Dr. Joshua David Stone: The Three Levels of Being Grounded

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I AM University

In this book I speak a great deal about the importance of being physically grounded and learning to embody God on Earth. The importance of this is obviously beyond question. What I would like to share in this chapter is that there is another kind of grounding which most lightworkers and people are not aware of which is called being “psychologically grounded.” A great many lightworkers may not only be floating out of their physical bodies, do not have enough energy in their lower chakras and physical body itself, and are not fulfilling their Spiritual mission, purpose, contract and personal blueprint on the Earthly plane, but they are also not grounded psychologically. What this means is not only is their Spirituality not properly grounded in their physical bodies and the Earth, their Spirituality and energy is not properly grounded in their mental and emotional body!

When I speak of the three levels of being grounded, I speak of being first grounded in your physical body and then second not being grounded on the Earthly plane in terms of living one’s Spirituality on Earth and fulfilling one’s puzzle piece on Earth and living a legacy on Earth! This has already been explained in this book!

So the question is, “What does it mean to be psychologically ungrounded?” It means one is so focused and overidentified with the Spiritual and Heavenly worlds that one is, with no judgment intended, not only good for nothing on the Earth, one is also not grounding their Spiritually properly into their thoughts and feelings! There are lots of examples of how this can happen. Let me give some!

The first example is that one may not be co-creating with Spirit and the Masters, but rather is just channeling the Masters or is not being a Master themselves. I know people who can channel the Masters themselves but are emotional victims and run greatly by the negative ego!

They may be giving their power to God and the Masters too much! Their thoughts and philosophy may be out of alignment with the Masters, even though they may think they are in alignment! They may have a lot of negative feelings and emotions consciously and subconsciously and this is out of alignment with God and the Masters. They may not even know negative feelings and emotions are a sign of imbalance!

They may not be properly parenting their own inner child! They may be very heavenly focused yet not know the first thing about the difference of Spiritual/Christ/Buddha thinking and feeling versus negative ego/fear-based/separative thinking and feeling! They may be very imbalanced and filled with fear! They may channel the Light but are not demonstrating the Light! They may teach the Light but not embodying the Light! There may be enormous corruption going on in their motives yet they live a life totally focused in the Heavenly Celestrial worlds!

They may think they are Ascended Masters because they have taken the Seventh Initiation. However, they are totally unconscious of the fact that they may have taken this initiation or higher and yet have not integrated these initiations into their mental and emotional vehicles properly. They may not be integrating these initiations in their etheric vehicle properly! They may not be causing their reality and are victims on some level. They may have some pathologies. There may be subpersonalities running them that are not of the Spiritual/Christ/Buddha ideal! They may be run very much by the desire body and or lower-self! They may not be owning their personal power in proper balance to the Masters. They may giving their power to the Masters too much. They may be greatly lacking in self-love and self-worth! They be riddled by guilt and filled with attachments! They may not be properly dealing with their relationships. The list is literally endless, my friends, in terms of how this can manifest! They may be a world famous Spiritual Channel, Spiritual Teacher, or Spiritual Scientist and this is taking place! This is much more common than anyone realizes!

So most lightworkers are not only not fully grounding their Spiritual missions on Earth and are not Mastering money, earth energies, fulfilling their Spiritual contracts on an Earthly level, sanctifying the Earth, loving the Earth, living a legacy on the Earth, making a difference in Earthly civilization, and not recognizing how important this part is to their Spiritual path, they are also to a great extent not grounding their Spirituality properly on the psychological level. A great many do not even really recognize the psychological level. Some say it is a lower level. Others say they worked out that level in the Spring of ’72, which is, I guarantee you, never the case!

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