Cosmic Awareness: More on the New Planet A/B Scenario


Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

QUESTIONER: Thank you. There is another question. When first discussing the Planet A and B scenario excellent comprehensive descriptions were offered, example: an either/or occurrence, then planet A/B was introduced to the membership which included aspects of both A and B due to the rising of consciousness in addition to the possible timelines for Planet A as well as Planet B. Will there come a time when consciousness is further expanded that an additional scenario may be included for humanity to consider? Your comment please?

COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness is assuming this individual is referring to the new Planet A/B scenario that was recently offered because, as this Awareness said, human conscious-ness had reached a point that while many are not quite ready for Ascension, many are ready for an experience of dualism that is not lopsided, that is not in the hands of those powerbrokers who work in darkness. Many are ready for a much more even-keeled experience of consciousness, of dualism, and this is why since there has been a raise in human consciousness, perhaps not so high to the point that more will experience the Ascension but certainly high enough to allow this new experiment in consciousness to be presented, and this Awareness presented this information a short while ago.

It is possible that if human consciousness does continue to expand, a new choice or alternative may yet be offered, but at this point in time, at this moment in the evolution of human consciousness, it is not seen that there is sufficient energy to create a new higher level of Planet A/ B, for example, where it is the Lightworkers that are more in charge versus the dark. This is approaching that scenario that is Planet A where those of darkness simply will not exist on that planet, for truly the Planet A/B that is in existence at this time, that present A/B where those of the darkness rule, will split into two new forms of consciousness: those who have chosen the Light, those who have chosen the darkness, and then, as this Awareness so recently added, that new

Thus the soul does not come down onto the planet to simply have feel-good experiences; it comes down to have realistic experiences that are in alignment with the purpose of the soul, that are in alignment with the purpose of the Divine. To think that all are to come down onto the physical and to be millionaires and to have leisure and luxury in their lives is an erroneous conception of what life on this planet would be about. Life is having learning experiences through the many, many, many ways this can be achieved. It is not about feel-good experiences only, although pleasure is that which is indeed high on the list of goals and will be much more available in the Planet A scenario. For this individual to state that all, whether they wish it or not, whether they have other intents or desires of what they wish to experience, that all will simply ascend with Mother Earth, with the planet, is erroneous. This completes the answer to this question.11

group where they have not reached a point where they could so clearly choose A or B and will go to the balanced Planet A/B from the Planet A/B that presently exists.

This Awareness is aware this becomes rather confusing. Suffice it to say that in answer to this individual’s question it is seen primarily these three options: Planet A, the new balanced Planet A/ B, and the planet of pure darkness, of separation from Spirit, Planet B. Many of course will also choose a fourth alternative that has always been on the table, that they will go to none of the above and simply experience the traditional death experience, a traditional spiritual Ascension without body back into spiritual soul levels of consciousness. Does this explain and answer the question sufficiently?

QUESTIONER: Yes it does, very clearly. Thank you for that.

COSMIC AWARENESS: This Awareness would simply add It is intrigued that there is such thought, so that if one individual can think of yet another alternative, if in the remaining time more and more begin to think of it, that it could create it. But at this time it is as this Awareness has spoken.

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