Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 164

By Aisha North

Aisha North

For centuries, mankind has been looking for ways to achieve that ultimate goal of eternal life, and the means to do so have been many. They have included the most frightful concoctions and the most gruesome of rituals, all with one purpose in mind, that of securing a freedom from death. This is in so many ways a misconception, for no one is mortal, it is only the flesh and blood that ceases to be.

Let us explain. This quest for immortality is rooted somewhere very, very deep in your minds, and it is actually a lingering echo from your true self. In other words, your immortal spirit is still shining through, even if it is reduced to living inside a mortal vehicle, such as the one you are all currently residing in. In addition, this physical vehicle has been manipulated in such a way, the life span has been greatly reduced from the original design, and as such, the fear of dying has taken over the controls in many a human mind. That is easy to understand, because that underlying hunger for more life, more wisdom, more beauty and more power is actually derived from a fundamental fact. You are all immortal. But as you have been so carefully separated from this knowledge, there is a large want inside you all for trying to win back this immortality, and that is what is the driving force behind so much madness you witness around you each and every day.

So many of your fellow humans are doing their utmost to achieve immortality yet again, but they are going about it in the wrong way. And that is easy to understand, as it is the force of their own ego who is fuelling this fire that is raging inside. Hence, the relentless search for any age-defying chemicals and concoctions that can stop the aging process on one side, and all of those greedy grasping fingers on the other side trying to accumulate as much power and money as they can. They are all symptoms of the same disease, the disease of forgetfulness, where the spirit has been lost on the way, and the ego rules supreme over the daily actions. Just take a look around you, and you will clearly see just what any man will resort to in order to feel forever young and powerful, and if simple actions of self-preservation is not enough, they will go to extremes in order to at least make an impact in the history books, even if it means going into the darkest alleys of human behavior.

This race for immortality is gathering momentum now, as more and more people feel the oncoming of something inevitable. It is like the panic is growing rapidly, and nothing will be left untried in the quest for everlasting life. You have heard stories of the most gruesom kind, where nothing is considered sacred any more, not even the flesh of other humans. Your so-called medicine makers are desperately trying to find the first pill that will stop the ravaging of time on the human body, and the ingredients they use are becoming more and more deplorable, but they will stop at nothing it seems, because this need for longevity is becoming more and more outspoken.

Why this desperation is coming to the surface now more than ever before is easy to explain. It is because so many of you have already understood the real truth behind this myth of everlasting life. It does exist, and you are all living proof of it. Mankind is not a ”one hit wonder”, as so many others out there seem to believe. Mankind is a work in progress, in an everlasting cycle of rebirth after death, where the particles from your eternal shining soul is being transplanted into a new phyiscal body every time the old one has served its purpose and expired. So why the rush, you think, when you seem to have literally all the time in the world to explore this world, and when you can experience every nuance of it as many times and in as many different ways as you can imagine? This rush of panic is no accident, as it is indeed caused by your insight into this, as the ones still unawares of their own immortality can sense that there are so many around them now untainted by the same panic they feel. In other words, the more awakened souls there are on this planet, the more panic there will be amongst the rest of this planet’s population, because they can sense that the time is indeed running out for them. That is because YOU are creating the new world, where there is no time and place for any of the shenanigans pulled off by those still clinging to the old beliefs of mortality, and therefore they rightly sense that something is up, and so they feel more vulnerable than ever.

So the only medicine they can think off, is to try to stave off the inevitable by becoming even more greedy, violent and needy in order to gather as much of the rapidly decreasing resources they can while there is still time. See them running about, speculating on the markets, injecting their bodies with the most harmful of substances, sucking the lifeblood out of their fellow men in order to stock their larder. And it is all futile, and they know it so well, but they cannot help it. There is something deep inside of them driving them to ever larger excesses, because that deep hole of despair is growing deeper by the minute. They do not understand that this hole will be filled the minute they discover the real truth about themselves, because then, they too will know that there is nothing you lack, not even eternal life, because you are indeed children of the stars, and your light will shine for ever more even if your physical body will not. You do not lack anything, therefore, that needy ego cradled inside the reptilian part of your brain will be silenced once you open up to this truth.

As we were saying, you do not lack of anything, not even eternal life, and as soon as those around you also start to tap into this secret, the falling down of the old will only accelerate. You see, there is nothing holding it together but the fear of dying, and when people lose that fear, there is nothing they want from the old world at all. Therefore, the crowds on that side are thinning out indeed, and the panic at the top is accumulating as you one by one shift over to this side of the divide. They are getting fewer, and they are getting more furious for it, so watch out lest they touch you with their fury and try to entice you back into their fold. You cannot be tricked by their tricks if you stay in your heart of hearts, but you can be fooled into starting to believe in their fearmongery if you let go of that connection. So hold on tight dear ones, the games are about to start in earnest now.

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