage you have inflicted on the planet and each other.

That awareness is leading you to make great changes to the attitudes in which you believe, and through which you demonstrate those beliefs. No longer are you so determinedly attempting to impose your beliefs and values on others, or they on you. Doubtless, as you look at the areas of the world where fighting seems to have become endemic, you often find it hard to believe that change for the benefit of all is in progress worldwide. But when you seek for evidence of these essential and wonderful changes in attitude that will bring you all to awakening, they are visible in many places and situations

When you sit to relax or meditate, intend that the energies you are sharing meld and integrate with those from others with the same intent all over the world, and know that your will in this is totally in alignment with God’s. You are on your path to awakening, the end is in view, and nothing can prevent you from arriving.

With so very much love, Saul.

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