Pleiadians: The Dimensional Energies Are Changing Rapidly

Pleiadians via Christine Day


Hi Everyone,

It feels as though I am in a whirlwind of activity with the energies birthing and building within me. I am grateful for the transformation and I am still orientating myself to this new essence.

My world is changing quickly with this new aspect of myself, and I have to let go and just honor my process, not always understanding every step I am guided to take, but being committed to my journey as it presents itself knowing that I can trust the outcome. The joy is present as I let go and trust my path as it unravels in front of me. Letting go is the only thing that makes any sense at this time.

Letting go allows me to turn, with love, towards myself, setting myself free to be.

With love and blessings,


A Loving Message from the Pleiadians

Beloved ones, The dimensional energies are changing rapidly on your planet earth, and this is creating a powerful effect within your cells. There are waves of movement within you and your energy is going through a rapid change. This is a direct result of the crystalline structures birthing through your physical body.

You are birthing now and the transformation of your consciousness is aligned by your crystalline structure. This enables you to align to the dimensional shift and begin to wake up.

To support your Self in this step of your transition, it is important that you use the energy of the earth, the sun, the wind and all that exists within the natural forces. Just open up your conscious awareness to these elements and an accelerated integration process will take place. The crystalline structure within you will birth and activate to a new level with this interaction.

This transformation process that we speak of is creating a lot of activity within your Ego consciousness; so much movement, trying to work things out so that you can feel in control. When, in fact, your ego mind is simply not in control.

The message we are bringing to you now is “let go, all is in hand.” Breathe and take this in: ‘all is in hand’. Now is the time to breathe and let go of all attachment to how you think things should be. Just allow a natural unfolding of events to take you where you are supposed to be, doing what you are meant to be doing, moment by moment. Allowing each step to unfold in front of you. Doors open and you walk through with a trust in your heart knowing that you are being divinely guided and held.

This is a blessed time. There is a grace opening up for all of you on your planet now, a magical energy that touches you in every moment, if you will allow it. The magic is here for you, open up and feel it around you now, sit still and breathe while you hold your heart. Take this moment in time just to Be. Open up to what you are needing in your life right now. Be precise about what you are asking for, what it is that you need today, now. Breathe and let go, allow the support into your world, and then let go.

Blessings The Pleiadians

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