High Council of Orion: The Light is Increasing Tenfold Across the Planet

High Council of Orion via Karen Doonan


We come to guide and support as many are now beginning to see the light at the beginning of their journeys. The light is increasing tenfold across the planet and we guide this will continue to build and increase in due course. We are the High Council of Orion and we come to guide and support ALL who are able to embrace our energies and hear our words.

The new energies will now begin to affect the human energy system that is YOU. We guide for YOU to move through the process in harmony with the human vehicle that YOU inhabit in this YOUr human life journey. The ability to dream will increase dramatically across the planet within the coming days. KNOW that this is the natural state of BEing for YOU and that this is the key to YOUr life journey. For those who can dream in colour they will be rewarded tenfold, do your resonate dear ones?

For those who are unable to dream or cannot remember theirdreams we ask for YOU to anchor into planet earth, the ability to dream is connected to the ability to anchor the human vehicle and resonate with the frequency of mother earth. She is a living, breathing entity, how can she know how she can help YOU if you do not engage with her? We guide ALL to be mindful of this TRUTH. Strength and nourishment energetically comes from the bond that YOU have with the planet YOU are incarnated on at this time in YOUr SOULs expansion and growth.

Many are holding on to the teachings of distortion that teach that working more hours and by pouring more energy into the physical world this will bring them the dreams that sing within and we guide ALL to detach from this teaching. The dreaming is the key to the dream dear ones for many are still not awake within the dream landscape. KNOW that the dreaming YOU do is not the processing of the day that YOU are taught by the teachings of distortion. The human race has been taught that dreaming is the processing of the day to keep them in the lower level frequencies of the sonic scales. This is distortion dear ones, that which YOU dream, YOU CREATE. We ask ALL to be mindful of this TRUTH and to actively dream that which makes the heart sing.

The communication that is apparent during the dreaming landscape will now be revealed to those who are ready to hear and to see. For many walk in YOUr dream landscape and come to guide and support, do you hear and see them? do you recognise the symbols that are placed within this landscape to help guide and support YOU at this time? Many cry out for companionship and to find other humans who are on the same frequency and we guide for YOU to dream, to pull those who are YOUr SOUL family into the dream landscape by sending out YOUr note clearly and conscisely. ALL ARE CONNECTED, ALL ARE ONE dear ones.

That which YOU have been taught is not possible IS possible, the ability to connect to others through the etheric and the dream landscapes IS possible and the ability will now unfold across the planet. There are many who are dreaming this moment and who are now calling in those who are here to help guide and support in the physical.

We ask those who wish to connect with our channel to call to her in dreamtime and allow her to reply for that ability is open to ALL across the planet. We ask the human race to embrace that which they ARE.

We wish to guide further on the dream landscape and the ability that many have to stop and move around within their dreams, practice dear ones, practice mindful dreaming where YOU are able to move around and create landscapes within the mind. This is the start of

the process of remembering for the human mind is capable of so much more than YOU as a race have been taught, do not allow the teachings of distortion to fence off areas of creativity as impossible. We are aware of the need for experience in all that we guide and we guide for YOU to experience the dream landscape. There are those in human form who attend the dream councils but ALL can dream and ALL can CREATE, why were the human race given the ability to dream if it was not to create?

We ask for YOU to question, question that which appears in your waking life and tells YOU impossible, sit with it and dream around it and through it. The new earth is NOW dear ones and the picture is now being created from ALL who dream. The new earth is a beautiful earth, with wonderful colours and we ask for YOU to continue to paint the new landscape within your dream time. For to dream is to create is to experience, does this resonate dear ones?

Many are now able to feel the energy surges through their physical human vehicle and we guide for YOU to anchor regularly, excess energy may leave YOU feeling overwhelmed and we guide this serves no one. It is not important that YOU have to rest more often, honour the body and become in tune with SELF dear ones. We ask for YOU to drink more fresh water and to breathe more fresh air, by this we do not mean just breathe but really fill the lungs dear ones, BREATHE, deep, long breaths dear ones and allow mother nature to replenish and recharge YOUr energy signature.

To be of the land is to walk on the land dear ones and we guide that many are now craving the outdoors and to walk away from buildings. This is the natural part of SELF seeking the balance that has been distorted by the teachings that have taught the human race that nature is to be avoided, that it is dangerous and that it can be enjoyed indoors. We guide for YOU to look at the shapes of the buildings that YOU spend the most time within and we guide for YOU to anchor the effect of the geometry of the buildings to SELF. We guide for YOU to be mindful of how long YOU spend in sunlight, for YOU live on a planet with a central sun, why? Ask dear ones and it will be shown to YOU in glorious technicolour.

We ask for ALL to look at that which is ingested in the form of food and drink and we guide for ALL to be mindful. The resonance of what is consumed must match the resonance of the human vehicle that YOU inhabit. Any mismatch will lead to what many term “ascension symptoms”, we guide these are to be addressed, for the human vehicle gives the signs that it is not balanced as way of addressing the balance. To continue is to be out of balance dear ones. We wish to guide for clarity that each individual human vehicle has different needs and that the teachings of distortion play to the “one size fits all”. Why would this BE dear ones if not to contain and suppress?

We guide for YOU to take responsibility for YOUr health and to be mindful in relation to YOUr human vehicle. YOU would not try to fine tune anothers car based on the car YOU have if they were different makes so why would YOU do this with the human vehicle?

We wish to guide for clarity that responsibility for this human life journey rests with SELF, that which is YOU is YOU and we guide for ALL to anchor this TRUTH. The ability of the human race to negate responsibility is huge for YOU have been taught for aeons that YOU cannot do so much, yet TRUTH shows that YOU can DO ANYTHING YOU DREAM, we guide for YOU to dissolve the teachings of distortion that lead to containment of SELF, it serves no one dear ones.

We are the High Council of Orion and we will guide more as needed. We ask for ALL to TRUST and RELAX for this is a human life journey like no other. We ask for YOU to grow and expand at the rate that is dictated by SELF not by the teachings that appear within YOUr reality for many are teachings of distortion. There is no race dear ones for there is only NOW, YOU exist in many timelines and dimensions and we guide this is a TRUTH that will be shown to ALL across the planet. We endeavor to guide and support to allow YOU to expand and grow and be supported.

As the expansion and growth of the human race and human consciousness unfolds then more and more will move from BEing supported to supporting, do YOU resonate dear ones? The new earth is one of support and of LOVE, for LOVE just IS dear ones. As we move from support to harmonisation then more will be revealed for the clarity of YOUr vision will increase. Soon we will walk amongst YOU and YOU will recognise us for YOUr vision will have cleared and YOU will be in harmony with ALL.

We are here to help YOU to see that ALL is perfect. Detach from that which is now dissolving for serves no one, we ask for ALL to join in the LOVE that IS to pour the LOVE that IS through the planet earth and beyond for YOU are the LOVE that IS.

Until we guide again we bid YOU good health dear ones, health is the key to the next part of the unfolding of YOUr life journey. Health is something that IS dear ones, it is an act of balance of the energies and frequencies that YOU are. Detach from the teachings that try to tell YOU that it is something that it is not. Health is where YOU shine dear ones as the vast beacons of light that in TRUTH YOU ARE. We shine brightly and we are reflected in ALL that YOU do for WE ARE YOU.

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