June’s Transformation Gateway Reignites the Fires of Ancient Evenings

By DL Zeta


We’re passing through a gateway now that will carry us further into the dawning of a new time in human consciousness. This new time begins with the recalibration of our lives and our world.

Past, present and future meet at the intersection of energetic events throughout the month of June. This evening’s lunar eclipse falls on the third of three consecutive “supermoons” when the moon is at its closest point to the earth. These powerful energies create shake- ups in any areas where we are stuck; likewise they will accelerate with light-speed the manifestation of our creative intentions.

Many felt the building energies of change throughout May, especially during the annular solar eclipse on May 20. The nature of the changes we experienced depended on where the solar eclipse fell in our personal astrology charts. The influences of the May 20 eclipse will last for days, weeks and months to come, triggering earth changes, sweeping social change and shifts in individual realities. All these are intricately interwoven in the fabric of the future that is just beginning to unfold. Adding to May’s winds of change, today’s lunar eclipse features a tense t-square with Mars and Chiron. This eclipse helps cleanse our emotions with emphasis on how we move forward in life and how we bridge our physical and spiritual landscapes. We will revisit these two questions time and again in coming weeks and months.

Traveling Back to the Future

The paradox of eclipses is that even as they shake us loose from habits and patterns, they have a way of bringing us face to face with the past. Because eclipses run in cycles, they unite us with life themes we initiated during earlier periods of our lives. Today’s eclipse picks up with transitions we initiated in 1993. We are able to gain insight into past issues that are resurfacing now as we look back to the events of nearly two decades ago. An archaeological dig of the past is not required for once you recall the dominant themes of two decades ago you will likely see contemporary versions operating in the present moment.

Understanding the Transformative Power of Eclipses

Eclipses are alignments of the sun, moon and earth that happen in pairs and triads every six months. Where an eclipse falls astrologically speaking – its timing and location – determines how and when we feel its influences. Eclipses invariably signal change on the horizon. Most of us hold cellular memories of eclipses we have experienced throughout the history of our earthly incarnations. At times we may have difficulty discerning present-moment influences from those eclipses of long ago that spun out powerful events from their epicenters. These cellular memories ignite within us the fires of ancient evenings and bring us face to face with the journey of our soul – past, present and future.

June’s Transformation Crossroads is about Creativity

During moments when we join hands with our selves throughout time, we are more able to step free of old patterns that are holding us back in this lifetime. Within our own lives and across the globe, these energies are leading to the breakdown of old ways of being.

Without familiar touchstones, we find ourselves increasingly navigating with few points of reference. Such times call for (and support) creative thinking. Areas where we step into new and previously unknown realities receive strong support now. Every step we take in the direction of reinventing ourselves and embracing the new will take wing. As we welcome this new time into our hearts and minds, our manifesting ability is off the charts. This is a good time to examine the intentions and beliefs we hold; it is a good time to examine our highest visions and update them if necessary.

The idea of stepping boldly into an unknown and changeable future may prove a difficult proposition if you’re feeling on edge now as layer after layer of the unknown filters in. This is a true rite of passage where we are called upon to strengthen our internal powers of knowing and build a belief in new potentials and capabilities.

Eclipses and Past Life Memories

Eclipses hold the power to awaken memories of other lifetimes. As they trigger the release of old energies, they reunite us with gifts and talents we honed throughout time. In the days and weeks following an eclipse, we may suddenly begin to practice a talent we weren’t aware we had. Eclipses also have a way of activating soul contracts. It is possible to meet people who seem like longtime friends; often they are friends of past times returning for an encore to remind us of who we are at levels not readily accessible to our conscious mind.

Things to Look for in Coming Days and Weeks

Eclipses signal major endings and beginnings. These changes can affect many areas of our lives, including jobs, relationships, finances, living situations, health and literally every facet of our existence. How we experience these changes depends on our level of enmeshment in physical reality. If our present identity self resists, change will still happen. When we resist, change tends to erupt like boils on the surface of our present reality. If we welcome and flow with change, it integrates slowly until it seamlessly becomes part of our lives. As we embrace change, we open to many new opportunities and resources flow.

Venus Transit Emphasizes the Sacred Feminine

On June 5 Venus will transit the face of the sun. This is an event that won’t happen again until 2117. During this time, we may experience unparalleled opportunities mingled with moments of intense chaos and challenge. Turnarounds and reversals are possible at this time. We may feel ourselves at times undergoing change so intense it feels like it is akin to the process of death and rebirth. In a sense this is the case as the old within us dies to make way for the new.

During this time of the Venus transit, we are asked to honor the sacred feminine, which centers on love, beauty, values and prosperity. As we embrace these themes we find our lives flowing easily and effortlessly; synchronicities abound.

Identity Shifts and the Power of our Infinite Self

We are asked now to adopt a new identity forged from June’s transformative fires. This new aspect of our consciousness holds the power to carry us through the new times ahead. It is important for us to adopt a new and infinitely empowered identity self in order to make the most of the energetic shifts on the horizon.

The Power of Self-Love, Clarity and Transparency

During this time, you may see others around you reacting as pressures mount. Each person will respond differently depending on where they are in their journey and what part of their life is feeling the brunt of the energies. Hold each person in a space of love regardless of what they are saying and doing. Remaining in a place of love with all that comes before you will allow you to move through this time with clarity of intent and transparency of emotions. It is the ego’s misinterpretation of prevailing energies that will place a bull’s eye on your back and make you magnetic to the energetic arrows flying in all directions during this time of intensity.

Be sure to extend this love and understanding to yourself during this time, for it is the nurturing warmth of self-love that will allow you to move through this time free of guilt or self-judgment. Self-love is the foundation that mastery is built upon. It is only by standing strong in your connection with spirit that you will be able to assist others during this passage.

The power of this time courses through your veins, enlivening and empowering you to reach for your highest and best visions. There’s literally no time like the present moment.

For more on identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta

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