Elohim: Welcome to the Age of Aquarius


June 7, 2012.

By AuroRa Le

❀ We are Peace and Aloha, in union, and today we greet you-Dear Friends old and new.  To the old we would like to say how fine it is to have this closeness once again, and to the new we will effect an introduction. We are the Elohim, Holy Masters and the keepers of the Temple of Peace and Pavilion of Peace, and Ascension Seat of the 6th Ray of compassion, devotion and tranquility.  Situated high above the exquisite Hawaiian Isles lies this most serene Etheric Retreat, which has as of late become the New Earth home to the representatives of the Sacred Cetacean Brotherhood.  Their rapidly increasing population has brought their goodness, at the behest of the Creator, in alignment with the unfoldment of the Divine Plan.  I, Peace, am the female of expression of our union and I, Aloha, am the male.  Together we form the twin flame unity of One, and the trifold flame of the Three-Into-One; female, male, and Holy Union.  A precise expression of the purple, gold and ruby, the colors of the 6th Ray.  Together with the Cetacean Brotherhood, they themselves an idealt blend of the aquamarine and the platinum, ally in common cause.  That being the dispensation of our combined colored energies, to saturate and permeate the land and sea, and every sentient being upon the surface of the Earth.  These shades, when combined, form a potent formula for the transfiguration of all life and all forms of external expression.  Consider it a healing thing.  When absorbed, it drives mankind to thoughts of freedom and peace, and is a motivation to break open the cage doors, if we may be permitted to use such a term.  It is apt, however crude though it may be, as we see the common man as being in a state of imprisonment of his own illusion.  The new Aquarian age does not facilitate this kind of living, so therefore time is of the essence in seeing to it’s eradication.  The transit of Venus brought with it a vast capacity for change, so as one door closes another opens.  We welcome you to the Age of Aquarius, Dear Friends, for it has begun.  Welcome to your new life!

❀ Did you truly think that the Aquarian Age age was something that you would have to wait forever  to experience?  Until December 21st, or some such far flung date?  Try to begin thinking outside the box of a 3D linear mentality and learn to experience your existence in a state of All Time.  This Age has it’s roots in the energies of love and peace and harmony.  Everything is powered by positive intent.  This paradigm is being created by you and for you, by the pure power of your own visualization.  That and your unstoppable determination to see it done.  Every action of yours is interlinked with the actions of all the others, and thus you are operating under the basic principles of Unity Consciousness.  What is for the benefit of one is for the benefit of all.  You must allow peace into your hearts and see to it that it is firmly anchored in your external world.  You wish for the Aquarian Age to be realized not only within your own scope of personal awareness, but to see it flourish in such a way that the sleeping souls may perceive it in theirs.  They will see your abundance and synchronistic lifestyle, and want it for themselves.  Then they will seek to be like you.  Yes, it has been said that “thy shalt not covet”, but in this case you may set that rule aside.  Because to covet peace is another thing entirely.  As they emulate your way, their light and that of all of humankind will expand exponentially.  Each one follows the positive example of the the one before, and so on and so forth.  Such is the way of their awakening.

❀ These are the early days of the new Aquarian Age, and there is a quiet storm approaching.  Far beyond your field of vision and high into the Etheric Plane are suspended the Crystalline Cities of Healing and Enlightenment.  They stand poised to descend unto the Earth in a state of 5th dimensional physicality, once the vibration is raised high enough to sustain them.  These places are centers of unity and heartbased living, and in the truest spirit of Aloha they will be open and welcoming to all.  You visit them now, while asleep and in the depths of meditation, but it will not be long before you are able to enjoy them in your waking state-and best of all, you will remember!  You have in your possession now the power to bring them online and make them manifest in the Earth’s reality.  To do this you must cast away all thoughts of pain, fear, lack and aggression.  Do this now, on these pivotal first days.  The sun is setting on one paradigm and rising high over another.  Do not fear the sacred storm, but race joyously, running headlong into the wind.  This bliss you feel is not a mere moment of chance or a lucky toss of the dice.  It is not by accident or a random alignment of your stars.  It’s your new reality, and never again will you quote the old adage,” if something can go wrong then it will.”  In the Age of Aquarius you will learn that every day is a good day and that you are completely deserving of having such a life.

Be in joy.  We are The Elohim, Peace and Aloha.

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