Cosmic Awareness: Commentary on Mass Arrests


So Let Go of the Punishment Mentality!

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

QUESTIONER: Thank you, it was excellent advice. It was very much appreciated and I’m sure the membership will be pleased as well, thank you. We go now to an anonymous question. It concerns the David Wilcock interview with Drake who helped spur international legal grounds for the mass arrests about to occur any day now, supported by the U.S. Constitution, the military, federal marshals, local law enforcement officials nationwide and the all-knowing, all-powerful Galactic neighbors. As there is so much “hype” on this possibility would Awareness please confirm if this is so and not disinformation or wishful thinking? In other words, is there any truth to this possibility? Your comments please?


COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness unfortunately cannot confirm or deny that report. This Awareness always insists that one realizes that their reality, the reality the individual experiences, will always reflect the reality of beliefs held.      In other words, if there are enough who believe something there will be a collective experiencing of that. In this case it is held strongly by so many that they would wish for ramification of their desires and intentions of punishment for those who have held such corruption and such corrupted power. Many want them to be punished for this.

This mass-wish, if you will, is what is reflected in this beginning statement, the desire being that those who are responsible for all of this should finally be punished. This Awareness on the one level can support this is what will occur for those who hold this as the reality and will see it to be so in their reality. It cannot confirm it for those who want it to be but still do not trust 100% that they create their own realities and are in doubt and uncertainty. This Awareness could even say this is misinformation being put out to break the concentration and focus of those who wish this to be so, so that by putting out erroneous misdirection they will fall into a trap of believing it is so, waiting for it to be confirmed, and then finding out it never happened.


This type of disappointment is so great for many of the Light Workers that it takes them out of action, if you will, and thus they will not support any longer these types of beliefs, feeling, “Why bother, nothing ever comes of them anyway!” Ultimately what this Awareness would say is that one should hold that those who are accountable for the atrocities that are happening on this planet, for the control and oppression of the masses, for the deceptions and the conning of the collective – that those who are responsible will be held responsible and be made to take the con-sequences of their actions.


Focus on Yourself, and Your Own Personal Journey of Soul Growth


Before this, however, one should first and foremost believe that the individual, him or herself, will still focus on his or her journey. They will hold that no matter what happens to those who have been the deceivers, the Powers That Be, the cabal; no matter who they are, that ultimately one does not focus on them, for this is outside of the circle of one’s own influence, and rather focuses on oneself, one’s own personal journey of soul growth and development.


This Awareness is aware that many will howl against this advice, and will say that one must capture those who are the evil ones, the corrupt ones, the inflictors of so much pain and misery, so much deceit and deception; one must bring them to justice. But this Awareness says that this brings one into the realm of belief that is akin to the level these beings operate from. It does not show the highest awareness or understanding, but if one first and foremost perceives and understands that as one deals with their own darkness, their own inner demons, their own constraints, and constrictions within themselves, and as one finds the freedom within oneself to expand their consciousness, to return back into higher states of consciousness, then one is indeed not a victim to the manipulations of those Powers That Be, and one is free and one can rise above it.


However when people put their needs outside of themselves and deny that they need to work on themselves and instead choose to focus on punishing those who are the deceivers, those who are the corrupt cabal, those who should be punished – then they will remain on a lower level of consciousness and will avoid Ascension because they have chosen to wrap themselves up in the energies of those lower level beings, that lower level of consciousness.


Ultimately there will be consequences to the actions of those who are in power, those who have corrupted, those who have murdered, those who have committed atrocities; that is what Planet B is all about. If one is concerned about their own level of Ascension, then this Awareness would suggest that rather than put too much focus and attention on capturing the ones who are the deceivers and the oppressors, one would be better served to focus on one’s own self-examination and preparation towards their own Personal Ascension.


The Concept of Turning the Other Cheek is Misunderstood


This could be understood somewhat to be that which is considered the concept of turning the other cheek. This Awareness says that this is a concept where one is often told that when something is done to you that you should back off and be humble and not respond and allow the one who has hit you to strike you again. But this is a misunderstood concept. Turning the other cheek is the Christian concept that holds the chance of humility and to be humble, but is erroneous in itself. Thus in a way this Awareness is not saying that one must not defend themselves if they are being oppressed.


One can stand up and speak out and speak in one’s truth and hold the Light strong. One must not allow the forces of darkness to always drive one back and not to respond, not to stand up and react. But one must do so in a way that does not submit oneself to the same energies that those who are the oppressors, those who are the deceivers are acting from. In other words, if a person came into your life and shot someone close to you this Awareness is not saying that you would then take the gun and shoot him and feel you are justified and that you have defended yourself. Rather one would take the gun and constrain the individual. This of course is being but an allegory. The reality of the situation would be quite different but in this allegory one would take the gun and call the police. This is not allowing the individual to move further in oppressing that individual; that one stands one’s ground.


Another understanding of ‘turn the other cheek’ is that when one strikes you, if one is in one’s truest power, that by offering the other cheek it shows the individual who tried to strike you down cannot do so, and even if he struck the other cheek there would be no impact. For such is the strength of one that when one is in such a position one does not need to be humble, one does not need to respond or have revenge, for one will not be beaten. It is the power of the Light that comes forward and stands up against the darkness and shows the darkness that nothing the darkness can do can beat down one who is in their power and in their Light.


Thus it is that it is important to realize one’s power and Light, and one does this by going into the center of their being, finding this power, finding this Light, finding this strength of resolve that will stand against those oppressive forces no matter what they do, no matter how often they strike one. One is indeed indestructible when one is in such power and strength of Light and Love that one does not respond back to the attacks of another, for one is above those attacks. One is in a new strength of resolve and power that lifts one up beyond the levels of repayment that those on the physical seem so intent to exact on others.


Thus the saying of ‘turning the other cheek’ is not to be understood as not being able to respond, but it is about standing so strong and empowered in oneself and empowered in the truth of one’s being that those oppressive forces and individuals on this planet cannot touch that individual any longer. It is this level of strength and empowerment and Light that this Awareness is recommending to all to reach within one-self to discover. To find such a center of inner strength and inner resolve will always help you in these telling and crucial times to rise above the situations of oppression that are now gearing up.


This is strong advice for those who are in oppression at this time and it will help if one truly finds the centeredness of their own being, and if one truly goes within their Inner Garden and lights it up and finds those areas of weakness and darkness that need to be expelled, for as one has such inner darkness one will always bring it into their outer world. When one finds the centeredness, when one lights up the Inner Garden, then one will find that they are not affected by those forces of oppression, because they have simply risen above it.

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  1. The Universe is, in my mind, necessarily coherent. Darkness is a temporary incoherence that will unavoidably be factored out. Truth is eternal. Darkness and incoherence are invariably balanced and the Universal equasion remains perfect. I care not about the ‘punishment’ of the bad guys, and still I look forward to any and all idicators that I am not sleeping and dreaming the impossibly wonderful dream. Still, in a way, I know at a deep level that that is exactly what is going on. Great matters confuse the tiny brain, the age of reason has passed and the age of knowing is upon us. In the heart the Universal choir sings songs of beauty and joy entirely beyond the imagination that is based in the illusion.

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