DL Zeta: Universal Love Shifts us to Awakened Timelines

By DL Zeta

DL Zeta

The storyline or timeline we’re following is by nature a dream spun from our natural yearning to grow and understand.  Each person “spins out” the dream or illusion that allows them to play out the stories that are most powerful for them within that moment.  This dream offers clues as to where a person is in regards to the process of awakening to love.

Lucid Dreams are a Profound Message from Universal Mind

Lucid dreams are the most powerful reflection of awakening consciousness. A lucid dream is a dream where we awaken to the fact that we are dreaming while we’re still inside the dream.  Lucid dreams are the most profound form of message we can receive from universal mind for it offers a true picture of the nature of human consciousness and the shared purpose of each soul.

When we awaken to a lucid dream, we are able to choose what will happen next in the dream. Instead of being the person the dream is happening to, or the person experiencing or reacting to the dream, in a lucid dream we are both the dreamer and the dream.  If we dream we are walking down a hallway, we experience ourselves as our feet moving over the floor, the floor itself, and the walls within the hallway.  We are what lies at the end of the hallway; we are what lies behind us.

Universal Love Awakens us within the Timeline of our Waking Dream

When we allow ourselves to tune into universal love, we awaken within the timeline of our dream just as we awaken within a lucid dream.  Once we awaken, we’re able to consciously choose what we will do.  Choices and possibilities that exist at frequencies incompatible with love fall away.  They simply fall off our radar screen. As we move through life, acting from love and being love, we move along timelines compatible with the frequency of love.  These timelines are lucid waking dreams that allow us to see through illusion and create realities from a conscious and clear vision.

Regardless of what comes before us, we are always free to choose the path of love. We are free to love everything that comes before us. We are free to love ourselves no matter our past. Even though our past, our present and our state of being is imperfect, we can choose to love.  Love is the only frequency capable of transforming everything to a state of divine perfection.

Some people are experiencing symptoms that include a range of sensations. This can be anything from exhaustion, epiphanies, insights, health challenges, anxiety, euphoria, night sweats – anything and everything at all.  These sensations are reflections of universal love tapping on the window of our soul.

Some are not having any symptoms at all; some are not receiving messages.  Each person’s dream is different and moving along timelines consistent with the desires, condition and location of their soul within the present moment.  Each life and the dreams it weaves through time is a mirror reflecting underground streams that pulse through each life. These streams reflect a moment in the single story being played out within all time.  Each soul plays out its chosen role, finding clues along the way for other parts of the story. These clues assist with synthesizing, distilling and assimilating life experience until finally this story becomes so intuitive we awaken inside the dream of our life. It is at this point that we know the entire story of our soul within the blink of an eye. That story, if it were given a name, would be love.

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