Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 151

By Aisha North

Aisha North’s Blog

As we have often times described, mankind is a species constantly seeking redemption in some way. Let us explain. For eons, you have been searching high and low for an answer to the question that has been pressing so hard on a many a heart and mind through the ages, who are you, and why are you here. Well, we have given the answer to this many times already, but let us just add some pointers to the topic. The world as you know it is only for show, set up in order to make you strive ever harder to find something that will help you see your own magnificence, and in this, this experience has been a rewarding one for some, and an exhausting one for so many. You see, the original plan, as we have so often described, called for a gradual evolvement of mankind from something very primitive indeed and then gently but surely a lift towards attaining the real insight you all came here to find. Namely that you are indeed children of the stars, filled with the same light that shimmers in the heavens above, full of the same intelligence that energizes the whole of creation. As we have touched upon earlier, this quest for the light is a quest that will literally make the center of your being start to shine as you gradually shed layer after layer of forgetfullness that have been superimposed on your glittering core, in order to make you realize your own greatness. But alas, as you all know so well by now, these layers of forgetfullness were then semented to you in a process put about by those creatures that suddenly appeared out of nowhere as it where, and decided to take you all hostages in their own little power play.

But now, their rules do not any longer apply, and you have all been set free to restart this process of uncovering the real you. For some, this has resulted in astounding results already, and you can see the first glimmers of this brightly lit core you all carry inside. But for the majority of mankind, they have chosen to stay under this cover of darkness that has been laid upon them by outside forces. Remember, this is a voluntary process, and even if the rules of the game so to speak have been changed back to the original plan, many, many of your fellow men and women will not or can not tear themselves away from the old charade, and they will continue to play out this game in a very convincing way. Hence, the escalation of events that will already be apparent on so many planes all around you. And as you all know so well by now, the inside turmoil that is becoming more and more apparent in so many of your fellow men is certainly not shy in making itself known on the outside. So much anger and frustration is now being vented, and this will only increase in the weeks ahead as the pressure mounts in every aspect on your little planet.

You see, this split beteween those who have chosen to literally embrace the old, or rather, who carry too much fear to let go of the grip these old confines have on them, and those that have let go of all of the old and crippling deadweight that was literally breaking them down, is only widening, and for those of you who have chosen to open your eyes to the truth, the sight will soon become almost too much to bear.  So remember, that this rift will only widen, and what you will be seeing on the other side of this rift will not only make you shudder in realization, it will also make you even more convinced that the further you can separate yourselves from this madness, the better your own prospects will be. You see, it is important to understand that you are not here to take part in the drama that is already starting to unfold. You are only here to be able to witness this downfall of the old and corrupted systems. For you are not here to salvage the remains of this, you are here to create something very, very different, and that is why you are feeling the separation from the so-called ”reality” stronger and stronger these days. For what is there to salvage from something that has been deliberatly set up to make humanity into slaves? The only thing you can salvage, is yourselves, and that is exactly what you have all done already by deliberately tearing yourselves free from the shackles that so many others voluntarily continue to carry.

And remember, your only obligation is to do just that, namely to set yourself free. You are in no way responsible for the liberation of any other person in this world, even if they are your next of kin or have a very, very special place in your heart. For they in turn are only responsible for their own actions, and if they do choose to stay on in the mess that they are playing their own little part in, that is indeed their choice, and they are entitled to hold on to that decision. Literally to their dying day.

This is a subject that will have many in a quandary in the times ahead, for it is not easy to be a witness to this display of fear and pain that will have so many in their grip as things starts to escalate seemingly out of control, so it is indeed a subject we will return to again and again. Although the very thought will have many feeling more than a little callous, it is also a subject that is imperative to have clearly in your focus, as you will all be touched by the fallout from this process in one way or the other as these events unfold. Remember, it is not easy to let go of the instinct you all have to reach out a hand to someone going under, but now, you must realize when it is the right thing to do and when it is the wrong thing to do. You are all sovereign beings, and you all carry full responsibility for the choices you all make. So too is the case of every individual soul that inhabits this planet, so it is their choice if they choose to stay a victim

As we were saying, you might have a hard time staying out of the chaos that will ensue, so our best advice is to always keep in mind that your only mission is to show the way by showing your light, not act as a life saviour by throwing yourselves into the fray trying to extricate your loved ones from the chaos if they have chosen to immerse themselves in it. That way, you will only succeed in getting swamped by these conflicting energies that will start to wash all over this planet, and you will have a hard time staying afloat yourselves. So keep your head clear and focus on your path, and know that this it what will save not only you but also so many others, as they will be able to follow in your footsteps if and when they choose to do so. That is all we have for you today dear friends, but we will soon be back with more of our uplifting messages.

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  1. Thank you for this. I am trying. It is hard, but when I find things like this, I feel like I am being reassured by the Universe that I am capable of awakening and staying awake. I have been so close before and fallen back asleep countless times. Thank you again for this post.

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