Dr. Joshua David Stone: The Importance of Developing Full Consciousness and The Three Levels of Enlightenment (Part 3 of 5)

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The development of a “full consciousness” means seeing and living your life from all 12 Archetypes being mastered, integrated and balanced!

It means seeing every situation of life from all 12 Sephiroth on the Tree of Life.

The development of a “full consciousness” means seeing life from the perspective of the Three-Fold Flame and not just one flame or two flames!

The development of a “full consciousness” means developing a flawless character and seeing life from this perspective.

The development of a “full consciousness” means seeing all situations in life from a fully opened Third Eye, which is a state of “full consciousness!”

The development of a “full consciousness” means realizing and never forgetting for a moment that there are three levels of enlightenment not just one! There is Spiritual enlightenment, the enlightenment of a fully realized consciousness, and physical/Earthly enlightenment that comes from developing physical/Earthly mastery, and learning to fully realize Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Consciosness through the Material Face as well as completing one’s Spiritual mission and puzzle piece in life! It also comes from developing one’s 12 strands of DNA!

Let your Goal be to Develop a Full Consciousness

I have already spoken of Spiritual enlightenment, and what it is to start this lesson and chapter. The prime focus of this chapter and lesson is to explain what enlightenment is on a conscious and psychological level, or what “full consciousness” in a God, Christ and Holy Spirit sense is! If you remember only one thing the rest of your life, remember this, there are three levels of enlightenment and the most important one is to develop “full consciousness!” I have talked extensively in my channelings and writings as to what happens if one develops themselves Spiritually or in an Earthly sense, but does not have a “fully developed consciousness!” This results in the fall, corruption, self-deception, lack of integration, imbalance, fragmentation, false prophets, false teachers, wolves in sheep’s clothing, whited sepulchers filled with dead men’s bones, twilight masters, cult leaders, modern day Pharisees and Sadducees disintegrated channels, teachers and so called Spiritual scientists and psychics!

Let your goal be to develop a “full consciousness,” then Spiritual and physical/Earthly enlightenment! Otherwise all your Spiritual gifts, talents, abilities, channelings, psychic senses, teachings, will become contaminated with the contagion of an undeveloped and unrefined consciousness! If you only remember one thing on the Spiritual path and forget everything else, remember this one thought: Consciousness affects everything and I mean everything!

If I had to pick out one thing above all else that has been the humble key to my success, in achieving my 23/24 levels of initiation and Lightbody it is that, I built my Church and Temple of God on the foundation of a highly developed and refined consciousness first, which allowed me to develop myself Spiritually in a much quicker and easier fashion that was not contaminated by the same degree of blindness and deafness! It is because of the development and refinement of my consciousness that I have been able to pass my Spiritual tests and lessons properly which allowed me to take the initiations I have!

By developing and refining my consciousness and developing a “full consciousness” it allowed me to be given much greater Spiritual leadership than most and allowed Spirit and the Ascended Masters to accelerate my initiation and Lightbody anchoring process much faster than anyone else on Earth, because they knew I had developed and refined my consciousness in such a humble and full way that they knew I would not abuse it!

The development of a “full consciousness” also made it much easier to anchor my Spiritual mission on Earth for when one develops a “full consciousness” one is not only right with self and right with God, one is right with other people! One then develops excellent communication skills, Spiritual leadership skills, charisma, co-creative abilities, yin and yang balance, attunement to the Tao, ability to surrender to Father/Mother God’s Will, and get the negative ego will out of the way, maintain oneness with God/dess in terms of one’s moment to moment realization! One then also develops wisdom on all seven levels, which is crucial for one sees through their mind not through their eyes!

Developing your Seven Levels of Wisdom

Developing your seven levels of wisdom is crucial to having clear vision on all levels. This allows the greater development of Active Intelligence or wisdom that is functional on the physical/Earthly plane. Most Spiritual leaders and Lightworkers have a very limited wisdom! They have developed wisdom on one or two levels and some three or four levels, but because they don’t have wisdom on all seven levels, they invariably fall from grace and fall down the Spiritual ladder or remain stagnant in their evolution. This is the reason why there is so incredibly much blindness and deafness Spiritually, psychologically and on a physical/Earthly level in this world! The entire world is blind and deaf, psychologically speaking, including the so called Spiritual leaders and they don’t realize it! They think because they are awakened or enlightened on one level or two levels, or have wisdom in some of the seven areas, that this makes them an Integrated Ascended Master. What this makes them is a fragmented, disintegrated, corrupted, contaminated, partially blind, partially deaf Spiritual leader who thinks they are an Integrated Ascended Master and thinks they are enlightened, but they are not! There is nothing worse than this and nothing more dangerous than this. This is the sorry state the so called Spiritual leadership the world finds itself in.

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