Dr. Joshua David Stone: Spiritual Alchemy – How to Turn Negative Experiences into Positive Ones (Part 2 of 3)

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This book, and my book The Golden Book of Melchizedek, I consider to be the two best books I have ever written out of the 27 I have written so far. Both came out of watching all the negative ego corruption, contamination, glamour, illusion and maya going on in the New Age Movement among a great many Spiritual leaders, students, and even friends I was working with! I could not believe all the “negative ego corruption” I was seeing in channelings, Spiritual teachers, Spiritual scientists, psychics, and so on. I would sit for hours and hours on end talking with the inner plane Ascended Masters about all the disintegration and fragmentation going on in religion and the New Age Movement, even among some of the most well known Spiritual leaders, channels and teachers on this planet who I have been privy to know! I was seeing things that were blowing my mind! Instead of allowing myself to be brought down by it, I looked at it in unconditional love and with Spiritual discernment, and decided to write a series of masterpiece books that would explore every aspect of the corruption going on that I was seeing as a Spiritual teacher, Spiritual channel and Spiritual psychologist! I turned something that I could have let deflate me or lessen my enthusiasm into what I now consider to be some of the best books I have ever written.

My Beloved Readers, no matter what your situation is, it can be turned into a positive if you will look at it that way and pray to GOD, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Masters, the Angels, the Christed Extraterrestrials, and the Elohim Councils to help you! The negative ego is very conniving and manipulative. However, the negative ego is not as smart as GOD! If you pray to GOD and the Masters and use your own GOD-given creative mind, there is always, and I mean always, a “silver lining”!

I tell you, as GOD is my witness, a person who practices such a philosophy could go to jail and would look at it as a Spiritual retreat! They would say my meals are taken care of. I don’t have to work! What a great opportunity to practice forgiveness and unconditional love. They would say I will spend my days physically exercising, reading, studying the Bible or some other book, and bilocating to the ascension seats of GOD! Calling in light showers and love showers from the Masters! Doing inner plane service work! Looking at everything that happens as a Spiritual test! Seeing how Christ-like they could be under the worst circumstances!

Many things happen in life we don’t understand. Many things happen because of past life karma. Many things happen because of group karma! Many things happen because of this lifetime’s programming. Many things happen because of mistakes by self or others. It all doesn’t matter! No matter how catastrophic the situation, it can be turned into a positive!

The AIDS patient ends up totally changing their priorities. Living in the moment. Appreciating life a million times more. Becoming a speaker traveling around the world speaking for people with AIDS!

Again, there is the inspirational example of Christopher Reeve who broke his spine while riding his horse. Who has not been inspired by his example?

Another excellent example is that of Nelson Mandela, who was imprisoned for over 25 years, and comes out of prison with total unconditional love, and becomes the president of South Africa, and gives total amnesty to everyone! He could have been destroyed in prison and/or become completely embittered, but instead he comes out as a Christ!

Christ was crucified and killed, and used it as an opportunity to practice forgiveness! “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do”!

A person loses their leg and becomes a Special Olympics athlete! If you have chronic health problems, “join the club.” So did Mother Teresa who had a failing heart. So did Saint Francis! You look at it as your Spiritual test and “cross to bear,” and you bear it every day blessing GOD and saying to GOD, “Not my will but thine; thank you for the lesson!” It is fine to pray for a miracle healing every day as well, but since you have given up your attachment attitudes for preference attitudes, you are happy whether you get it or not!

My Beloved Readers, there is no such thing as death, no one can really die for you are not your physical body, you are the soul incarnating into it. Your body cannot be deformed! Maybe your physical body can, but the second you die you get a new one! We are eternal and immortal beings whether we like it or not. It is not up to us to decide such things because we didn’t create ourselves, GOD created us! So all these so-called challenges, or crosses, or negative things are temporary! Life in truth goes by in a twinkling of an eye. GOD deals in expanses of time such as “100 billion years of Brahma.” You don’t want to know how long that is! One lifetime is like a grain of sand in relationship to the infinite universe! The way it works is very simple, and Earth is a Spiritual school and place to serve. To achieve Spiritual liberation and graduation we must maintain a Spiritual/Christ/Buddha attitude and perspective regardless of what comes down the pike! If it is meant to be that we go early then so be it! This may not be our preference but there is no such thing as death and you will see all your family and friends soon on the inner plane anyway! So let’s be serious here. Isn’t death the worst case scenario? Some would actually look at it as a blessing, for we are visiting here and this is not our true home. Our true home is in Heaven!

The story of Job is of course the best example, for everything is stripped away. He loses his health, money, and family, everything all at once! He had a bad attitude for a little while but GOD helped him to see the truth. In having everything go wrong all at once he got rid of all his attachments. Isn’t that wonderful! Did not Buddha say in the Four Noble Truths that all suffering comes from attachments and all suffering comes from wrong points of view? Does this not sum it all up right there. Your suffering, my Beloved Readers, is your attitude and your attachment, not what is going on in your life! Everything that is happening in your life and in everyone else’s life, in truth, is a “blessing”! This is the way GOD sees it and this is the way it is! It is just a matter of time until you will let go of the negative ego’s interpretation of what is going on and accept GOD’s, Christ’s, and the Holy Spirit’s and the Spiritual/Christ/Buddha consciousness interpretation of what is going on! Sai Baba says to “Welcome adversity”! If someone attacks you and criticizes you, “bless them and thank them” for giving you the Spiritual opportunity for practicing personal power, keeping your Golden Bubble up, turning the other cheek, getting to practice forgiveness and unconditional love, loving your enemies, recognizing that an “attack is a call for love,” practicing innocent perception and seeing that person as the Christ even tough he or she does not see themselves that way!

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