Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 158

By Aisha North

Aisha North

We have touched upon this subject so many times earlier, but now we will repeat it again. The reason for this will be obvious, as there are so many out there struggling to keep the focus in the midst of these tumultuous energies that are bombarding you all. Keeping the focus is indeed vital, as otherwise, you might get lost in the symptoms as it were, and fail to see the big picture.

Let us explain. For most of you, these last few months – or maybe even years – have been marked by an intensifying feeling of overwhelming conflicting emotions, where you one day might literally be feeling like flying high and free over the chaos that surrounds you on all sides, and where you the next day will literally crash and burn under the pressure asserted not only from your surroundings, but also from your own expectations. You see, you have all a very, very clear picture of where you are going with all of this hard work and exertion, but as you have all been programmed to forget, you will have a very hard time when everything seems to be at a standstill, or even backsliding faster and faster. In other words, your core being knows fully well every detail of this process beforehand, for if it did not, you would not be able to stand the pace and race to get to the finish. But as you all know so well, this knowledge has been intently hidden from your consciousness as you experience it on a daily basis, and as such, many days and nights will feel devoid of any meaning or purpose at all inn the current circumstances. That is why we continue to implore you to seek inside, to find that inner sanctum where peace resides, because that is where this knowledge resides. And whenever you manage to connect with this center, this knowledge will still your heart and you anxieties and help you to gather the courage and perseverance you need to be able to continue on this journey.

As always, we do not berate anyone failing to find that connection and falling into despair because they sense that in their heart, there is such a potential that they fear they can never ever realize. Fear not dear ones, you are already realizing it, but because the outside show as it were is so all-pervading, it can be almost impossible to see the outcome of all of your hard work. But you are all successful in all that you do, and we will always be here to remind you of that success, because we know that for so many, ”success” is the word they feel least can describe their own life at the moment. But you are all behaving in an exemplary fashion, and you are all fulfilling your vital piece of this game, if we may use such a flippant word for this whole operation. And know that even if you have a hard time seeing and acknowledging your own contribution in this, we see it oh so clearly, and we couldn’t be more proud of you.

Again, the show put on by those still intent on keeping the status quo rules supreme in the outside world, therefore the outcome of all of your actions will be very, very hard to ascertain, but we can see it clearly, because we can see clearly through the smoke put out to confuse you all by those darkness-loving overlords of yours. But we can see how the light you are all emitting is growing stronger by the day, and how much this increasing light is literally scaring the wits out of your oppressors. Therefore, they have resolved themselves to clamp down even harder on you all, and the result from this is easy to see whenever you open your eyes and look around you. They cannot salvage their already foundered operation, but they are trying to salvage it anyway, and they are frantically scrambling back and forth, shoring up the facade in any way they can, by throwing money or weapons around in an never ending cycle. Be that as it may, they cannot salvage this sinking ship, but they are really, really good at giving an impression that they can make it float again.

So we will repeat the message that we have given you on so many occasions before: do not be taken in by this show of force and might, because that is all they can muster. It is only an illusion trying to convince you that the illusion they have already created is still going on strong. But you know better, and we will also help you see through all of this smoke and haze. For beyond it lies that promised land, in every connotation of the word, and by your mere presence, you are creating it bit by bit, step by step, each and every day. Even when you feel lost in this game of light and shadow, you are creating it. So you are not lost, you are only feeling as you are, and understandably so, but we will be here to remind you of the truth: that you are amongst those creating the new world, and you do it every second of the day, whether  you are smiling or crying out in despair, and you never cease to create this land of your dreams.

Because your dream is finally becoming real, and it is being manifested in every sense, but it is being put together behind that dark and noxious smokescreen put up so effectively by your opponents. So remember not go get trapped by it, and try to hold your breath whenever you come across it, lest you should inhale more of those unhealthy fumes. Because they are the ones that confuse you and lead you into thinking that you are failing in some way in your mission. You are not, and you will never be, and what we all can see shimmering so beautifully behind this curtain of smoke is what testifies to this truth. That is not mere smoke and mirrors, that is the real thing, and when you can wrestle yourself away from the intoxicating fumes from the outer side, you too will find this truth to be true. And you can find it whenever you manage to connect to that all-knowing core you have inside. So again, we know it is a tall order to keep your focus in times like these, but as you already know the truth and carry it inside, we hope you will remember to look for it in the right place, and not follow the pointing finger of all of those trying to shift your focus to the chaos that surrounds you.

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