Aisha North: The Invisible Tsunami

By Aisha North

Aisha North

Some mornings, I wake up fully expecting the world to have changed completely, especially after a night of intense energies. But then I turn on the news, and I realize that everything is exactly the same as the day before. Sometimes  I get disappointed or even angry, but other times I manage to remind myself to listen to the advice The constant companions keep repeating: “If you only look on the surface, everything will look the same, but if you look under the surface, you will see that so much is changing.”

Recently, I have heard many stories about people going through deep releases, usually helped by bodywork such as deep massage or therapeutic yoga. It is like their physical bodies suddenly decides to let go of some very, very deep and sometimes traumatic issues that they have carried with them for a long time, and by that releasing so much energy that has been trapped behind a wall of fear. I got this clear image of all of this released energy rippling out and joining forces with all of the other waves of energy washing over this planet, adding to their strength while simultaneously setting free those that had carried this energy trapped inside of them.

A friend of mine channelled a message that this planet was about to be flooded by a tsunami, but that it would be an “invisible tsunami”. Maybe all of these deep releases of trapped energy is part of this invisible tsunami? Just think about the effect all of this added energy will have on the rest of our world. We have all seen what the increased pressure can do to people around us, and as these energies are growing ever more powerful I think more and more people will either release their own pent up energy or literally drown trying to hold back the waters of change. And as more and more people are able to set free the energies that they have inside, we will all be one step closer to attaining “critical mass”, and then nothing can stop this tsunami of change washing away the last remains of the old world.

Yesterday, Aung San Suu Kyi was finally able to deliver her Nobel Lecture here in Oslo. A lecture she has been unable to give ever since she was rewarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991. The reason for this is well known, as the military rulers of Burma considered her as such a threat that they held her captive in her own home for more than fifteen years and denied her the right to move freely in the remaining years. But now she can, and is that maybe also a sign of this “invisible tsunami”?

So at least for now, I am able to see through the endless stream of bad news we are being bombarded with, and I can feel into this strong current of freedom that is washing away the fear from so many peoples’ hearts. And step by step, heart by heart, we are coming closer to the day when we will finally reach that critical mass. I think we will not have to wait too long for that day to arrive.

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