Archangel Uriel: Surviving The Calm Before The Storm


By AuroRa Le. June 18, 2012.

AuroRa Le


● The tiniest light can illuminate a room and it takes but a scant few torchbearers to blaze the the way for an entire civilization.  You are powerful as one, but together you are unstoppable.  These are the days of the calm before the storm, Dear Friends.  Solstice Day shall pass, and what follows is an influx of energy so wild, so untameable, so magnificent that the vying forces will have no other choice but to lay down their arms in peaceful surrender.  There is no weapon mightier than love.  As sure as the sun shall rise and the rain shall fall, I tell you this is so.

● Yes, these are the quiet days.  It is a time to hunker down and brace yourselves for the onslaught of a mighty hurricane of love.  Gather together your beloved ones.  God has granted you this period to prepare and make ready.  You must evacuate the third-dimensional mindset and take refuge in the comfort and safety of your heart-center space.  Amass within this sacred place a holy arsenal of gratitude, kindness, generosity, faith, acceptance and patience.  Please do not neglect to cultivate patience, because of all the virtues this is the one that you shall be most in need of at this time.  For we of the other Realms exist in All Time, and so for us the moment of transition is at hand.  But for you, my brave warriors, you are still operating under the falseness of linear time and as such, the wait may appear to be interminable.  Rest assured, your patience shall be amply rewarded, as well as your charitable natures and unwavering faith in that which you cannot see with your naked eye.  The patience of every man, woman and child is being sorely tested to their limits at this vital stage of preparation.  So use these quiet days to make yourselves strong and to impart the source of that strength unto others.  The investment you make in your spiritual growth offers the greatest return of all.  Master it and teach it.  Give to those you encounter your true opinions and do not pretend to walk in another man’s shoes so as not to make waves, or in the hope that everyone shall love you.  Underneath the illusion everyone does love you, so be at peace in that knowing and cease the roleplay.  Seek counsel when you feel blocked or become stuck in the decay of the old grid.  To succeed, all things must remain in balance.

● Learn what you can from each and every situation which is presented to you.  Even what you consider a wrong choice has the capability of teaching you a lesson that may be put back into use in the helping of another.  In this way, there are no right or wrongchoices.  Learn from each experience you have.  Next, practice peaceful conflict resolution.  We feel this is an area in need of attention, even amongst the most practiced of Lightworkers.  So, you do not agree with your brother?  This is fine.  It is healthy to exchange opinions, as yet again this is one of the most effective platforms for learning.   Think about it-what is there to be gained by attacking his opposing point of view?  How is it advantageaous to make him feel sorry and lesser than?  None are lesser or better, as none are right or wrong-indeed, I say this again.  What I tell  you is that this is one of the most insidious traps of duality.  Instead, make welcome a lively debate and cast all judgements aside.  Step up and be the one who raises the white flag,  and  have the good grace to extend the olive branch of peace.  You must now, immediately, cease your reliance on the five physical senses and begin to behave only in accordance with what resonates within.

● High above you lie our benevolent fleets-ships of every size, shape and design.  We fly the colors of a thousand Star Nations and more.  From systems well beyond this galaxy, they have come to bear witness to Gaia’s triumph, and they come in a show of respect to you, brave Warriors of the Light.  This is to be an event of epic proportions, and they have concluded that they must see it for themselves.  They wait in breathless anticipation to witness the death of the old and the long-anticipated birthing of the new.  They watch for the time when all are reunited as one Universal family, when those who live and breath on Earth shall dwell in a state of gratitude and abundance.  Do not doubt that the transitional plans for debt-forgiveness and financial relief are in place.  They await only the removal of the toxic debris of the past.  Someday soon this truth shall spread like wildfire and there shall be no possible way for it to stay hidden.  Your mainstream news sources shall have no option other than to report it to the people.

● Stay in grace, my friends, and do not hesitate to call upon the Realms of the Light, if ever you should find yourselves in need.  With an open heart, in love, I embrace you.

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  1. I love this reading. I speak to Uriel every morning and night in my prayers.

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