Cobra Intel: Negotiations For a Peaceful Surrender of the Cabal

[Healers Journal Note:  This message is highly controversial and yet it comes from a relatively reputable (at least until now…) source.  I was hesitant to post it but, as always,  I will leave it to you, my readers, to post your thoughts as to the veracity and truthfulness of this message.  You input is greatly appreciated. – Truth]

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Drake wants “the people” to vote on a proposal as to how the Dark Cabal/Banking Families need to surrender and on what terms.  What is our demands? Options are to have an all-out war of violence in taking out the banking families or should we negotiate with the dark cabal to transition into a peaceful new way of freedom.
Do you (the people) want all-out war?  If so the Civilian Military will be fighting the mercenaries and loyalist of the Dark Cabal/Bankers. Many of both sides of the fight would be dead or wounded.  Both sides want to transition without war or violence. A proposal needs to be written so that a peaceful transition can occur.
More here:
I will post an official statement from the Resistance Movement about this as soon as I gather intel,  which will be in the next 12 hours or so.

P.S. You can listen to the Drake’s show here:

Please listen to the show first, and THEN make comments to my post.

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  1. Forgive those who have trespassed against us. Love is all there is, and We are All One.

  2. Hasn’t there been enough death. Peace is the only way from here on out. I would be happy with “I am sorry” and lets move on there’s alot of work to correct the future to do.

  3. Here’s my plan
    On June 20th there will be one single missle put through the front door of Rothchild”s house in London. Then we send in troops. One shot fired at our troops and we retreat. Next – airstrike and level the place with no notice.

    Go to each one of their houses, yachts, hidey holes, etc. Same basic technique.

    Next – June 21st – Rockafellers – same thing

    Next – I’m sure we have a long list

    I’m not into killing anyone, but these people need to be slapped up side the head with reality. If people don’t see the logic in this approach, then we as a race are in big trouble, and it will probably be left up to American citizens. If it comes to that, you won’t be able to believe the carnage that will result.

    These people are already engaged in war with us – poison food, flouride, chemtrails, drugs, radiation, and environmental destruction (BP oil spill?).
    If people want to sit back and throw their teddy bears at them and tell them how much they love them – well all I can say is, if I were them I’d be laughing my head off at the stupidity.

    I feel sorry for the people of Syria and Iran. They’re the next countries in the NWO crosshairs. Thank you , but if you want to send your love to people, send it to the people of these two countries. They’re really going to need it. Look what happened to Libya. Someone filed charges against Quadaffi, the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant. Was he ever tried? Convicted? Sentenced? No – but he sure is DEAD. Oh by the way – can anyone name a single judge at the ICC?

    Last point – If my plan is implimented, and a list of wanted people is made public, this whole thing will be over in a month. They will be turning themselves in to protect their families and themselves. THEN WE NEGOTIATE!

  4. I think this is a very significant development for humanity, actually. This “choice” actually fulfills all of the prophecies – however, we need to be completely and utterly vigilant that we never allow any group to have this much power over all others ever again.

    This is a choice to end conflict (i.e. war) by not having one. We have a truth & reconciliation committee, but here is the best punishment: If they wish to stay on Earth, then their punishment is to spend the rest of their waking lives listening to people tell the horror stories of the suffering they have caused to the rest of the planet. If they are willing to do this, then sure – we will end this peacefully. If they refuse that, they can always go to another planet where they are at the very bottom of “the pyramid”.

    I vote for peace, love, and most of all…understanding. If we understand exactly what they’ve done and learn all of the aspects of how they’ve done it, we can learn to prevent this from happening and usher in a new age of peace.

  5. I agree with Jeff, the time for negotiation is long past. Unconditional surrender of all the members of the Cabal and their followers is the only acceptable conclusion and it must be today. The mass arrests were promised by the 6th of June, so let’s get the show on the road and kick ass.

  6. I smell some ones credibility getting torched.

  7. Thank you Joel
    You might want to know where I am coming from with my comment. See this is to allow them to surrender without bloodshed. They can get the message on the first airstrike without anybody getting hurt. They will have been warned in advance.

    I have been a spiritual person for all of my life. I still am. I am only trying to offer a solution that does not fit with this idea of the two choices that are given us. These are false choices and if this is all that we are allowed, then we need to offer a different choice. We have been lead like sheep for our entire lives and that is not necessaryly a bad thing because we were not aware of the evil that existed. To look at this choice as if it is the only one possible just doesn’t sit right with me.

    They are controling our military! The United States of America Military. That WE are paying for. They have no right to do this. These are our kids. I love them dearly. Our country has so many tributes to them like they are our own. And they are. Not the worlds military. Not corporations military. Taxpayers pay for this so we should be the only ones that say how they operate and where they operate. It’s time to take them back from them. Our veterans are crying for us to do this. I love our military. I love our veterans. I love Americans. We need to lead like we have always done. God bless America and all the people of this world.

    Some see this differently and they need to go. NOW! The NWO sees this differently. They need to GO. NOW!

  8. If I understand Drake’s simplistic and shockingly silly message correctly we would no longer have any amendment past the original ones. Great. Slavery is back. States are free to pass Jim Crow laws again and women can no longer vote. Among other wonderful blasts from the past. That is just wonderful, Mr Drake. Grow up, people.

    Jeff, you make more sense. sir.

    Back to Mr Drake. You are suggesting the fate of this world should hang on the votes of people like me who read these posts. I shudder. Supposedly this has been being planned for decades, according to you, and now you want a vote on New Agey websites as to what to do???? I repeat, grow up, people.

  9. I am not at all certain that this is real. What I do know is that I am sick of living in this realm of duality – I just want life to be simple and peaceful.

    Given the comments after me, there seems to be a great desire to seek justice and have this go down with guns ablazin’. I do actually empathize with this point of view on a very personal level – but aren’t we supposed to be trying to usher in a new era of peace and prosperity for humanity? Why not give this a try? Do we really want another nuke going off causing a tsunami and radiation cloud so much worse than what’s already been released?

    When Drake says 2/3 of the people on both sides dead or injured, I take that as mean the whole of the US and likely other countries – i.e. 200 million casualties or worse. Is it worth sacrificing that many lives to execute and arrest less than 1% of that total?

    If they are bluffing or stalling, then this is obviously not the right solution. Perhaps if enough of “we the people” want peace, maybe more intervention is allowed on the part of our space brothers & sisters (if you’re on this site, you probably are a believer) and they can peacefully take out the Cabal without much if any bloodshed.

    It could all be wishful thinking, but isn’t 2012 supposed to be the year where the impossible becomes possible? If war isn’t the answer, maybe we need to be militant about ending war forever and not starting another one.

    We need a society of complete transparency in order to shed ourselves of this virus of secrecy and hidden power. Let’s get started on this right now.

    If they violate any terms that have been negotiated and agreed upon, then those individuals must be taken out via a true revolution, because it will be apparent that they are a completely lost cause and cannot be trusted to remain alive in this sphere.

    But before we go to that level of brinksmanship, let’s see if this works – it could be our best chance to do this peacefully and without too much disruption to our lives. But they will fall eventually even if this doesn’t work. Too much info has come out already, and it is impossible for them to remain hidden and in control permanently.

  10. Original 13th amendment (if I am correctly recalling what I’ve read) was ratified prior to the War of 1812. I think it more or less stated that anyone with ties to the Crown of England cannot hold public office with the United States – ensuring that there is no way for us to subtly become a colony once again.

    Also (this is the part where I’m fuzzy), apparently there was meant to be a separation between certain professions and holders of public office – the two professions discussed were lawyers and bankers. I believe the rationale was that these specific professions have the greatest ability to circumvent the checks and balances set up originally once the United States gained independence and the Constitution was ratified.

    This has nothing to do with slavery, women’s suffrage, etc. I think we as a people have “grown up” enough to make sure we don’t backslide into a nation of white slaveholding property-owners holding all of the power again. Any changes we’ve made which expand the rights of the individual will not be turned back. However, this will require all people to actually be critically thinking active participants in the process of keeping our society intact.

    No more being lazy and letting the boob tube tell you what to think & believe. We must make sure no individual has their rights taken away. We are a Republic, which means majority rule cannot just take away the rights of any one individual. In 2012, individuals with inalienable rights must include everyone – provided that they have not caused harm or damage to other individuals. IMHO, this is the crux of returning to common law and minimizing government. We have to stop being lazy idiots and take responsibility for creating a better world.

  11. to NAB
    Wow – You talk about extraterrestials who have already said that they will not allow nukes to be used. I want life to be simple and peaceful too. But, we also need to do our part. 2/3rds of people will be killed? 200 million? Where are you getting this from? They are talking about the military and the forces opposing them. This is bullshit! We took down Iraq in two weeks. With AIR POWER. Don’t forget this.

    Your comment about them not being trustworthy before we take them out with a true revolution. DO YOU TRUST THEM? COME ON MAN, ANSWER THE QUESTION.

    I’m sorry – I do believe in my fellow man. I love people and animals and all life.
    These people aren’t like you and me. They don’t think like you and me. It’s their nature. They want to kill 13 out of 14 people for populaton control. Do you want to bury 13 people just to be kept alive to serve them? Look at the Georgia Guidstones
    they want a maximum of 500 million people on the planet, there are 7 billion of us. Do the math. This is Hitler times ten. And you want to give them puppy dog bones and butterflies?

  12. Determining whether “peace” is the best choice depends on what one believes regarding the laws of metaphysics – especially at a point in history where it seems like even those are in flux.

    In one paradigm (the one we live in as “reality”), the only course of action is violent revolution. If we choose to accept this as the way things are, then it’s obvious what we as humans need to do – they must be taken out thoroughly.

    In the other paradigm – which is allegedly supported by most bits of religious teachings (the non-BS parts), channeled information, and non-mainstream science regarding how the “observer” influences reality, it is proposed that violence only begets more violence. If this is the case, then the absolute worst thing we can do is take action via a bloody and costly revolution.

    While I’ve weighed these against each other, I’ve decided to come down in favor of the latter – if only because the former has been SO SUCCESSFUL!!!
    In all seriousness – I just want things to change permanently. This means I would rather put my energy toward making sure no group such as this ever takes power again, and making sure that corruption, secrecy, manipulation, subterfuge, etc. are purged from our politics and economics forever.

    There has to be a “real world” way for this supposed golden age to come into existence. This seems as legitimate as anything else. Could this all be a big fraud – definitely. But this isn’t a certainty – we still must reserve the right to arrest and execute the worst of the worst. In fact, we should let Cabal members have the right to change their minds as well; the shroud of secrecy is so absolute that perhaps getting the curtain pulled back may just result in someone such as Dick Cheney coming out and saying “I now realize that George H. W. Bush is a mass-murdering fuck who needs to be held accountable for his crimes”.

    If we don’t kill ’em right away, they may have the opportunity to undo much of their previous damage. Plus more people may get to live through this “change” we are experiencing. Perhaps it should be restated that all individuals will get a fair trial – nothing more, nothing less – after all evidence is released in a massive continuous disclosure. This isn’t about “trust”, this is about what’s best for the planet.

  13. I think the point of pushing for a peaceful revolution here is so we don’t create an atmosphere of chaos from which we cannot and will not climb out of. If you look at history, things have not improved a whole lot for people as a result of violent upheavals. It’s because we have the capacity to care for each other and be civilized that we’re better than these psychopaths. We have a conscience; they do not. Maybe it would make us feel good to kill them all in retribution, but it would also christen us as their successors spiritually.

    Every radical political movement in history has promised a brave new world of peace and harmony if we just kill off everyone who stands in the way, and all they really lead to is more death and destruction. How do you think for even a second that it might be worth trying?

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